Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Side Story if? [B]

I kept an eye on this Fay for a period of time. After I realized,

He was definitely someone crazy… 

Receiving a painful attack was normal because he was a protagonist, working hard was the basic procedure because he was the protagonist, and overcoming an adversary was obvious because he was the protagonist. 

He had a bizarre constitution that made him ignore any and all suggestions because of his own absurdly strong self-suggestion. He was definitely crazy. 

Another thing I realized was this person was a reincarnator. Sometimes, I heard words like comics, novels, and games from his thoughts. 

It was just a maybe, but he might be a reincarnator. His sense of value wasn’t that of a person who was raised in modern Japan no matter how I thought about it, and I had no idea how the heck it was possible that a monster with such a thought process could have been born in peaceful Japan… 

But when I think about it, I have heard that in my previous life, there was “a crazy high school boy” in another high school near my own. 

It was said that when a cat fell into the river during the day of the typhoon, he proceeded to jump to rescue the cat without minding other people’s gaze. 

It was said that he picked a fight against bank robbers. 

It was said he trained himself, saying he wanted to become a protagonist. 

Well, I didn’t think it would be that guy… but anyway, this person’s thought process was dangerous. It deviated from common sense. 


However, he would definitely be able to change destiny. Perhaps saying he was drawn to do such a thing would be the right term. 

He changed utsu events. That was something to be happy about, but he was too crazy, so I wonder if it was really okay. 

Today was also the same. He casually got involved in another utsu event. 

It seemed to be a mission for paladins. Since he went with a girl named Rere, I think it should be that event. 

Rere was a female paladin. She had navy blue hair and a matching eye color, and despite being a somewhat important character, she died easily. She had a personality like a rabid dog. 

There were many routes involving her, but she died in all of them. Regardless of what the player did in game, she would die. Well, she wasn’t the only one who had such fate, though. 

There was a time she was depicted to almost survive, only to be killed afterward, so she was really pitiful. 


“Um, can you not walk in front of me?” 1 

“You just happened to walk behind me, didn’t you?”



Ah, Fay and Rere quarreled. In the original story, Fay would run away, leaving Rere-chan to die… but according to the setting, Rere-chan was actually immortal. 

Well, she would still die, though… she still had her sense of pain, so she would still scream in agony. There was someone who uploaded a video of Rere-chan’s scream that repeated for an hour. I really wish the one who made that would die instead. 


“I told you, don’t walk in front…” 


Even as they quarreled, they arrived in a suspicious looking ruin. It should be waiting inside, a dangerous fellow, I mean… 


“I never thought there was actually a ruin here… but I can’t help but be anxious to have you as my partner.” 

“…It’s calling to me.” (Is it some sort of event?! I’m so excited!)


Rather, his craziness seemed to make things become stable instead. As they entered, there was a coffin inside. 

There was also a mysterious mural written on the big wall. That was the flag, but before that…  


“Something seems to be here.” 

“…” (Something seems to be here, you say? Hey, you’re too slow in reacting, I already knew about it as the protagonist!! Something was definitely waiting inside the ruin.)


The coffin opened on its own, revealing a vampire with red eyes and black hair from inside. He looked at Rere-chan and his eyes widened. 


“Why are you (Rere) in this place?” 

“Fuh.” (Of course because I am the protagonist. Even if you ask why, it’s just because it’s the place I walked to.)

“I think he meant me… but perhaps he meant you?”

“…So you(Rere)’re still alive. No, that’s fine. I guess it’s just natural considering you’re an immortal… whatever. I’ll have you die for the king’s sake.” 

“Come.” (Immortal… well, perhaps he meant me in a roundabout way where the world would end if I, the protagonist, died? The king definitely refers to me, I have the vessel worthy of a king after all, since I am the protagonist. I guess that was a hint for the future.)


No, you’re just a cannon fodder, you know. 


“I don’t feel like relying on you who can’t even use magic. I’ll deal with it… besides, I feel like I have heard his voice before somewhere.” 

“Fool who turns your back against our king, die.”


Rere-chan used water magic. I could see the water shining in the dark, transformed into the shape of a spear. She then shot it towards the vampire. It glanced off the vampire’s shoulder, causing a minor wound. 


“Gh, why did I feel a sharp pain on my shoulder… it’s just as that ‘prophet’ told me before.” 


Ah, she meant me. I did tell Rere-chan about that vampire’s ability according to my knowledge of the future. I meant to tell her to run away by that, though. When I told her not to go to the mission, she scolded me saying “who do you think you are?” so I couldn’t say anything further. 


“That vampire’s ability is reflecting pain… it’s to transfer the pain he received to his opponent. However, during the activation, it means he would also feel the pain he deals to his opponent. Let’s work together and try to capture him while dealing the least damage poss――”

“――Okay, I got the gist of it.” (Basically, I just need to endure the pain while cutting him, right? Or I could just inflict pain onto myself to inflict mental damage to my opponent, right?)


This guy really didn’t understand… What did he mean by “Okay, I got the gist of it,” really? He totally didn’t understand. 

The correct way to deal with the vampire was to deal the least damage possible, capture him, and then expose him to the sun to defeat him.  Or you could just defeat him as fast as you could before you could feel the pain. 

There was also an option of rendering his ability ineffective using other abilities. Something like purifying light magic! 

Don’t underestimate my knowledge of this story!! 


“Um, did you hear what I――”



He rushed forwards, using the sword he wielded with both hands to cut off the vampire’s arm with momentum. The sword struck the vampire’s left abdomen from his shoulder. 




The vampire held his left abdomen. As I checked, I saw Fay’s left abdomen was struck by a small knife at the same time as Fay swung his sword. 



“Hey, feel the pain.” (Oi oi oi oi oi, you underestimate me, the protagonist, too much. We might feel the same amount of pain, but I am the protagonist, so I can endure it! It’s something obvious after all!!)


…If it was him. 


“Do you have no sense of pain!!” 

“Is that your last words?” (It hurts, but that’s the basic procedure of being a protagonist, rather, you look down on me too much by standing still. I might have no special ability, my magic is also limited to non-elemental, but I am still the protagonist. I won’t do something like you did, standing still in place while relying on your ability!!)


…Somewhere in my heart, I placed my expectations. If it was him, a crazy fellow with enough screws loose to mistake himself as the protagonist,  

――Maybe he really could save the world!!!


“…” (So all I felt was the pain of my brain being cut, I thought it would hurt more.) 


This guy is a seriously dangerous fellow. 




“Hello, protagonist-kun!”

“So it’s you.”


From that day on, I decided to follow him. Well, I already kept an eye on him since before, though. He was happy when I called him protagonist-kun, so I called him like that. 

Well, I did decide to do so out of my own expectations but… 


“Don’t follow Fay around.” 


Arthur-chan, the person I cosplayed in my previous life, threatened me… she was very cute, so she was scary when angry. 


“…” (That person follows Fay-kun around… yet another woman.) 


Yururu-chan also saw me in a weird way. 

Well, I will do my best. 


Author Note:

How is it? But as the premise, the story would be based on understanding the main story, so it might be hard to apply it to some arcs.

It ended here, so for reader-sama who read it, please give me your impression. Rather, I was impressed people actually loved this story enough to follow it until the latest chapter, so I really want to have some impression.

Personally, I felt it was wrong to only have a single reincarnator since it makes them more special. Fay was already crazy to begin with after all… 2

Just, if the light novel version is made unrelated for the web novel version, or made as a side story, I guess this would be good enough? That was my thought, but I was still fumbling around.

Sorry for long comments, please give me your impression if you find it interesting.


Tsukii Note:

This chapter, as stated above, is just a test chapter made by the author to see whether this kind of story is good enough for the side story in the light novel version. As such, it is only made available for one day, and you can no longer be able to find it in raw since the author already deleted the chapter.

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9 months ago

I really like this, guess I’m picking up the LN.

9 months ago

Well, seem like she won’t affect the main story that much, Fay will also be happy when there is someone call him Protagonist so that a plus for me

9 months ago

Interesting. So the author instead of writing an IF would make this be part of the LN story directly huh?

9 months ago

My impression,this chapter make a great start and make a good vibe for some reason,add one more reincarnated person make story lively.

Thx for update

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Sorry i forget who is rere, where is her first appearance in the chapter?

9 months ago

No está mal me gustaría ver un poco más