Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

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Editor: Sour

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Chapter 57 – The Identity of Elder Brother [C]

Fay POV 


Well, Molgan-kun was a tough enemy I got to face for the first time in a while! 

I intended to make the battle double as training so I wore weights at first, but facing a formidable enemy like him, I thought I had to fight properly.

Even so, he really was strong. I was excited the whole time I was fighting. He was superior to me in terms of ability, but managing to defeat someone stronger sure felt great.  


[“He didn’t look that superior to me, though.”] 


Huh? He has an amazing amount of art, though. His is definitely greater than mine after all. 


[“Certainly, he was overwhelmingly superior in terms of combat experience and amount of art. He was also capable of physical combat, so he could be considered elite.”] 


That’s right. 


[“However, his vessel as a person is too small. He tried to fill that vessel using the power of others. In the end, that can’t become a long term source of power, just short-term. .”] 

[“He has no courage to break himself. He never tried to destroy his own being to acquire his new self. The power difference really showed at the end. That’s how the battle ended up like that.”] 


Heeh, thanks for the explanation. As expected of a partner character, you know your stuff. 


[“It’s pathetic of you to be wounded so much to the point of fainting when facing a rascal of that level.”] 


You’re right. I wanted to be stronger, so it sure is lame to faint like that! I will work harder from now on! 


[“I meant it as sarcasm, don’t take it seriously.”] 


After defeating the man named Molgan, it seemed that I fainted as usual. Fainting could be considered a routine for a protagonist after all. 

Just like how it was considered an excursion until people reached their home, being the protagonist meant to fight until fainting. Well then, I straightened my body and got up from the bed. 




Aliceia must have been nursing me. She was sleeping by the bed while holding my hand. 


“Hm, Fay. You’re awake.” 


“Yes, that’s great. How’s your body?”

“No problem.”


She smiled at me in relief. She was a good fellow. 


“Ah, that’s right. Morgol said she wanted to talk to you.” 


“I also wanted to say something to you.”


“Thank you for protecting me.”

“Fuhn, if you’d apologized instead of thanking me, I would have punched you.”


She always apologized after all. It was good that she could honestly speak of her gratitude now. 


“Fufuh, okay then, I’ll make a meal to help you recover.” 

“I see.”


Aliceia went away. Then Morgol entered as Aliceia left. Her expression was somewhat strange. 


“Good morning. You’re awake.” 


“May I sit there?”

“This is not my bed. Just do what you want.”

“Then I’ll sit.”


She scratched her cheek while seemingly at a loss of what to say. 


“You sure are strong.” 

“That’s obvious. However, it’s clear that I haven’t reached the limits of my strength yet.”

“I see. Y-you see. That Molgan called you Morgan for a moment. M-maybe I heard it wrong, but what do you think?”

“He certainly said that.”

“R-right! Perhaps the reason for your miniscule art is because Molgan has stolen it away. So maybe, perhaps, you might actually be my brother?”

“You’re wrong.”

“Eh? Ah, I see.”

“That’s right.”

“I-I see. No no, think about it a little at least! Perhaps you might really be my brother, you know?!”


“I told you, at least think about it a little.”


Morgol was a beauty. However, her combat power was just decent, not that strong of a character. Honestly, she didn’t give much of an impression. 

There was no way such a weak character could be the protagonist’s little sister. 


“I did think it over carefully.” 

“Really? Don’t you think you could be my brother, whose art got stolen by Molgan a long time ago?”


“I see. In that case! At least, come and visit my father and mother! Maybe we could find out something that way!”

“I refuse.”


“I’m not that free. I have to train.”

“Err, um, M-maybe something good could happen there, you know?”

“I refuse.”

“…Is it no good no matter what?”


She asked me with pleading eyes. Fumu, she was indeed cute, but still inferior when compared to Maria. It didn’t move my feelings at all. As I thought, she must be a mob character. 




“I won’t do it even if you pretend to cry.”

“T-then I’ll try a honey trap.”

“You think that’s effective against me?”

“Nope, I don’t think it would be. Then what should I do?!”

“Just give up. I’m not your brother, search elsewhere.”

“E-eeh. But, your vile eyes are similar to mine, you know?”

“Mine are more vile.”

“You actually boasted about it. A-anyway, I will have you come with me no matter what! I-It’s a duel! If I win, I’ll have you come with me!”


A duel, huh. I see. That sounds interesting. I would beat her down so badly that she would give up on it. I wasn’t that free after all. 


“Okay, let’s duel!” 

“I don’t mind.”


We were about to proceed with a duel but at  that moment, 


“No good!! Fay, someone is looking for you!” 

“Excuse me.”


Fumu, who it might be? There was a tall handsome man with a stern expression there. 


“I am the leader of Ballrail, the strongest legion of the Free City, Patrick.” 1

“I don’t give a damn. I am only interested in strong people.”

“No way, it seems you don’t know about things around here. The man named Patrick is supposed to be the strongest warrior in the Free City.”

“Hou, it’s an interesting man, then.”

“You sure are quick to change your opinion.”


I thought who the heck it was for a moment, but as it turned out, a person known as the strongest in the area came to pick a fight with the protagonist. Well then, let’s fight. 

Now, it was time to fight!! 2 


“I brought a good suggestion to you today.” 

“It’s a fight, is it?”

“No. I came to scout you to be a member of Ballrail, our legion.”


Felmi’s mouth hung open. Morgol was also surprised. 


“I-I never heard that the Patrick actually came to scout a person to be a member personally. I have lived long, but I never thought I would live long enough to witness something like this.” 

“I-I’m also surprised. Ballrail is well known for the dozens of people who couldn’t become its members unless they passed a tremendously strict exam, but to think the leader himself scouts someone personally.”


What, so it wasn’t a fight. It sounds boring, so I guess I should just refuse. 

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7 months ago

She doesn’t know how to bait him.

7 months ago

Like ordinary sense to refuse everything not suitable to become protagonist

7 months ago

Did he just refuse everything she said without batting an eye ? Sasuga Fay-sama~ Thank you for translation as always~

Akatsuki Chan
Akatsuki Chan
7 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Of course Fay just says no to everything that doesn’t involve becoming stronger or being a protagonist (in his eyes) XD

Poor Morgol XD