Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 58 – You Are Not Human!! [B]

There were adventurers in Free City who would dive into the dungeon, defeat demons, collect magic stones, and exchange them for money. 

Then, there was the Guild (Adventurers Association) that served as an intermediary for placing requests in exchange for money. If one became a famous adventurer, the Guild might issue them a major request and treat them as VIPs.  

In addition, those adventurers grouped together to form respective factions, which were known as Legions (Adventurer Union). 

There were many legions, but in the Free City, there were four that were considered strongest and most powerful. 

One of the most famous was “Romeo.” Barbara currently served as their leader, with her little brother being her deputy. Their names were quite well-known, and many adventurers longed to join them. 

But compared to “Romeo” that everyone knew about, there was a Legion which was said to have comprehensive strength and quality a step higher than they were. 


It was Ballrail (Greatest Union) led by Patrick. 

It was a small elite legion whose entrance exam was known to be very difficult. They were also active in the DLC content of “Round Table Heroes.” 

The character named Patrick was full of masculinity, an astringent and popular character. However, he would end up dying. 

The cause of his death was the collapse of Ballrail. It was triggered by the betrayal of the deputy leader. That was the prologue of their destruction. 


“Secure the adventurer named Aliceia.” 

“Yes, I understand.”

“If you succeed, I will give you that power.”

“I’m really thankful for that!”

“Even if you are the deputy leader, it should allow you to gain power that exceeds Patrick.”


In certain darkness, a man named Hash, the deputy leader of Ballrail, was ordered to secure Aliceia. 

The person who issued the order immediately disappeared into the darkness. Hash, who was left behind, clenched his fist. His eyes were swirling with obsession. 




“Wait for me, Aliceia.”

“You’re slow, Morgol.”


Aliceia and Morgol were going around Free City to do some shopping. They were looking for ingredients for dinner at Felmi’s house. 

But along the way, Aliceia noticed something. 


“What is that…?” 


There was an eerie bluish-purple puddle emerging from the sky above the city, flowing down to the ground like a waterfall. 


“It’s a magic barrier!” 


“That’s a magic barrier. It’s magic that makes things unable to enter or exit the premise, or inflict status ailments. Someone with a unique attribute has activated it! Aliceia, let’s escape!”


“The barrier isn’t complete yet! We might be able to escape its range if we hurry!”


The two of them ran to leave before the magic barrier was completed. A heavy mud-like water fell from the sky. The magic was completed before the two got out of the barrier. 

Like a prison, the walls blocked the two. 

Morgol shot magic at the wall. Seeing that, Aliceia also created a fireball, but they failed to even open a small hole in the wall. 


“It’s no good. The barrier is already completed. Moreover it’s a barrier of high purity…” 

“High purity barrier?”

“It might be something created by a magician of considerable power, but this has an ominous feeling. Deploying something like this on purpose has gone beyond the scale of being rude.”

“You mean it’s likely done by a piece of scum with bad intentions?”

“I think that’s very likely.”


The wall blocked the way forward, creating a disturbing and uncomfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately, their guess was right on the mark. 

“A scum, huh… I won’t deny that, but that’s rude of you.” 



A man was standing behind them, sandwiching them behind the walls. The two recognized the man’s face. 


“You should be the deputy leader of Ballrail, Hash-san, is it? It’s just a guess, but is it you who deployed this magic barrier?” 

“Would you believe me if I said I’m not?”

“No, I won’t believe you. Aliceia, I think this will end in combat.”

“I know.”

“Aliceia, things will end without incident as long as you come with me. This barrier is also deployed so you can’t escape.”

“There’s no way I will come with you, you idiot!”


Aliceia and Morgol began the preparation to fight together. The two chose to fight together without exchanging words. 

However, something strange happened to Aliceia’s body. 



“gh, my body feels hot… I can’t control my art.


Holding on her chest, Aliceia seemed to be in pain. Hash widened his eyes at the sight. 


“That’s certainly a terrifying art. So this is the power of the priestess of light that the Eternal Foundation aimed for, huh…” 

“Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I can keep going. I can fight…”

“Aliceia.Come to think of it, Aliceia has been unstable recently. Did some sort of change occur in her body? Besides, she’s sweating profusely and her face is feverishly hot. At the same time, her art is gushing abnormally.


In the game version, Morgol was already dead because of her encounter with Molgan at this point. 1 

Aliceia would fight Hash alone in that timeline. Even as she noticed the abnormality of her body, she used her overflowing art and defeated Hash with that. 

That could be considered her awakening event as the protagonist of the gaiden game. 

However, it was possible for the player to end up in game over in this fight. The game would present players with a choice as they fought. 

━━My art is overflowing, I can’t control it…!! (Display choice)


━━Suppress art as much as possible and fight with swordsmanship◀

━━Forcibly use magic even if the body breaks as a result.


If the player chose to fight while suppressing art in the game, Aliceia would be defeated, taken to the Eternal Foundation, and dissected into pieces. 

And right now, the two choices Aliceia was considering were similar to the game version’s. 


My art is overflowing, it’s impossible to control it. Should I choose to fight in melee while suppressing them? Or should I force myself to use magic? My body might break down if I make a mistake in controlling it. 

What should I do? 


Aliceia was at a loss. While she hesitated, Hash drew his sword. Ominous dark art swirled around him. 


In addition, the “light art” within Aliceia was overreacting. Her art didn’t stop as if trying to draw itself out. 2 


There’s no way I could control art like this. So I should go for a melee. 


She choose the choice that would take her to land of the dead, and in the next moment, 




The sudden sound of flesh tearing echoed. Hash opened his eyes wide in confusion and saw a katana protruding from his stomach. 

Someone had stabbed him with a katana from behind. 


“You, where did you come from!!!!” 


The one who stabbed him from behind was a man with black hair and black eyes, Fay. Hash was stabbed, but immediately shot black flames conjured by magic toward his back. 

Fay saw the flame coming and pulled out his katana from Hash’s body while dodging. The stab wound that seemed to be a fatal blow healed at a tremendous speed. 


“Fay, how did you enter the barrier?” 

“I broke it.”

“You must be kidding, right?”


Morgol was astonished when Fay said he broke the barrier. She wasn’t the only one who was surprised by Fay’s words, Hash was as well. 


Wait wait wait, that barrier is a magic barrier with conditions attached deployed with dark art, you know! Moreover, I should be able to sense art’s whereabouts within the barrier. Yet I failed to notice it until I was stabbed!!


Hash was inwardly surprised yet didn’t let it show on his face. Then he remembered something when he saw Fay’s face. 


So it’s the boy that the leader had his eyes on, the one with a prosthetic eye. I have read about him in the newspaper some time ago, as the topic where he protected Aliceia and people demanded he be expelled made quite a ruckus back then. 


Fay stood with a katana in hand in front of Aliceia, who was gasping in pain, and Morgol. His gaze seemed to shoot killing intent, leaving those who were gazed upon to hesitate to even breathe. 

Hash was considered among the best adventurers in Free City. He was also the deputy leader of the legion of the greatest rank. Even a man like that had no choice but to feel cautious about Fay’s fighting spirit. 


No, how did he cross the magic barrier? I’m also worried about how he managed to get behind me without me noticing it, despite the fact that I should have full grasp of the art within this barrier. 


Relieved by Fay’s arrival, Aliceia slumped to the ground. She was holding her chest with a pained expression. 

“Fay, it’s hard for me to use art right now… Can I leave the rest to you?” 



Aliceia felt relieved seeing Fay respond while fixing his eyes on the enemy without looking back. But it saddened her at the same time, at the fact he only looked forward even in a situation like this. However, the back of that single-minded man belonged to the man she loved. 

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When the next chapter coming out 
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is kind of funny that just because Fay is too inhuman, that they deny the chance that he really have a sister lol, i wonder will Fay accept the Fact that Morgol is his sister in the future. Thank for translation as always~

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Thanks for the chapter.