Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

Translator: AdCaelum

Editor: Cale

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Side Story: The Gods’ Halloween ②

The next day, Uta started baking cookie-cutter cookies since early in the morning. At first, he’d thought about using ready-made treats, but since he woke up early, he changed his mind.

He prepared two trays of cookies shaped like coffee cups, candies, and marshmallows. He took one of each, stuffed them with a shop card in a small bag, and tied it with some lace.

As he diligently continued working on this, the time to open the store neared.

“Are those cookies? They smell great!”

Sungmin opened the door with the “CLOSED” sign still posted and reported for work with sparkling eyes.

“Morning, Min-kun. I got too enthusiastic and decided to make them. I couldn’t make a lot though…”

He decided to give a chipped cookie to Sungmin.

When he did, Sungmin drew his face close to Uta’s fingers holding the cookie and put the whole thing in his mouth.


“Really? I’m glad.”

“Manager’s fingers, that is.”

“My fingers…aren’t for sale though.”

Uta was a bit embarrassed by Sungmin’s smile.

“This amount should be enough! But, I don’t know how useful those two will be at distributing them…”

Sungmin added.

Some time after that, Haraedo, who was dressed as a vampire, popped up.

“Trick or treat!”

Even though he said that it would be weird to have a god dressed as a demon, he still properly wore the costume.

Still, him appearing completely dressed in costume the moment he appeared must be related to his ability as a god.

His long hair, knee-length cloak, and fake fangs suited him nicely.

“Here are the treats! Good luck handing them out.”

Haraedo had thought that he was supposed to steal the treats, but Uta had instead handed him ones to be distributed.

Haraedo accepted the basket full of them and made a perplexed face.

“I see… Until all these treats are gone, I can’t play a trick on you.”

“That’s right.”

Uta laughed.

“Tricking the manager?! If you’re going to do such a thing, I’ll report you right away, so be prepared.”

Sungmin put his hands on his hips with a serious face.

“In the first place, you’re a part-timer today, so your job is to give treats to the customers! Why are you thinking about playing tricks?”

“Isn’t that what the festival is all about?”

“Only children are allowed to play tricks.”

“That so…?”

Haraedo looked bored.

“Then, I’ll go give the treats to the kids.”

“…Ah, by the way, where’s Housou-no-kami?”

Uta asked the vampire on his way out with the basket, but a shoulder shrug was his answer.

“Who knows? He probably won’t come.”

“Eh…? Even though I told him that much, he still couldn’t read the mood?!”

Sungmin clicked his tongue.

“But, well, we decided everything ourselves. He never said himself that he would come.”

Uta recalled how Housou-no-kami’s face had looked very unwilling.

“That’s, well…”

“You’re the only one who expected something from that guy, Minsuke.”

“Please call me ‘Leader.’ Since today, I’m the leader of the part-timers.”

Sungmin sternly looked at the grinning Haraedo.

(Even though Haraedo said that, will Housou-san really not come…?)

This weighed on Uta’s mind for some reason.

Then, the alarm notifying that it was time to open business rang. With all this commotion, the store opened on Halloween.

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