Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 3-11: The Boyfriend Appears

(Gods of disaster…)

They were like the god that had appeared from the mouth of the person who had written the bad review before.

At that time, it had taken on the form of a human and fought with Haraedo. Afterwards, it had turned back into a black fog and disappeared…

But, that couldn’t be compared to the amount of black fog that was spouting out from the ground this time.

The fog had already engulfed the whole parking lot.

—If you touch him, you’ll be infected with misfortune.

Uta recalled these words Haraedo had told him before.

(Isn’t this really bad then?!)


He spotted Sukunabikona’s back running right into the middle of the fog.

“It’s dangerous, so get away from here, mister!”


Should he just sit back and watch?

At that moment, he noticed a boy clinging to the parking lot fence.

The ground was still shaking.

(He’s in trouble!)

Uta rushed out of the court and over to the boy.

“Are you okay?! Grab on to me!”

When Uta extended his hand, the boy grabbed it.

“It’s dangerous here, so let’s go over there!”

Uta pointed at the building where the tennis court reception was located.

But, since the ground continued to shake, they couldn’t promptly move from that spot.

(What should I do…?)

Uta tightly held the boy’s hand to comfort him despite the fact that unease was growing stronger in his own chest.

At such a dire moment, a familiar voice called out to him.

“Uta! I’m glad I found you here.”


The god trod across the asphalt, rushed over to Uta, and supported him by his shoulder.

“You came for me…”

Uta felt relieved just by seeing the god’s face.

“Haraedo, take care of this kid. I think he couldn’t get away in time.”

“I got it.”

“Listen, you’ll be fine if you go together with this man, okay?”

The boy nodded and took Haraedo’s hand.

There was some considerable distance from the court to the building, but the boy should be able to avoid danger if he were to stay with the god.

Haraedo-no-kami was a god of exorcisms after all…

“But, Uta, you…”

Haraedo looked anxious.

“I’ll follow after you soon.”

“Got it. Stay safe!”

Haraedo carried the kid and turned around, the sleeves of his kimono swaying lightly.

Uta looked back at the shroud of black fog over the parking lot.

(Anyone else who couldn’t get away in time… I wonder if Sukunabikona-san is okay…?)

In between the intermittent trembles, the black fog grew even thicker.

A noise that sounded like pebbles being scattered around could be heard at its center.



He caught sight of Sukunabikona catching the flying clumps of fog and smashing them one after another into the ground.

“Don’t think you can just walk away from here after spoiling my fun date!”

Then, he crushed those smashed clumps under his foot.

Before the small god, the gods of disaster were like mole crickets.

However, even insects sometimes swarmed like this.

“Hey!! How many are there?! Give me a break already!!”

Sukunabikona shouted at the sky when—

The ground shook greatly again. The crack in the ground widened like a mouth taking a deep breath.

And from the inside, a huge creature sluggishly came out.

“…Well, sorry for bothering you…”


It was a large man as tall as the sky.

In his hand was a large, long sword, and on his face was a magnificent beard.


Sukunabikona looked up and stood still.

(Eeh!? That’s Sukunabikona-san’s boyfriend…?!)

Rather than his shocking entrace to the scene, Uta was stunned by the couple’s size difference instead.

“Ookuninushi. Just when I thought I hadn’t seen you recently, what exactly are you doing?”

Sukunabikona looked straight up and addressed the god.

“It’s exactly as you can see. I’m in the middle of cleaning.”

When the god swung his sword, the wind pressure eradicated the black fog.

At the same time, the ground shook tremendously.

“The underground has been noisy lately. Before it causes a disaster to befall above ground, I thought to clean up the place.”

“If you run wild underground, that alone will cause damage above ground…”

Sukunabikona peered into the huge hole in the parking lot and showed an exasperated look on his face.

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Lord of nothing
Lord of nothing
1 year ago

If the giant god cannot shrunk, i will be too scared to think on what will happen at the bed scene.