Continuation of a Dream in Another World

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 91 – The Eve of – Toki (Slightly NSFW)

After dinner, we decided it was time to take a bath.

Assam looked like he wanted to join me, and, thinking it strange that he wasn’t saying anything, I asked – “Go in, together?”

“You, really…”

Seeing his exasperated reaction, I realized that my words could be taken to mean something sexual. My face instantly grew red from embarrassment and I hung my head, unable to look him in the eye.

Assam patted my head gently.

“I’ll go in first. In the meantime, create projections of things you want to show me.”

“U-un. Make lots.”

“Do it in moderation. It would be best to stick to about five. Don’t overdo it.”

I nodded and sent him off to his bath.

Now then, what photos should I show him?

As I was thinking about that, a realization suddenly dawned on me.

『Am I going to be held tomorrow?』My thoughts accidentally slipped from my lips and I could feel my face heating up.

They told me I was cured.

We couldn’t do it today because Laham stopped us, but…

My head was full of naughty thoughts about Assam, and I squeezed the pillow I was holding tight in embarrassment.

“Calm down, let’s do.”

Yeah. I have to develop some photos before Assam comes back.

Despite thinking that, my head was still full of foolish thoughts and I felt horny.

To develop a photo with the nengrapher, I had to have a clear picture of it in my head. If I try to do so now, I’ll end up with photos of Assam and me doing all kinds of naughty things.

The more I tried to clear those thoughts from my head, the stronger my imagination became and I got slightly erect.

Doing it in this room when I didn’t know when Assam would be returning… somehow the tension only aroused me further. My penis throbbed in anticipation of the coming pleasure.

I hugged the pillow to me and slowly lowered my right hand.

『Just a bit,』I muttered as my lower half searched for release.

『Nn, mnn.』

My voice… I can’t. I buried my face in the pillow.

Even though Laham said I shouldn’t… once I started I couldn’t stop.

『Nn, feels… good!』

What should I do? I can’t stop. I can’t, Assam’s going to be here any moment and I need to stop.

『Ngh! W-why…? I can’t cum.』

It felt like my penis was about to explode. I wanted to cum, but I couldn’t. The stimulation wasn’t enough.

The stimulation given by my own hand was far from the pleasure Assam gave me. And my body that had gotten used to the pleasure he gave me demanded his hands, his lips. It hungered for it…

『Aaah. I hate this. Assam, you idiot,』I muttered in resentment.

Then, the moment I lifted my head up from the pillow—

“Did I do something? Toki.”

I froze.

Assam was sitting right in front of me. His eyes dark with lust.

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