Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 90 – Wishing Star – Toki

After I’d stopped crying and calmed down, Kiha came in with dinner. It was the first time I’d ever eaten in this blue room.

The rug was moved over, and we waited for our dinner to be set out.

Dinner consisted of something that looked like tonkatsu, leafy greens, bret, and soup. As I was about to dig in, Kiha let out a shriek.

Assam had his arms wrapped protectively around me before I even had time to process what was happening.

The door was violently slammed open and a bunch of guards, led by Laham, rushed into the room.

Scary, scary, scary – I’m scared Assam!!

“What happened!? …Kiha?”

Following Laham’s question, the tension in the room dissipated.

When I slowly lifted my head up, I saw Kiha point at something and tremble.

“T-t-this!! It’s the new model nengrapher Tsugura had!! She did say it was for His Highness, but why is it here?!! Omigod! Could it be a gift for Toki-sama? Uwa~ just how head over heels is Your Highness for Toki-sama? So cool. This shape, it’s for increasing the magic conductivity, right? The pixel count is out of this world!! I can’t believe it. Isn’t this a limited edition item? Weren’t only five of them made!? Amazing. That’s a stupid amount of storage. Oh, oh! Is that the special gauge? Eh? Is this for real? You’ve taken so many projections and it’s only this much? Unbelievable!!” Kiha spouted praise left and right without even pausing for breath, as he fiddled with the device. It was like he’d turned into a different person altogether.

This version of Kiha reminded me of a person I’d recently met1, and everybody in the room looked at him with fed-up faces.

“Laham, is this guy that?”

“So it seems.”

Assam and Laham both sighed.

Seeing as there was nothing wrong, all the guards and attendants had already returned to their waiting room.

“Kiha, are you a nengrapher fanatic?”

I was curious about a lot of things. He said special edition – what was special about it? What was he crazy about?

I asked these questions from between Assam’s arms when both he and Laham remained quiet.


“You can’t, Toki!”


Before I knew it, Kiha was right in front of me. The device in hand, his eyes sparkling as he looked at me.

Ah, I may have been too hasty with my question. Anyone would want to talk about their favorite thing, wouldn’t they? As expected, Kiha started telling me about it with a fiery passion.

“Toki-sama!! This nengrapher is a super, amazing, incredible thing! There were only five of them ever made and on top of that, look here! There! It has the number 2 on it, right? Every special edition device has a mark and this means it was the second one ever made! A regular device can only project things you’ve experienced and they cost about 800 thousand, but this… Mnn~ Simply put, it costs about the same as one forest2 of maintenance for this castle.”

No way!! I didn’t know how much it cost to maintain a castle, but I was pretty sure it was a hefty sum of money. That’s too expensive!!! Assam, you spent too much!!

“Kiha, you shouldn’t talk about the price of a gift in front of the person it’s being gifted to,” Assam said while sighing.

Both Assam and Laham seemed tired for some reason.

“No, I won’t stop!! Your Highness, have you told Toki-sama about what makes this device special?”

“Is there something different about it?”

“Gya!! I knew it! This, this!! Do you see this gauge? It goes up the more you use the device. And when this gauge is full, you can send your thoughts to the first people that were pictured!!3 I just saw it, the first is a projection of Toki-sama’s parents, right? I don’t know if it will be text, a photo, or a video, but as long as they’re alive it’ll reach them!!”

“Reach… them? Even in other world?”

Would it reach them? In the other world? I thought I’d given up, but my voice was shaking as I asked him.

Kiha looked straight at me. “Aah, it will definitely reach them!!”

Unable to take the words I’d just heard, I buried my face in Assam’s arm.

I really wanted to tell them, to thank them, and to apologize – sorry for disappearing all of a sudden, I’m happy now.

I’d started crying again so Assam hugged me and stroked my head.

“Kiha, let’s go. This will make up for the commotion you’ve caused.” (Laham)

“Yessir. M-my apologies! I, uh, I’m a sucker for nengraphers. Sorry.”

Laham gave the disheartened Kiha a push on the back, urging him to leave.

“Right, are there any precautions that should be taken?”

“Oh!” Kiha shouted again as if he’d just remembered something. “Toki-sama should be the only one to use that device. If other people’s magic gets mixed in, the special feature ‘Wishing Star’ might be affected.”

“This ‘Wishing Star’ is the communication function you talked about?” Laham asked to confirm.


Hearing their conversation, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“What is it?”

“Mm-mm. Is nothing.”

The wishing star… It had a similar name to a Japanese custom. Did the people of this world also make wishes on shooting stars?

There were many photos I wanted to show Assam; and many things I wanted to show to my parents.

“Assam, Kiha, Laham – thank you.”

When I thanked them, they all gave me a smile in return.

Translator Note:

Kiha to the rescue! (with a way too convenient plot device XD) 

The steady devolution of his speech pattern though should be studied by linguists. He is a different person every time he opens his mouth.

Editor Note:

HAHA it’s like author-san isn’t paying attention… SHOCKING

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10 months ago

I’m gonna imagine Assam already knew a bit about that feature and just hadn’t told Toki yet, cuase that way it’s like he bought it thinking about Toki wanting to reach his parents instead of magical plot convenience and a random character just talking about it.