I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 5 (Part 2)

Dinner was an extravagant affair. Doesn’t a wyvern steak itself cost more than a hundred thousand1 alone? There were also various brightly colored salads, a piping hot cream soup, and a white fish meunière on the table. 2 The food was really delicious and it was probably prepared by a skilled chef. The wine was also exquisite with some delicious notes that saturated my mouth.

What’s more, everything had been laid out on the table from the beginning. I was grateful that I could take off my hood and eat the meal in peace without having to mind my manners or worrying about someone coming in midway.

Luca must have requested it to be so. I don’t know if he was being considerate of the fact that I was an adventurer, or if he wanted to sit beside me and feed me by hand. But that he did. I had no choice but to eat what was brought to my mouth. He was on the lookout for any chance to feed me leaving me with no choice but to shove the food down my throat. I wished he’d stop with that smile every time he saw me embarrassed. I’m desperate.

After we filled our stomachs, we rested a bit and then went to take a bath.

The bath was also prepared as the food was brought in, so when I peeked inside, the bathtub had already been filled with hot water. It’s nice that it’s spacious and clean, but why are there rose petals floating in the water? …I don’t want to think about it.

I entered first. As I began to strip in the dressing room, I heard the click of a lock. The sound caught my attention. A grinning Luca greeted me and as my gaze unintentionally collided with his. Even though we had just eaten, his eyes looked hungry. He returned my inquisitive stare with a light smile.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to come in and steal my bag.”

“You certainly wouldn’t.”

Ah, it seemed that he was worried that the maids would come to clean up the remnants of our meal as we bathed. I suppose the chances of someone stealing my bag wasn’t impossible, but it seemed incredibly unlikely. It was well known that if someone would dare steal from the prince and his companions, they would be slapped with a death sentence. Besides, most magic bags are designed to trigger a deadly trap if an unknown individual tried to rummage through it.

Disregarding my doubts, I quickly turned my back to him. I took off the rest of my clothes while feeling his intense gaze linger on my bare skin. I made my way into the bathroom and after pouring hot water over my body, I decided to soak in the bathtub instead of washing up first. Since there were just the two of us, that should be okay, right?

Just as I let out a sigh of relief, Luca entered the bathroom.

As he approached, I got a good view of his nakedness. His firm, muscled body, broad shoulders, big hands, and even bigger… thing. I quickly averted my eyes. I didn’t want him to catch me staring. But I had to admit, it was big after all. As expected of an eroge protagonist. I felt myself furrow my brows as I looked down. I don’t think mine is supposed to be this small. After all, I don’t know the average size of this kingdom, so I wouldn’t be able to know for sure. Since this was the first time in this life I had seen another person’s cock, I had little to compare it. I had not given the subject much thought either. But if I were to compare my size to another man, an average man, we would be about the same size, right?

Luca entering the water behind me broke me from my thoughts. Water splashed around us as his warm skin pressed against mine. His long, firm arms stretched out and enveloped me from behind. Butterflies began to flutter in the pit of my stomach. 

“The bath is wide. You can make some space.”

“But I want to touch you, Zagan. You can refuse me if that’s really what you want.”

His blunt and seductive words made me choke on my own. Hearing such suggesting things from him when he was this close made my toes curl. I found myself wishing he would hide his feelings towards me more. How embarrassing. A hot blush spread across the back of my neck and ears. Instead of my own snarky reply, I could only hear the sound of my heart. But to be honest, I don’t mind being touched by Luca. So that means I don’t have to refuse him right now, right? 

With a weakening resolve, I found my back leaning into his muscled chest. I could feel a happy hum rumble out of his soft lips as he leaned down to press his cheek against mine. Calloused fingers began to leisurely stroke my sides. His palms pressed into my hips as his hands made their journey up and down my back and hips. He moved in soft and leisurely stroking sensations. The feeling of his warm touch and the even warmer water made my head feel hazy. 

I could feel his strong heartbeat against my back as his hands crept into areas that only he had touched before. 

“Your body is so smooth and pretty. How it is that your skin is like silk?” His hot breath tickled my ear. “Your muscles are well-defined, but thin, your waist is narrow and your wrists and ankles are slender. You’re stunning, Zagan.” His hands squeezed at my flesh. “Your curves, especially your cute little butt, are beautiful to look at.”

“Is that meant to be a compliment?”

“Of course. Even your dick is small and cute.”

“Okay, that definitely wasn’t a compliment.”

His groping hands were starting to arouse something in the pit of my stomach. Those butterflies turned into sparks that followed each of his trailing touches. He ignored my protest with a nip to my earlobe.

“Our opposing attributes of light and dark make sex with you feel heavenly. I wonder if you were born to be mine, Zagan.”


Were his words the truth?

After all, I am living in a world that was once a game. If we set aside the past and future, the world is still progressing to ensure that Luca achieves a happy ending. And I too, am a character in this world made for Luca. No matter how I look at it, I am still an existence to push the plot forward.

However, due to my memories of my past life, I no longer hold the role of the villain. Yet, that change does not shake me from my deep connection to the plot. Instead, I have become some sort of hidden capture target, despite being a man, and my body has become one for Luca to use.

And, come to think of it, it was impossible that the original Zagan was this size. In the scene where he rapes Noel when she cried that she hated it, the subtext read that Zagan had reached deep inside her. However, I right now wasn’t capable of doing that. It’s like my body right now was made to be fucked.

In other words, my body was changed because of Luca’s choices. So I guess that it can’t be helped that I’m a bit on the smaller side. I guess that means that I was meant to take his cock. In that case…

“…Well, if you like it it’s not as if I won’t… let you touch.”

His roaming hands froze on my heated skin.

“…Really? You have no idea how happy that makes me, Zagan. Everything from your nose to your cock is cute. I want to touch you, touch it, and toy with it until there is nothing left in you. You know what, Zagan? Your cock is a perfect fit for my mouth because of your small size. And your mana is delicious. Oh and when you cry because I’m teasing your little cock Zagan, you make the cutest face. Ah, you have no idea how much you stir me up.”

Fuck, I was too hasty. I knew it, I shouldn’t be so lenient with this fellow. He’ll quickly get carried away with the smallest stimulation.

A hot, wet tongue traced my jawline.

“After I thoroughly wear you out, I want to try making your chest larger. It would be adorable if I could train your nipples into becoming plumper. If I tease them as I fuck you I’m sure they’ll become even cuter.”

“…Ngh, …! Ah!”

Blunt fingers began to rub my nipples from behind. His large arms wrapped me in his erotic embrace as he began his assault on my chest. His fingers would pinch the nubs and tease them in light circles. Then, he would press his nail into them, pushing them down into my chest eliciting huffed moans from my lips. An unexpected burn speared from my chest, up my face and neck, and down to my toes. An area that was never sensitive before, had me squirming with the slightest touch. I thought that having a man please this place wouldn’t make me feel anything, but I could barely restrain the sounds escaping from my throat. With each flick, pinch, and press, I found it harder to sit still. A dull ache began to drum in the lower parts of my stomach. The feelings of pleasure were frustratingly slow, and it took all of my pride to restrain me from begging for more. More pleasure, more pain, more of Luca. I began to tremble until reality hit me square in the face. We were in a bath, a now lukewarm bath, and I hadn’t even washed myself yet.

The pleasure gone, replaced with a blunt sense of embarrassment gave me the courage to peel Luca’s sinful hands off of me. I didn’t forget my signature glare as I turned my head to reprimand him for getting carried away.

“Let’s wash up. …But don’t come close.”

“S-sorry Zagan, did I go too far? You don’t like doing it in the bathtub right? Will you forgive me if I apologize by washing your body?”

His pleading words meant to cool my temper made no impact on my frazzled state of mind. What good comes from two men in a bathtub anyway? When I ignored him and stepped out of the now lukewarm water, he quickly followed. Shocked, he quickly followed me to the opposite side of the room. His arms caged me in from behind as he cooed sweet nothings into the crown of my head. Just as I thought I escaped one dangerous situation, I had made another. It seems as if I made him panic. Does Luca like me so much that he can’t endure any signs of rejection from me? It was only the fifth chapter, how did he end up like this?

In the end, I caved to his murmurings and let him wash my back and hair. I washed his body in return. After a peaceful soak, we finally left the bathroom. I wonder how long it’s been since I last wore a bathrobe? On second thought, had I ever worn one in either of my lives? Tilting my head in thought, unaware of Luca’s heating eyes, I grabbed my bag and headed for the bedroom. It was definitely worth the Platinum coin that Luca had spent. Tall windows were looking down on the city below, ornate furniture, and a large bed right in the center. In fact, the bed was so large, I began to wonder if Luca was expecting more company. How many people did the concierge think would be sleeping here? What was even more shocking was the velvet canopy attached to the top of the mahogany bed frame. Did all members of the upper class sleep on beds like these?

“Does Luca perhaps use this kind of a bed normally?”

“I know what you’re thinking. But every bed I have ever owned has been smaller and I have never brought another person with me to it. Every single detail of the person I would have brought would be gossiped around high society for an entire social season. And if I snagged a nobleman’s daughter, it’d turn into an incredibly troublesome affair. But Zagan you’re worth the trouble.”

A blush tingled at the tips of my ears “Ehm, ah, it sure is hard being a prince.”

Entering the room, Luca once again firmly locked the door. If he didn’t do that, perhaps some imprudent employees hoping to service the Prince would try to enter the room. Luca might not mind that himself, but I couldn’t let my hair be seen by the others.

Placing my luggage in one corner of the bed, I plopped down on my side. Hmm, it’s extraordinarily snug and comfortable.

Luca also climbed into bed and pulled down all the canopy curtains, creating a small light in the closed-off bed. One by one the small wisps of light grew. The profile of the man who created the light was so cool that I couldn’t help but be fascinated.

Having a good face was an advantage in aristocratic society. Being a prince, he could spend his time without being disdained by the people around him. But with this too-good-to-be-true face of his, I felt like he was cornering me, leaving me no room to refuse. It was complicated.

 Come to think of it, a question had been bothering me.

“Luca, are you in love with me? But I am a troublesome opponent with a dark attribute. Moreover, I am a man. …Is it my face?”

“Fufu, certainly Zagan has the dark attribute and is a man. Your face is extremely beautiful, and I can’t deny that it’s to my liking. But the reason I fell in love with you, is your eyes.”

Luca took off my hood, gazing into my eyes at close proximity. As I returned his gaze, all while feeling the weight of his emotions, he smiled lightly.

“It was when we were in the middle of our fight in the dungeon in the first city. It was the moment your hood came off and I clearly saw your crimson eyes for the first time. They were so beautiful that I couldn’t help but be enraptured. Your clear, unfazed, and strong gaze shot through my heart”

“……I see”

At that time, was he really not panicked to see my black hair? Because at that moment, he fell for me. It was quite a strange feeling.

The reason why one tries to increase their favourability with the heroine in the game is because they exist as targets to be captured. The character you fall in love with varies from player to player, and even if you’re not really interested in the character, you raise her favourability just for the sake of completing the game. So when you read the scenario, it’s always the heroines that fall in love first, and it’s only when the player chooses the heroine in the ending and confesses to her that the protagonist clearly expresses his love for her.

 But in reality, Luca fell in love with me much before I had a chance to fall for him, and he even expressed his feelings like this.

No matter how much this world resembled a game, and even if my body had been transformed for Luca’s sake. This was my reality.

That’s why, his warmth gave me comfort, and as I close my eyes when his lips descend upon me, my body can’t help but shiver from the pleasure of the soft touch.

Hasr: Adsense loves restricting ads on NSFW chapters but I hate going through it and censoring all the words… ah, the dilemma.

I know most of you peeps are horny for the smut, so it’s gonna be in one part

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Panacea Seer
3 years ago

You have the most powerful dark magic and can make tentacles … maybe the original Zagan just enhanced his own body…. maybe? It seems a little terrifying to have a world so partial to the protagonist that your body is transformed to fit… actually not even at the top ten most terrifying things to happen to a shou because of the gong’s ML/MC halo

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Carina Bruckschwaiger
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