The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 195: The Sage is Chased by a Berserk Beast

A few days later, beast activity began in earnest on another continent.

In addition, some of them began to invade our continent.

It seemed they were devouring marine life as they attacked the port town.

The beasts’ movement was sporadic and chaotic before, but they were now moving in a systematic manner.

Although they only seemed to be rampaging about, a certain pattern could be noticed when tracing their movement in other locations.

That was evidence of unity in the individualistic beasts.

They had learned about the power of the Demon Lord’s Army and had devised countermeasures.

It was exactly as what Gwen had said.

Although each beast had their respective agenda, their main priority was still to consume me.

Those who wanted to achieve that began to act as a single force.

I was sure their cooperation would only last until I was defeated.

The continent was still in turmoil.

However, the damage caused by the beasts was small.

It seemed they were confused by the complicated information.

The status of every nation regarding the current situation and how to respond to it was undecided.

They were devoting themselves to a wait-and-see stance, and defeating the beasts that were infesting their respective nations for the time being.

The upper stratum of the nations were aware of the power of the Demon Lord.

They understood that to not take any unnecessary measure was the best course of action.
It was really a wise decision for them.

Peace seems far away…

My cheek was being supported by my hand as I read the reports.

It was hard to believe that these reports were explaining things that had taken place within the last few days.

That was how much the flow of the world had accelerated.

Everyone was desperate

It seemed a herald-like person had emerged in a small port town yesterday.

At the end of his struggle against the horde of the beasts, he was killed in action.

It seemed the Will of the World had activated and made such a person emerge, but they just lacked the power to deal with the situation.

Heralds couldn’t always win.

It was often their reckless advances that robbed them of their lives.

Although it was amazing for an ordinary person to defeat a beast without preparing countermeasures, that ability wasn’t enough to annihilate them all.

The Demon Lord’s Army was active all over the continent.

They were dispatched all over the place, where I could uncover the beasts’ location.

The defeated beasts were then transferred to the Valley of the Dead to be sacrificed.

Thanks to that, my power grew stronger without any of my magic power and miasma being consumed whatsoever.

I was devoting myself to the role of a commander in the capital.

I decided that I wouldn’t move around as long as the beasts were aiming for me.

Instead, I had enchanted the armament of the Demon Lord’s Army so that they could kill the beasts on their own.

For magic users, I taught them special spells that were effective against beasts.

It should be much easier for them to subdue those beasts compared to before.

As a matter of fact, the Demon Lord’s Army was racking victories all over the place.

While keeping the damage to a minimum amount, the results of their battles were remarkable. 

Even as I kept hearing reports from the executives, it seemed that they were advancing forward without encountering any dangerous situation.

As for the battles, the policy was to entrust the system to them.

While I was commanding the Demon Lord’s Army, I also expanded the scope of my perception magic to envelop the whole world.

By doing so, the locations of the hidden beasts could be discovered.

It was my first attempt at expanding my perception to that large a scale so I struggled a bit, but the task was steadily progressing.

As soon as I could uncover the locations of all the beasts, I would make my move.

I would annihilate them through short term decisive battles to solidify the world’s peace.

Depending on the circumstances, I might opt to defeat the beasts outside the world as well.

It was also a good idea to set a barrier to prevent further invasion from the beasts.

In any case, the problem regarding the beasts would be settled in the near future.

However, the turmoil didn’t stop there.

A bizarre event took place while the beasts from the outside world were rampaging.

Specifically, a cult outside the continent had succeeded in calling down a god.

According to the statement of the cult, they took it as having their prayers being answered.

If this was just a rumor, I could just dismiss it as mere delusion.

However, that being, which was referred to as a god, could shatter the beasts that were attacking the people.

That existence had declared that he would wipe out the beasts within the nation.

The things that were raging all around were called the beast of disasters.

It was said that they were the subordinates of the Demon Lord, so the turmoil would stop if they could just obliterate said Demon Lord.

Some nations received this information and devised plans to subdue the Demon Lord.

I even got to hear that the army across the sea was planning to cross.

The fact that most people considered the Demon Lord as the most dangerous existence had gotten fanned by rumors that supported that point, which seemed to play a major role in this.

With the support from the voice of the god, the people were getting serious about this.

The current Demon Lord was being viewed as a worldwide enemy and was being targeted by the whole world. 

Strangely enough, that was the composition I wanted.

“God, huh…”

I muttered.

Then I sensed a peculiar presence beside me.

“There is no administrator who can actually be god in this world.”

I turned to the source of the voice.

The one who was standing there was Yuura, who was currently being possessed by the Great Spirit.

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