The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 204: The Sage Runs in the Dusk

I flashed the keepsake sword as I stepped forward.

The arc-shaped slash cut the tentacles together.

The sword then broke off other tentacles as I knocked it back.

Even as my attacks accelerated, the rate of the tentacles’ propagation also increased in response.

They approached me with irregular movements.

It’s beyond what I can handle…

As I saw a tentacle squeeze my shoulder, I jumped backwards.

At that time, a crack ran on the ground under my feet and tentacles emerged.

I immediately slashed it with my sword in hand and smashed them into the walls behind.

I kept running, slashing at the tentacles that attacked me one after another.

I glanced at the golden tower on the way, noticing that it extended upwards as if it was a natural thing to do.

The human faces on the tower pulsated as if they just remembered how.

It was a figure that invited disgust to those who witnessed it.

“Help me, die, kill! Demon Lord! Hooray! It’s the worst!”

“No way, this is a lie, why must I end up like this?”

“It’s all your fault, it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault…”1

The grudge was all directed at me.

People who were under the effects of mental pollution chased after me.

Every one of them had bloodshot eyes.

Even as they were preyed on by the tentacles, they still acted while ignoring them.

They were trying to harm me with all their might.

…I guess I have no choice.

I cast my magic.

Fiery wind cut the people and incinerated them at the same time.

There was also a blizzard that froze people into icy statues some distance away.

Black fog instantly rotted the humans at another location as well.

All of them were my doing.

These spells were the things I chose to prevent these people from suffering as much as possible.

I doubted that they would even be aware of their own death.

In this situation, even the slightest obstruction couldn’t be ignored.

As I was chased by the tentacles, I had no choice but to kill those people.

I didn’t really want to do this, but I didn’t have time to hesitate.2

Those endless tentacles kept hindering me from moving forward.

Even as I slashed at some with the sword, I couldn’t go beyond a certain distance.

If I tried to force myself to go deeper in, I would be caught by the tentacles in no time.

In addition, the closer I was to the tower, the worse it affected my physical condition.

Specifically, it interfered with my magic power and miasma.

It made it even harder to deal with the tentacles.

It truly was a bothersome structure.

The false god was exerting tremendous power.

I was clearly inferior to it in the degrees of existence.

I was also losing on the scale of ability.

However, that wasn’t enough for me to abandon the battle.

The golden tower was a foreign existence that came to destroy the world.

Since I was aware of that, I have to stop it now.

It’ll be a battle of attrition, but it can’t be helped.3

As I switched tracks for my thoughts, I challenged the tower with further resolve.

I wonder how long it’s been since I first started fighting against the tower?

The area was getting dyed in the colors of dusk. 

Standing in the midst of it all, I turned my gaze to the surroundings.

Nobody was around anymore, despite there being tons of people when it began.

They’ve all either become the nourishment for the tentacles or have met their end by my spells.

In the end, I couldn’t help any of them.

It was because of my lack of power.

I had no excuse for it.

The amount of tentacles that grew from the ground was enormous.

It couldn’t be any less than a few thousand by minimal estimation.

They wriggled like a phantom in front of me, watching my every movement.

Even though it wasn’t that far, I still couldn’t reach the tower.

I couldn’t slip through the tentacles that formed a tight, iron wall-like defense.

Even a few steps forward seemed to be daunting.

I had tried various spells and tactics until now.

Even so, I couldn’t establish any method to get through this absolute defense.

What should I do about this…?

I was thinking hard while tearing through the tentacles.

Fortunately, the tentacles’ movements were monotonous.

Physical exhaustion was something that had nothing to do with me as an immortal, and I could continue to fight like this.

In fact, there was never a moment where I was almost killed.

However, it was also a fact that I didn’t manage to produce a meaningful offensive attack.

I had a feeling that I might break through the wall if things went well, but I had no basis.

I need one more push, and I should be able to break through if a chance appears.

I continued fighting this endless battle while searching for a method to turn the situation around.

At that time, I noticed a high-power magic reaction occurred in the distance.

That magic reaction approached us at tremendous speeds.

The reaction was mixed with miasma, exuding chaos.

Is it a beast’s reinforcement?

I couldn’t determine what it was and prepared for the worst.

If the number of mighty beasts increased, I would be forced into a disadvantage.

I wanted to slaughter one first if possible.

I turned my consciousness to the sky, preparing to intercept whatever that might come.

Then, I stiffened for a moment.

The thing that flew at high speed in the sunset skies, was a scale-covered pseudo golem.

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