The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 205: The Sage Receives Help

“Dwight! I’ve come to steal your stage — I mean, I’ve come to help!”

Diella’s voice was heard over telepathy.

The pseudo golem blasted flames from its feet and used that force to fly.

I felt a huge miasmic reaction from that hulking body.

Its concentration was so thick that I mistook her for a beast.

Miasma continued to circulate inside the pseudo golem.

Perhaps it was the miasma taken from the beasts.

It seems that miasma was incorporated as it was as the golem’s fuel.

Although I wondered how it was possible, I doubted that I would get a clear answer even if I asked her.

Since it was Diella, she definitely did that out of instinct.

The pseudo golem stopped in the air.

Some golden tentacles rushed towards the pseudo golems.

It seemed that they immediately regarded the golem as an enemy.

A ray of light was fired from the cylinder attached to the golem.

The tentacles absorbed the light and became bloated.

They weren’t damaged in the slightest.

I told Diella.

“Magic power and miasma are ineffective against them. They are weak against physical attacks.”

“Muu, this is troublesome.”

Diella growled.

After a few moments, the golem conjured a chain of light this time.

Though the tentacles wanted to absorb it, they were captured and constricted instead.

The chain of light wasn’t absorbed.

It successfully restrained the tentacles.

Perhaps sacred magic is an exception?

That chain of light was an ability dedicated to destroying miasma.

From the beast’s perspective, that was a fatal effect.

Although the tentacles couldn’t be purified with it, they were also unable to absorb it

Just as I wondered what would happen next, something was launched from the golem’s shoulder.

It was a single arrow.

The arrow passed through the restrained tentacles and flew straight for the golden tower.

The free tentacles immediately turned to defend.

However, the arrow did an exquisite orbit.1

It was a feat impossible to achieve without transcendental skill, perfect grasp of the tentacles’ possible movements, and understanding subtle wind changes.

The arrow passed through those tentacled defenses, and finally struck the golden tower.

The golden tower then unleashed the greatest vibration in the ground ever.

The vibration became a roar and caused a rumbling, making the buildings collapse.

A translucent liquid was leaking from the spot where the arrow struck.

Was it bleeding?

It was clear that the tower was injured.

“Hahahah, that’s a good bark! It’s easy to hit such a big target!”

A voice of joy could be heard from the shoulder of the pseudo golem.

I squinted my eyes.2

And noticed Henry was on board there.

He wielded the bow on his shoulder.

It seemed that his posture was fixed in place by having his leg stuck in the pseudo golem’s scale.

Even so, that was quite reckless of him.

It was a bold move considering the dangers of falling.

“What happened to the coalition army at sea? I thought I entrusted the defense and interception to you?”

“Those things were already defeated ages ago! The defense is under Doldar’s command now. That should be enough forces being stationed there.”

Certainly, there was no need to worry if Doldar took command.

He was almost invincible on the ship.

With the Demon Lord’s Army ever raising morale, there was no problem there.

As Diella was convinced that the naval battle was taken care of, she decided to take Henry with her to assist me.

Considering how I was struggling all this time, it was help I am grateful for.

It was the best possible reinforcement.

“…Sorry to trouble you.”

“Don’t worry about it, Commander! We merely came here to fight against the boss of the beasts. Isn’t it a waste to miss such an opportunity?”

Henry shot his second arrow as he said that with a cheerful tone.

This time, the arrow tore through the tentacles.

That bow, which was made using dragons as its material, unleashed a powerful shot. 

It seemed that it was powerful enough to be effective even against the false god.

The fierce attacks of Diella and Henry drew the attention of the tentacles.

There was never a better chance to fight back.

As I thought so, I suddenly felt my power increase.

The supplied miasma and magic power were endlessly increasing.

It seemed that something happened at the Valley of the Dead.

As I was surprised by the sudden change, I received a telepathic voice.

“Demon Lord-sama! Is there any change in your body?!”

The voice belonged to Grom.

I asked him.

“My power is becoming amplified. What’s happening?”

“I sacrificed the defeated beasts to the Valley of the Dead! Although we can only assist from afar, we will do our best to help Demon Lord-sama!”

I was convinced by Grom’s explanation.

The large amount of miasma seemed to have come from the sacrificed beasts.

As I assessed the situation there through perception magic, I saw Yuura and the Great Spirit were helping as well.

It seemed that they also headed for the coalition force’s base where Luciana and Logan were stationed.

They did all they could to gather the beasts’ carcasses.

They entrusted direct support to Diella and Henry, while they restrained their desire to help me directly and worked hard to strengthen me instead.

Because they knew it would help me more that way.

I manipulated the miasma that swirled inside me and used it to cover my whole body.

This was to suppress the adverse effects of the tower.

Since I covered myself carefully, I should be able to cast spells normally even at a close range.

—I could do it in this case.

I was motivated by the unexpected help I got.

It was the one move I couldn’t achieve alone.

And that chance was offered by none other than my own subordinates.

I doubt that any amount of thanks would be enough to show my gratitude.

Therefore, I should give them an overwhelming victory to repay them.

Looking at the tower, I held the keepsake sword proper once again.

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Aw hell yeah, teamwork!

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one of few times that MC need help in battle.