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Chapter AF22 – Elrise and Leila’s Daily Life

Elrise’s day usually started at 7 or 8 in the morning. 

She lived an irregular lifestyle in her previous life so she would wake up around noon back then, but in this world, due to the regular life she had lived in the Saint’s Castle for many years, she had a completely healthy rhythm of life.

Elrise, who had retired as a Saint, had built a log house in the forest where Propheter used to live, and was living a carefree life with Leila.

The cooking duty switched daily, and it was Leila’s turn today, so Elrise had nothing to do until breakfast was ready.

Therefore, she used the power of the Prophet to peek around the world until Leila called her to the table.

Today’s breakfast was smoked meat, bread, and garnished potatoes. It was an assortment of home-grown vegetables.

For dessert, there was also fresh fruit given by the guardians.

By the standards of this world, it could be said to be quite luxurious.

The kilns used to bake bread were monopolized by nobles and churches, but despite its appearance, this place was still the dwelling of the Great Saint.

When Elrise ordered one from Aiz, many craftsmen came to visit the next day and it was installed in no time.

Elrise didn’t make bread often since it took a lot of time to make it, but Leila did her best to knead and bake bread.

Lately, her skills had been improving rapidly, and it became one of the things that Elrise looked forward to.

After finishing breakfast, Leila went out to hunt. 

In the meantime, Elrise was taking care of the field… was actually not the case.

Even if she didn’t do that, she could grow as much as she wanted by applying recovery magic, and if she really wanted, she could have the crops harvested immediately.

Moreover, recently, the guardians were interested in the field so Elrise taught them how to grow vegetables, and then they started to do it happily, so Elrise really didn’t need to do anything.

Therefore, Elrise took a leisurely stroll through the forest.

There was no work, responsibilities, or obligations, just walking without thinking… aah, how liberating it was.

It was the ultimate luxury to waste time, the finite and precious thing, pointlessly. As Elrise walked and enjoyed the moment, deer, rabbits, and other unknown animals that didn’t exist in her previous life came out from behind the trees and started clinging to Elrise.

More than half of them were troublesome creatures who often destroyed crops, but it was a hassle to get rid of them and Elrise didn’t want to bear unnecessary guilt, so she tried to convince them first.

As a result, it went well for some reason, and that was the start.

The emotions of living beings flowed into the mana in the air.

Elrise tried to use that to convey her intention by putting a little bit of her own emotions into mana, and on the other hand, she tried to read their emotions flowing into the mana in the air, and as a result of doing various things, she was able to communicate with animals a little.

As she could communicate with them, they mostly requested help or food, so when Elrise responded to their requests, the animals ended up getting attached to her.

Furthermore, as for the pathogens and parasites that wild animals carried, she used purification magic on the first encounter to erase them all.

In addition, Elrise herself constantly casted purification magic on herself, so dirt and harmful substances were purified as soon as they occurred, both outside and inside her body, so even if harmful bacteria and poison got into her body, they would disappear in an instant.

Therefore, she didn’t have to worry about getting sick.

In addition, she also had a thin barrier around herself, so even if large animals were playing with her, Elrise wouldn’t be injured.

Even if a bear seriously tried to scratch her, the bear’s claws would likely break instead.

That said, the animals hadn’t caused any harm to Elrise so far, and they were quiet around her.

As Elrise sat with her back against a tree, a tiger… no, a cat the size of a tiger was purring and rubbing its head against her.

It had been Elrise’s secret dream since her previous life of wanting to touch large animals such as tigers.

Just like rich people overseas often kept tigers and lions as pets, they have something that tempted man’s romance.

So even Elrise, who had her secret dream come true, was excited inside.

It might be a cat the size of a tiger instead of an actual tiger, but this was good in its own way.

Ooh, it’s purring… that’s an amazing sound… 

Elrise was enjoying the moment while stroking the giant cat’s throat. 

The emotions that flowed through her were feelings of admiration and gratitude, so it was safe to assume that the cat was attached to her.

As for why they were so grateful, apparently, Witches and demons were extremely annoying existences even to wild animals.

Demons were animals that had been transformed by Witches.

Therefore, from the animals’ perspective, Witches were enemies who transformed them into something incomprehensible, and demons were fellow animals who had become something incomprehensible.

Moreover, demons did whatever they wanted, destroying nature and poisoning water sources just to kill humans.

Because of that, even animals that weren’t targeted by demons also ran out of food, which was a huge nuisance to them.

That said, even if they tried to eliminate them, demons were so strong that they couldn’t do anything about it.

And perhaps out of instinct or maybe due to some sort of network unique to animals in this world… they seemed to understand it was Elrise who eliminated those enemies and they shared that information.

Besides, being near Elrise seemed to make their bodies feel better, so they were comfortable around her. 1

Even now, the giant cat that was sitting on Elrise’s lap was forcibly moved away and had its spot stolen by another giant cat that came from the side.

After spending some time like that, the giant cat sensed something and ran away, then Leila appeared from behind a tree.

“Elrise-sama, so you were here. It’s almost noon, would you like to go back?” 

“Yes, I understand. See you later, everyone.”

Elrise moved the animals away, stood up, and returned to the log house with Leila. 

Now that her long-awaited NEET life had been achieved, Elrise was enjoying the world that had become peaceful.


[Leila’s Day] 

Leila’s day started a little earlier than Elrise’s. 

First, she briefly practiced sword swings outside and tried various forms against virtual opponents.

Elrise had already retired from her position as a Saint, and Leila also gave up her knighthood to follow Elrise.

So to put it bluntly, Leila was currently an unemployed person.

But Leila was still Elrise’s knight, and even in a world where the threat of Witches had disappeared, Leila continued to train in preparation for emergencies.

After finishing her training, she started preparing for breakfast.

The meals were served in shifts, and today was Leila’s turn.

Although Leila couldn’t cook as well as Elrise, she wouldn’t cut corners if she was going to do it.

Lately, Leila had gotten pretty good at making bread, and she started to think that this kind of thing was enjoyable.

After breakfast, Leila went to hunt. 

The main target of hunting was fish, but sometimes, bears would come from nearby mountains in search of food, so if she spotted one she would have to hunt them too.

It would be a big issue if the bear was left alone and ended up attacking the guardians, and Leila wanted to reduce the possibility of Elrise being harmed.

Of course, Leila knew there was nobody who could harm Elrise, but Leila still did it just in case.

There were no bears today, but she caught a rather large fish instead.

The fish was around one meter in length, maybe?

“It’s quite a big catch. I don’t think we’ll be able to finish it in one day.” 

Since she managed to catch such a big fish, it should be enough for the day. 

Leila decided to quickly dispose of the fish’s internal organs, drain its blood, and head home today.

Then on her way home, Leila headed toward the path that Elrise usually took for a walk to call her.

After walking a little, Leila found Elrise being surrounded by animals in the shade of a tree and Leila couldn’t help but stop at the fantastic scene.

Even animals that were normally wary of humans and wouldn’t approach seemed to be at ease and opened their hearts to Elrise.

If it were Leila in that place instead, the animals wouldn’t be so relaxed and would run away at once.

Afraid of ruining such a fantastical scene, Leila was at a loss whether she should call out to Elrise or not.

But then Leila discovered a huge cat resting its head on Elrise’s lap.

M-mere animal, how env… I mean, how rude!

It must have felt Leila’s killing intent caused by immature jealousy toward an animal.

The giant cat jumped back from the spot as if it was frightened and Elrise’s gaze turned toward Leila.

Leila quickly straightened her posture and spoke calmly as if nothing happened.

“Elrise-sama, so you were here. It’s almost noon, would you like to go back?” 

“Yes, I understand.”

“Well then everyone, see you later”, when Elrise said that, the animals obediently dispersed. 

Could animals actually understand human language?

Although Leila considered that for a moment, she quickly convinced herself that nothing was strange since it was done by Elrise.

After finishing lunch, Leila started preparing dinner. 

It was impossible to finish today’s catch, the large fish, in one day, so Leila decided to only use a portion of it, and the rest was frozen using Elrise’s magic.

Now how should I cook it…? It tastes delicious grilled and sprinkled with salt, and it also tastes good simmered as well.

As Leila was thinking about that, she heard someone knocking on the door.

There weren’t many people visiting a house in the middle of a remote forest like this.

The only people who came here were the guardians, the knights who came as messengers from Alfrea and Aiz, or that fellow who often came here in the name of providing outside information…

When Leila opened the door, the person who stood there was, as she expected, a man wearing glasses.

“What, so it’s Instructor Supple.” 

“Is that what you are supposed to say when you see someone’s face? Oh well. Is Elrise-sama present?”

“She’s currently resting upstairs. If you have any business, just tell me.”

Supple was a somewhat helpful person who brought them outside information, but unless something major occurred, there was no need to call Elrise. 

It would be fine if Leila just heard it and told Elrise about it later.

However, Supple sneered as if he was making fun of Leila.

“Leila-kun, are you an idiot? If I don’t see Elrise-sama at least once every five days, my body will start to tremble due to withdrawal symptoms.” 

“Isn’t that just to show how weird you are?”

“Then let me ask you, can you stay calm if you stayed away from Elrise-sama for several days?”

“Muu, that’s… now that you mention it, it’s not like I can’t understand how you feel, but…”

It showed that Leila was still Stocco seeing how she could empathize with Supple. 

Since it couldn’t be helped, Leila went upstairs, called for Elrise, and they listened to Supple together.

That said, there was nothing major as Leila expected.

It was just a brief report on the recent state of the royal capital, the state of Alfrea, and the spread of sweet potatoes that had recently started cultivating.

As Leila thought, it seemed the act of reporting was just a façade and Supple just came here because he wanted to meet Elrise.

After that, Supple went home with a satisfied look on his face, and it was time for dinner.

After much deliberation, Leila decided to simply grill the fish, and it turned out to be quite delicious, so it seemed she made the right choice.

As the two were enjoying their meal for a while, a normal-sized cat slipped in through the window.

It must have been attracted by the smell of fish. Cats often came to this log house and demanded food.

Elrise didn’t seem to dislike cats either, so she took the boneless part of the frozen fish, heated them up thoroughly with fire magic, then quickly cooled them down with wind magic so the cat’s tongue didn’t get burned, and gave the fish to the cat. 

The cat then ate the fish, and after finishing it, wrapped its tail around Elrise’s leg in satisfaction.



Somehow, Leila cut off the part of the fish that hadn’t been salted yet and put it in front of the cat.

However, even though the cat glanced at Leila, it looked away as if it wasn’t interested.

It seemed like it didn’t feel attached to Leila.


Leila was good at cutting down demons, but animals didn’t like her very much. 

In a sense, this cat might be a more formidable opponent for Leila than a mighty demon.

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Also the actual Guardians will evolve into humans themselves around her I guess, they’ll still talk in reverse though

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