Fake Saint of the Year

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Chapter AF23 – Supple Ment’s Daily Life

Supple Ment’s day began with a strange prayer. 

He woke up in a room in the teacher’s dormitory set up at the school, made his bed, and took a bath in the public bath the first thing in the morning to cleanse himself.

After carefully brushing his teeth and combing his hair, he returned to his room and for some reason, wrapped himself in a pure white robe.

After properly grooming himself, he entered the storage room, which was securely protected by an iron door.

Inside the room were sacred objects that Supple collected… which in this case meant items related to Elrise being displayed, and in the center was a box containing the wand made personally by Elrise that he received from her.

The wand personally created by Elrise using magic possessed unrivaled sturdiness compared to other weapons.

It was a masterpiece even when used normally as a weapon, one of the best in the world, but after Supple used it in the fight against “Witch”, it was sealed away in the storage room.

The reason was like Vernell, because he didn’t think he was worthy enough to wield the weapon given by the Saint… well, not really, as he just didn’t want it to get dirty or chipped from regular use.

He proudly kneeled in front of the wand, bowed his head, and prayed.

It was his devotion toward the miracle known as Elrise to be allowed to be born to this world. To be able to live in the same era as she was and to witness so many miracles personally, he gave his heartfelt gratitude!

After praying and bowing for an hour, Supple finally left the room.

Then he quickly changed into his school teacher’s clothes and headed out.

He ate a light breakfast at the cafeteria first then headed to class.

This Academy was an institution to foster knights, but now that Elrise’s effort had freed humans from the threat of Witches and demons, conventional classes no longer held meaning.

From now on, the role of knights would change, and the opponents they would fight would no longer be Witches and demons, but wild beasts and people… mainly outlaws such as bandits.

Therefore, Supple decided to completely abandon conventional class and switched to acquiring skills and knowledge that would be needed in the future.

“Good morning, everyone. Do you offer your gratitude to Elrise-sama every day? It’s a good thing if you do.

Well then… aah, put away your textbooks. The things contained inside are meant to teach people under the assumption they would fight Witches after all. They won’t be used in my class anymore.” 

Supple went up to the podium and looked around at the students. 

Several students looked dissatisfied with Supple’s sudden policy change, but he didn’t mind them keeping their dissatisfaction.

Originally, only a few of them would manage to become a knight, with most of them mercilessly eliminated.

Cadets who didn’t seem able to adapt to the future would simply be eliminated.

“There is no report of demons being sighted ever since the last attack on the capital and ‘Witch’ is no more.

Perhaps there might be demons lurking somewhere in this world, but demons can only be born when the Witch gives power to a creature… in other words, they can no longer increase their number naturally, and even if they were left alone, they would eventually disappear over time.

In that case, what would the elite knights that have been raised to fight the Witch and demons be fighting against from now on? 

Does anyone know?”

“Err… it will be wild beasts… also, fellow humans?”

“That’s right, John-kun.”

The opponents that knights would be fighting from now on would be wild beasts and humans. 

Of these, wild animals weren’t very important. Rather than having knights dealing with them, it would be more efficient to train professional hunters to deal with them.

In that case, the important one would be the latter… fighting against fellow humans.

The world has become peaceful. But exactly because it became peaceful, humans lost their common enemies which forced them to work together before, so there was a possibility that nations might end up fighting each other.

According to King Aiz, all the large-scale conflicts between humans in the past took place during the blank periods when there wasn’t a Witch.

If so, a deterrent against war would be necessary.

As long as there was no mediator that didn’t belong to any country that could restrain any nation from running out of control, people would easily try to consume each other.

And because the Saint and Guard Knights weren’t affiliated to any nation and only elites could join, their combat power was the strongest in the world.

In other words, they had the qualifications to become a mediator in the coming era.

“Currently, all nations are enjoying the joy of peace, but once people get used to peace, wars will break out between humans. At that time, a mediator who can stop the nations from going out of control will be necessary. 

Because Elrise-sama is present, wars between humans are unlikely to occur.

Even after she retired from her position as a Saint, she continues to maintain the peace of the world just by existing… Truly, she can only be called as a Saint among Saints.

However, even if there won’t be any problem when Elrise-sama is alive, the problem will come in the era after that.

In order to prepare for that time, we must start from now on to create the recognition of Saints and their knights as mediators to take root in the world.

However, there’s a chance that no Saint will be born in the future, so we need to consider that possibility as well.

……Well then, the introduction is getting long, but today, we will learn about formations that are intended to combat humans.”

Once the morning class was over, Supple quickly left the school. 

He would usually hold classes in the afternoon, but today was special. He had an important mission that should take precedence over classes.

As Supple went outside the Academy, he put his fingers in his mouth and whistled.

Then a huge bird swooped down from the sky, grabbed Supple by the shoulder, and flew away.

That bird was known as the Imatate Condor, and it was a rare bird that usually spent its time flying in the high sky and was rarely seen.

It was huge, reaching four meters in size, and could capture and prey on cows, horses, and sometimes, even demons.

Demons were creatures that were a huge nuisance to wild animals, as demons would destroy nature in order to kill humans.

However, the animals weren’t completely helpless. Some animals adapted to their environment.

Among animals, there were creatures that have evolved to be huge and powerful in order to fight against its natural enemies known as demons.

One of such animals was this Imatate Condor.

Its maximum altitude was 20,000! Its maximum speed was 500 km/h!

Its power was so strong that it could grab demons weighing 500 kg and fly into the sky in the blink of an eye, and continue to fly for 24 hours straight.

Even the Idiot Bird that was previously defeated by Elrise before was just a prey for Imatate Condors, and it was said that several demons that could fly had been wiped out by this animal.

I guess it was almost no different than a demon at this point.

However, this Imatate Condor was captured and tamed by Supple.

It had one purpose… it was to allow him to visit the forest where Elrise resided at any time.

The forest where Elrise lived could be reached by taking a train from the royal capital.

However, the royal capital was far from the Academy, and even if he took the train, it would take quite some time.

Recognizing that wasn’t good enough, Supple persistently captured this bird and trained it.

……That said, Imatate Condors were considered extremely dangerous creatures that prey on humans, let alone demons, and was a creature so dangerous that it was considered equivalent to demons and even targeted by knights for subjugation.

Naturally, it wasn’t a bird that would normally be attached to humans.

The only reason it managed to be brought under control was due to Supple’s persistence. It was something that emerged out of his insane love toward Elrise.

Basically, the perverted aura that Supple emitted was so intense that even the Imatate Condor realized that “Ah, this guy is bad news.”2

Supple was carried by the Imatate Condor to the sky above where Elrise lived. 

There, for an unknown reason, the Imatate Condor released the grip of its claws and Supple fell from the sky.

Of course, the distance to the ground was still far. The distance was actually 30 meters! It was high enough to instantly kill humans.

However, Supple fearlessly placed his hands on his body to minimize air resistance and fell to the ground.

His glasses gleamed as he found a clearing among the trees and twisted his body towards it.

And fall! ――at the same time, he activated his magic and turned the ground into soft sand, using it as a cushion.

He relaxed and landed on his toes with his knees slightly bent.

As he landed, he brought his knees together and lunged toward the right. He kept his knees at a 30 degree angle, clasped his hands, placed them on the back of his head, and tightened his elbow.

He twisted his body in the opposite direction of his knees and landed on his feet, the outside of his shins, his butt his back, and his shoulder in that order, dispersing the impact in five areas, and then he stood up as if nothing had happened. 3

Cats were less likely to be injured when they jumped from a high place or even when they fell upside down.

That was because they instinctively moved to disperse the impact to various parts of their bodies.

By observing the cat’s movements and incorporating those movements, Supple was able to survive unharmed even if he fell from a high place.

Of course, humans weren’t as flexible as cats, so it went without saying that Supple needed to use magic to turn ground into sand.

However, few exceptions such as Leila and Vernell could achieve the same without turning ground into sand.

“Ssob! Yks eht morf gnillaf s’trevrep eht!” 4

“Niaga emac eh! Trevrep sessalg taht!”

The guardians around him were surprised by Supple’s appearance from the sky, but he used magic to remove the sand stuck to his body without minding it (since Supple was good with earth elemental magic, he could precisely tell which spot sand stuck on his body and remove it accordingly), combed his disheveled hair with the comb he had brought with him and headed to the log house where Elrise lived. 

Then he knocked on the door and heard footsteps approaching from inside.

Since the footsteps didn’t sound like Elrise’s, it should be Leila’s.

Sure enough, the person who opened the door and came out wasn’t his beloved Great Saint, but the knight who served her.

“What, so it’s Instructor Supple.” 

“Is that what you are supposed to say when you see someone’s face? Oh well. Is Elrise-sama present?”

“She’s currently resting upstairs. If you have any business, just tell me.”

Leila demanded Supple state his business and she would relay it to Elrise, so she urged Supple to tell her quickly. 

Seeing her like that, Supple deliberately shrugged his shoulders and shook his head as if he was making fun of her.

“Leila-kun, are you an idiot? If I don’t see Elrise-sama at least once every five days, my body will start to tremble due to withdrawal symptoms.” 

“Isn’t that just to show how weird you are?”

“Then let me ask you, can you stay calm if you stayed away from Elrise-sama for several days?”

“Muu, that’s… now that you mention it, it’s not like I can’t understand how you feel, but…”


There was no way Leila could deny that. After all, Leila was someone who couldn’t bear being separated from Elrise to the point that she chose to abandon her knighthood to accompany Elrise.

“It can’t be helped… just sit there and wait. I’ll call her now.” 

Leila went upstairs once, and a little while later, Elrise came down with Leila. 

Elrise used to wear white dresses, but since she started living in retirement, she mainly wore clothes given to her by King Aiz or clothes she made herself.

Today’s outfit was a casual one, consisting of a short-sleeved blue shirt with frills and a long black skirt, which was unusual for Elrise.

Her hair was tied at the back of her neck, giving off a completely different impression from her days as the Saint.

MARVELOUS! Supple was impressed inside.

To be frank, it wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that he came here just to see Elrise in all her different appearances.

After that, even though Supple conveyed various information from outside, he spent most of his consciousness looking and savoring the happiness of being in the same space as Elrise. 

This pervert… he actually leveled up…!

After speaking what he needed to say, he said his parting words and left the log house.

――Today was a very good day.

――With this, I can live again tomorrow…

And so, in a sense, the happiest man in the world returned to the Academy in a happy mood. 

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6 months ago

good for you supple

神Kyōshi Miu
7 months ago

What a pervert…

Like me indeed.

Btw Elrise sama appearance seems gorgeous indeed.. ahhh..,how i wish to see her myself..my beloved Elrise sama..(⁠*⁠´⁠ω⁠`⁠*⁠)

7 months ago

Evolution happens over a period of millions of years. Birds won’t evolve within a thousand years.

Brick Turtle
Brick Turtle
7 months ago

Lol even though he is a massive pervert, Supple is actually a genius, doing insane things like it’s normal purely so he can see Elrise

7 months ago
Reply to  Brick Turtle

He’s the only true researcher in this novel.

I think he’ll be able to uncover how Elrise does her “miracles” on his own, and unlike the church which hid her book in a vault pass it to next generations.

All in the name of his perversion.