I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 30 – Back to the Capital

At last, we were finally back in the capital after purifying all the miasma pools within the Dynas Empire. A lot had happened, and I thought that I had a very long journey, although only about 2 months had passed. 

But first, we need to head to the royal palace to report to his majesty Alexis. 

“All of you have done really well. I couldn’t believe that the miasma problems could be solved within such a short amount of time. With this, the attacks from monsters will gradually decrease. Itou-dono, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

After saying this, his majesty stood up, looked at me and bowed deeply. Jill and everyone else followed suit. This was the first time I was treated like this since I came to this world, so I didn’t know how to behave myself in this situation. 

“…I’m glad I can be of help.”

When he asked me what I wanted for the reward, I replied that I wanted money for now. 

…because money was essential. 

I was asked again if there was anything else that I wanted, but nothing came to my mind at the moment so the only answer that I could give was “I’ll tell you later if I come up with something I wanted.”

“But it’ll only be a matter of time before the rest of the world learns that our Dynas Empire has purified all the miasma in the country. In particular, Lenos Duchy, which is bordering the north forest, will definitely notice the changes in the forest. If they notice this, they might try to discuss it with us.”

Sachez-san had a pensive look. 

So, it had finally led to this. For now, I had finished purifying all the miasma in the Dynas territory, but I hadn’t given much thought to what would happen afterwards. If things became too troublesome, the last resort I had would be to change my face and run away again, but if it was possible, I would like to have a stable life. 

Because of my request, there were no official statements about me purifying the miasma that plagued areas around the Dynas Empire, but if the miasma suddenly disappeared, there would be rumors for sure.

“What should I do if the other countries learn of Itou-dono’s existence and request assistance? What do you think of this matter from your point of view, Itou-dono?”

“Well, for the time being, if there’s such an offer from other countries, could you let me know first? I’ll think about the matter should it happen.”

After finishing this journey, it was not that I didn’t have a feeling of wanting to be completely freed from all of this, but I still didn’t want to pretend as if I didn’t know and care about everything and just regret it later on. 

“Itou-dono, are you going to work as an adventurer again? Will I be able to reach you through my brother?”

…well, I wondered? All the members I went with were working at the castle except for Jill. 

To be honest, it would be great to have Jill, who knew my circumstances, near me… Like in the past, couldn’t we just stay in the same city, occasionally have meals, and go to subjugations together?

I was starting to think that I became too accustomed to living with someone I was comfortable with and trusted, to the point where I was afraid to go back to the days when I was alone again. 

But what about Jill? I was at a loss so I ended up looking at Jill.

“What do you want to do Akira?”

“I’m… but what about you, Jill? Is there anywhere you need to go to?”

“I’m basically a free adventurer so I can do what I want. If you don’t mind, I’d still like to be with you again.”1

He gave such a slightly embarrassing remark so I decided to take his words. 

“Ah.. well, then, I’ll be looking forward to being with you…”

“Fufu… Then, I’ll let you know if we find something new through my brother.” …Alexis majesty’s expression somehow softened. 

After the audience, I talked a bit with the members who went together with me on this journey. I would be parting with them from here so I felt a little sad. 

“I’m indebted to Itou-dono and I thank you for looking after us. I’m sure we’ll meet again someday. You can always come and visit our knight’s headquarters anytime together with Jill-san. We’ll always welcome you.”

Claude-san told me, and Eric-kun was waving his hands with a carefree smile.

“Please also come and visit our magic tower. We have plenty of special magic tools that aren’t available to the public, so I’m sure you’ll have a great time here. Also, our leader has been nagging me that he wants to meet with you so if you have time, by all means, come visit us.”

After I greeted Luis-san and Isis-san, Jill and I left the castle. 

“So, what are we going to do now? Shall we head back to Miriel right away?”


Well, it was quite vexing. I had already thought of Miriel as my home and went back there, but I’m still worried about Al. 

I had been thinking about Al quite a few times during the journey, but I was properly able to get back on my feet because of my hectic days and the new comrades I had made. 

Now, I didn’t resent Al. A little, no, maybe a lot? What he did was quite dangerous, but I hadn’t been treated badly so far. 

From what I’ve heard from Sachez-san, Al’s household was back on its feet. I was really glad for him and if possible, I didn’t want to lose a few friends I had made in this world. Just, it was a little impossible for us to become lovers. 

The problem now was…. yes, this embarrassment…! For once, we were in that kind of atmosphere, and I was cunningly thinking of trying to go out with him if he confessed to me! Looking back at it now, I couldn’t deny the fact that he swept me off my feet!

If I went back to Miriel now, I would definitely be questioned by Carla…. Came to think of it, I didn’t even know whether Al was in Miriel or not right now…. In any case, I needed a little more time. 

“…I think I still want to stay in the capital.”

“Okay. Then, let’s stay in the capital for a while. There’s an adventurer’s guild here as well.”

After that, I spent a few more days at the capital with Jill. By the way, when we went out, I changed my appearance to Kira so I didn’t attract attention. During the daytime, we went to the city, did a little shopping, and just like that, we were spending our days idly. 

I thought about taking some requests at the adventurer’s guild, but Alexis majesty rewarded me with a huge sum of money, more than I could spend in a lifetime, so I decided to take a break for now, as I had been on the journey for nearly 2 whole months. 

All the restaurants in the capital that Jill recommended were delicious, but it seemed like Jill didn’t know most of the new restaurants either. As if exploring new things, I went into a few of them just based on my hunch, but unfortunately, it was more of a miss than a hit…

The good news was that there was a coffee shop in the capital!

There was a wide variety of teas in this world, and even in Argyle’s palace, Kiel had served various teas to me. Coffee was available, but it tasted very thin, just like the common ones that were served in the guild’s dining hall. 

But I felt unsatisfied as I had been drinking good cups of coffee as my main provisions to survive through the overtime season in Japan. 

That was why I went to the coffee shop that was on the corner of the main street, to have a taste of the coffee that I had been longing for a long time. The emotions I felt when I had finally tasted my ideal coffee was…! I was so high that I couldn’t help but raise my voice in joy. But Jill laughed at me saying I was like a child. 


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Trueee, days pass quickly. Thank you for the chapterrrr and your hard workkkkk.