I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 34 – To the Duchy of Lenos! – Part 3

The next day, I was guided to a carriage prepared in advance, and a boy with bright orange hair stood there waiting for me. Perhaps, he might be younger than the red-headed Crown Prince of the Argyle Empire. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness Jillvias and Miko-sama. My name is Najika Lenos, and I am the Fourth Prince of this country. I will be your guide to the miasma pools.”

He had a slender body, which was unusual in this world. Even though he was trying his best to conduct himself in a princely manner, his nervousness remained obvious. I found his efforts rather endearing, so I felt like I wanted to cheer him up. 

“I am the head priest, Yile. I will also be accompanying you on your journey, so please take care of me as well.”

Yile-san was an elderly man. He was tall, much like the other people of this world. However, his build was more slender, which gave him a gangly appearance. 

Within the moving carriage, we talked about various things. And in the course of our conversation, His Majesty Najika gave me the impression of an honest and open-minded youth.

It seemed like the First Prince was absent because he was away on an expedition. Likewise, the Second and Third princes were studying abroad. 

“I was quite nervous as it was my first time performing an official duty by myself. But I am glad because His Highness Jillvias and Akira-dono are rather amicable and easy to talk to. It has lessened my nerves considerably.”

At first he was stiff with nerves, but it seemed like he became more comfortable the longer he talked with us. He acted more natural now, and the richness of his expressions was apparent. He was such a cheerful boy. 

People had been usually calling me by my family name since I came here, but His Highness Najika elected to call me by my name. It was quite refreshing to hear. Other than Jill, no one else did so. 

“We haven’t revealed this to the public due to various circumstances, but when did you start noticing the Miko’s existence?” 

Jill asked Yile-san. 

“A few weeks ago, we received reports of an unfamiliar, large, and spectacular lightning strike in the forest south of the border along Dynas. A while after that incident, the forest suddenly became quiet. After an investigation was launched, it seemed like the miasma pools in the forest within the border of Dynas had disappeared suddenly without notice. We concluded that something had definitely happened before the disappearances of the miasma pools.”

“My father prayed to the God Lenova and received an oracle that said the Miko from the other world now stood beside Dynas.”

His Majesty Najika spoke excitedly.

…A large and spectacular lightning strike that had never been seen before… that, maybe, it was the lightning attack I overdid…? Jill looked at me knowingly. It seemed like we had the same thought. I could only give him a small and bitter smile in response. 

On another note, Yile-san said that the southern part of the forest of Lenos was connected to the North Forest of Dynas. Lenos was located north of Dynas, so the forest was called differently based on the place of origin. 

An oracle from God Lenova wasn’t given naturally. But it seemed like it could be received by asking the god about a specific matter.

It wasn’t like the same person could receive an Oracle many times, but it was known that only the Pope could receive it. Because of this, it was rarely performed. 

Actually, I was surprised to find out that the god of this world was aware of my existence.1

“Our country has been dealing with the miasma nearly every day, so I am grateful that you responded to our request. You can rest assured that all the accompanying priests will do their utmost to protect you until we arrive at the miasma pool.”

Those that accompanied us were the rumoured army units of priests. It seemed like the priests also served in the castle, but the priests in the army units had larger physiques than those in the castle. 

Their physiques were as chiselled and finely honed as those of the knights and adventurers. However, the priests carried themselves differently from those warriors. 

They didn’t have an ounce of the belligerent and dazzling auras of the knights and adventurers. Instead, their auras were as austere as monks in training; it was further supported by their jet black priestly uniform.

No matter which world we were in, all priests had a similar aura. Did this mean if we had a strong faith and trained our mind and soul, we would arrive at the same place?

Those snobbish priests from Argyle must be lacking in training.

As anticlimactic as it was, the purification of the miasma pool was finished quickly. Later on, I heard that they carried out a large-scale monster subjugation yesterday as preparation for the purification today.

Thanks to that, only small monsters came out and even those were swiftly defeated by the well-organised attacks of the priest army.

It appeared like this was the first time His Majesty Najika saw monsters in person, so he looked rather terrified. 

The schedule for purification had been progressing at a comfortable pace. In consideration of my magic power, I only needed to perform purification at a rate of one location per day. 

To be honest, I could easily purify 4 or 5 locations a day, but just to be safe, I decided to hide the extent of my monstrously high magic power. In the eyes of the public, I would refrain from using the majority of my power. 

As the purification proceeded at a snail’s pace, our stay in Lenos became longer. I would feel bad if I didn’t attend the banquet held every night, and so far, my attendance was perfect. 

Perhaps His Highness Najika and I quickly became friends during the purification journey because he didn’t have as many friends in his age group. Our friendship grew, and I always found him beside me, even at the banquets. However, although other members of the royal family treated me with warmth, I felt like the others kept a little distance from me. 

I was able to maintain a conversation with them using the skills I attained during my civil servant days, but I didn’t feel like they’d warm up to me anytime soon… 

On the other hand, Jill was looked at with admiration and fawned over by princes and princesses of the same age. Come to think of it, he seemed to be conversing with the queens quite often. After socialising with them, the interesting information he gathered would later be shared with me. 

He was near me almost all the time during the banquets, but I marvelled at his ability to engage in conversation with them. How was he able to do this…? I was quite jealous – yes, jealous of his social skills…

And then, there was this Queen Elizabeth, who constantly talked with us at the banquets. 

“Fufu… If it’s about Jill-sama’s surprised face back then… I would like to show this to Miko-sama as well.”

“Enough talking about that….”

As always, Queen Elizabeth sat beside Jill and reminisced happily about the old days. At first, he maintained a cordial yet formal tone, but as days passed, he now talked with her casually. 

The story she told about Prince Jillvias were refreshing and interesting to me since I only knew Jill as an adventurer. 

It seemed like he and Queen Elizabeth were engaged since she was 6 years old. I didn’t know how long they were engaged, but I was sure there were plenty of memories for them to reminisce about. 

Jill and I met not so long ago, so I knew nothing about the world of royalty and aristocrats. While I listened to her stories, I was able to glean tidbits of this world I never knew before.

As I listened happily to her words, I was partaking in the dishes that were silently brought to me. 


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