Refuse Harem

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Chapter 035 – Dear Tenma, I’m Very Depressed Right Now

Aah, what a thing has happened.

Perhaps because I got a ring from Christina onee-sama, which was proof of the bond of sisterhood and was invited to their tea party, I am now being harassed by other young ladies. My textbook was torn, trash was put in my desk, sometimes I was hit by the shoulder, and finally, I was being talked badly about from a distance. 

I am really depressed. No, I could even say that I feel some sort of hatred.

What a thing to happen, to think that I, I…

I feel happy being harassed by those young ladies!!

I am very shocked to learn that I have such an inclination inside me!

Wait, don’t be disgusted there, Tenma! Even I was very surprised about this, really! And it made me very depressed! Tenma, you don’t believe me, do you? I have a reason why I felt that way!!

After all, having young maidens of aristocratic families distorting their cute faces and looking at me hatefully with those eyes is not something that happens easily, right?!

Because they lacked strength, they had to puff their cheeks as they desperately tried to tear my textbook. Doesn’t that look similar to a hamster-like cuteness?!

Even when they put garbage in my desk, it seemed they were considerate enough to not put smelly trash. Ah, they did put a living snake there before, but it sure made me curious how they even managed to prepare that snake. I doubt those young ladies searched for that snake on their own, but as I imagine their effort to directly touch that snake to put it inside the desk, I feel like shedding tears. Don’t you think that picture would look lovable?! 1

If they asked their maids to search for them, I pity those maids for their trouble. What wonderful maids they must be, desperately trying to carry out their master’s command. Really, I feel like giving them some of the finest snacks!

…Since you weren’t in front of me, I was sure it was just my imagination. But Tenma, would you perhaps make fun of me about this?

I can only tell this to you now, but in my past life, I was often harassed by women who were interested in you.

—-Why is a person like you beside Tenma-kun?

Yep, that was basically a daily occurrence. To be seen as an insect by beauties felt quite painful.

However, even though it felt painful when I was Tasuku, this feels addicting to me right now.

I wonder why? What is different compared to back then? Is it because my pride as a man is gone after all?

If I think about it like that, it makes me realize that living as a man was hard. I am glad I was born as a woman this lifetime!

I am glad to be born as Sophie Linier!

I am very happy right now!!


“Sophie Linier, you should know your place!”

The person who rebuked Sophie loudly as her bright yellow pair of eyes stared down at her was a young lady of the same grade, Lilina Zellbell. Lilina was a young lady of a count family and was also one of the students who worshiped Christina as an onee-sama. 2

Perhaps because of that, she had the same hairstyle as Christina, although her hair ornament was different. Unlike Christina, her hair wasn’t golden. Her reddish-yellow colored hair was the same color as Lana Barack, the young lady of a count family who was a year older than Lilina.

It seemed that Lilina was proud to have the same hair color as Lana. Lana’s family was considered higher class even among count families, which made her family superior to Lilina’s, despite both belonging to count families. Because of that, Lana was another target of worship for Lilina.

“Greetings, Lilina-sama. It’s nice weather, isn’t it?” 3

Sophie blatantly ignored her rebuke and gave her a greeting fitting of an aristocratic young lady.

But actually, Sophie didn’t feel like meeting Lilina. Whenever she saw her, she felt something swirling inside her disturbed heart.

To lead a proper life as a young lady, she honestly preferred to stay away from Lilina.

As usual…

She couldn’t mutter the word that was going to be said afterward, even inside her mind.

Because this wasn’t something a young lady ought to think about. It was a thought that should never cross her mind if she wanted to lead a life as a proper young lady.

However, she couldn’t help but think so anyway.

As usual, — she’s got an amazing chest, thought Sophie.

Lilina’s bosom was so big, one could tell even when she wore a dress. Although Sophie’s three onee-samas also had a big bosom, the way Lilina’s bulged was different. On top of that, since her face appeared to be childlike, it made Sophie have a harder time looking at her properly.

It’s a loli girl with super big tits. It’s really amazing.

That was the first impression that Sophie had when she first met Lilina.

She totally forgot her persona as Sophie and proceeded to scream inside her mind as Nakamura Tasuku, “It’s a real loli girl with super big tits!”

No, even when not as Tasuku, to be honest, Sophie even felt like worshiping them as a woman. They made her want to give her prayers to Lilina for her bountiful display of fertility. Aah, I am grateful for such abundant grace! thought Sophie.

…Normally, “The Queen’s Rose” is a place to polish one’s elegance as a young lady, but why are my male hormones getting polished instead?

Although her “male hormones” weren’t something she could polish, she didn’t think it was her imagination to think they increased inside her.

But, it can’t be helped, right?! After all, her bosom is ripe, her waist is slender, yet her butt is also ripe! 4

Sophie desperately made excuses for herself.

When Sophie unconsciously clenched her hand, Lilina misunderstood and thought Sophie was angry and said, “I-it’s useless even if you are angry! Know that you are not worthy enough for onee-sama!” as she escaped. The young ladies who were her followers also ran away with her.

“Ah… my ‘Goddess of Fertility’ has gone…”

Sophie’s real thoughts spilled out.

Naturally, there was nobody there who could retort that the Goddess of Fertility wasn’t that kind of goddess.

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2 years ago

Thank you for the chapter!!
So she’s an M

2 years ago
Reply to  Takusaka

rather than being m, its more that she found those ladies effort to bully her adorable

2 years ago
Reply to  tsukii

In comparison to what she experienced in her past life, this is child like and adorable effort

2 years ago
Reply to  Spirit

indeed. japanese bullying could go to absurd degree after all.