A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 54

Before I knew it, October was nearing its end.

One day after school, Arisu-chan and I visited Kiyotaka’s room.

“…So, are you saying you’re troubled because you got too popular?” 

“No, it’s not like that.”

Next to Kiyotaka, who answered that awkwardly, was Kei-chan, who puffed her cheeks. 

I wondered who had a higher standing in the hierarchy of this room?

“That’s exactly it. Even though he already has me as a girlfriend, I’m troubled by how many girls were trying to seduce him. Kiyotaka worked too hard during the sports festival after all.” 

“I intended to adjust things properly so I could still contribute to the class without becoming conspicuous though.”

During the sports festival, Kiyotaka got first place in the item-borrowing competition. All other individual events he participated in ended with him taking second place. 

That was totally the result of an ace-class athlete no matter how I think about it. Did he really think he wouldn’t become conspicuous with that?

“But Kei-chan should be among the top caste within your class, right? I don’t think there are many girls who are courageous enough to attempt to steal the boyfriend of such a person, though?” 

“Surprisingly, that’s not the case, you see… Well, I was originally hated by people in my class after all. It was especially so among the girls, so I think some of them still hate me in the depths of their hearts. Well, I know this is my fault, though.” 

I recalled some girls from Class C. 

…Certainly, there were many girls with thick personalities. It should be difficult to put them all together. On the contrary, even though Kei-chan received Kiyotaka’s strong support, the fact that she still somehow managed to achieve some results in that environment showed that she might actually be an amazing person.

“I guess Kei-chan is having a hard time too.” 

“Why are you saying it like it’s someone else’s business? Even you… U~hn, I guess I can’t be tolerant like Arisu. The relationship between you two has shown the years of your experience after all.”

As Kei-chan suddenly turned the topic to her, Arisu-chan looked up in surprise. 

“I was being tolerant?” 

“So you’re not aware of it… Uhn, I think you are amazing. There are many girls with idol-class appearances like Kushida-san and Ichinose-san approaching your man, right? If I was in your position, I might go crazy out of jealousy and fear.”

“Is that so…?”

“Well, Arisu herself is really cute, and you also have the composure due to your status as a childhood friend, though. Haruto, you should never make this girl sad, okay?”

She drove the point home. Since it was logical, I had nothing to refute. 


“Alright then.”

Well, Kiyotaka seemed to be henpecked by Kei-chan. 

Considering how Kei-chan was when we first met her, she had grown in many ways. Perhaps she had grown confidence from acting as a leader on a daily basis.

Of course, her happiness was thanks to Kiyotaka. The person herself should be aware of it as well. That was why if she felt even the slightest possibility that it might be taken away, she would be worried like she was today.

…I wonder how Kei-chan behaved when it was just the two of them? Since she acted spoiled even when we were in front of them, I think she would be even more spoiled when we weren’t there. Should I ask Kiyotaka about it in secret next time?

“Kiyotaka too, don’t switch to another woman, okay?” 

“…Don’t worry too much. I have no intention to become a lover with anyone other than Kei.”

“Thank you. I will work hard so you will always think that way. I was no good without Kiyotaka. If you tell me you’re done with our relationship, then I…”

Kei-chan couldn’t continue her words. 

It was because the lips of the teary-eyed Kei-chan were covered with Kiyotaka’s lips.

After being shown such a love scene, we hurriedly left their room. 

Okay okay, it sure was good for you two to get along well.

When we returned to our room, Kikyou-chan was in front of the door.

It was earlier than usual, so I thought she wouldn’t come yet… so I couldn’t help but feel sorry.

…Was it possible to make duplicate keys using points?

It was getting colder recently, and I didn’t want her to wait for us when we returned late. As I thought I would ask Mashima-sensei about it later, we entered our room.

I put the tea for three people and snacks that I randomly picked from the shelf on the table. During this time, the two people were usually waiting while chatting, but they stayed silent today. 


“Are you worried about something?”

Kikyou-chan had a difficult expression and seemed to think about something. 

“Well, it’s just… you went to Ayanokouji’s room earlier, right?” 

“That’s right. Kei-chan is also there, though.”

“That’s fine and all, but do you know what that person did today?”

“I don’t know at all. We were just shown how they flirt with each other.”

Context-wise, that person should be referring to Kiyotaka. 

I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary from him, but perhaps something happened in the class?

“He revealed that Horikita betrayed the class during the sports festival. It wasn’t like he did that in front of everyone, but he talked about it openly in the classroom after school, so I think everyone in the class should have heard it.” 

“Oi oi, seriously? I didn’t expect that at all.”

“It didn’t seem like he had particular evidence. But he coldly questioned Horikita’s suspicious behavior like taking pictures of the participation chart. Horikita also reacted like he hit the mark and went home in the middle of the topic as if escaping… so everyone thought she actually did it. I think Horikita is done for.”

Even Kikyou-chan seemed to be perplexed by the sudden turn of events. 

Since neither of them showed such an atmosphere at all, I didn’t notice it at all. Leaving Kiyotaka aside, even Kei-chan… I guess she switched her public and private mode, huh? Thinking about it, I was a little convinced.

“So Horikita-san is in a difficult position now. The label of traitor isn’t something that can be removed easily. She will end up in even more solitude than before in the class.” 

Arisu-chan expressed her opinion while folding her arms. 

“…So I think Horikita might attempt something now that she’s cornered.” 

“Now that it came to this, she might do something that benefits the opponent without hesitation.”

Kikyou-chan’s expression darkened. Apparently, her trouble was Horikita. 

It was clear from this incident that Horikita and Ryuuen were connected. It seemed she betrayed Ryuuen in the end because of Honami, but it could be seen she would continue doing things like leaking information about the class from now on. Of course, Kei-chan and others would move under that premise, so it wouldn’t be easy for Horikita… So I was thinking about what Horikita might do next.

“Among the information that Horikita has, there’s something perfect to confuse our class.” 

Ah, I realize what she meant. 

“Does that mean she might spread Kikyou-chan’s past to malicious people?” 

“Yes. No matter what Horikita says right now, it won’t mean much, but she could relay that information to a third party. If she found a benefit in spreading my information to another class… I would be finished too. If it is told to Ryuuen, for example, it’ll probably spread to the whole school.” 

It was a cowardly act that Horikita in the past would never resort to. 

But what about now? At the sports festival earlier, she spread the participation table to Ryuuen and Honami in order to drag Kei-chan down from her position. It’s possible she might use Kikyou-chan’s past to threaten her, who once refused to cooperate, to obey. Even if she might not go that far, being put into a situation where “she might do it” would make anyone scared.

I thought we got closer to Horikita because of the previous incident, but it seemed considering her a friend was difficult after all. 

If she hurt my precious Kikyou-chan, I wouldn’t show her any mercy.

“Of course it would be best if something could be done before that, but in the unlikely chance that happened… I will drop out of school with you.” 

“…Is it really okay?”

“Of course. We can quit this school and live together somewhere far away. Fortunately, this school has a good reputation in society and there’s precedent that many students drop out every year. I think we can transfer to another school easily.”

Arisu-chan seemed to feel complicated about this, but I wouldn’t compromise about this. If I had to choose the school or Kikyou-chan, I would choose the latter. Even if I was actually forced to make the decision, it would take me less than a second to decide. 

“So you actually prioritize me that much… Thank you. Fufu, it makes me really happy somehow.” 

“Of course, I like you after all.”

“Yes, I like you too. I’m gonna cook dinner now!”

Kikyou-chan was in a good mood unlike before. 

She walked toward the kitchen with a happy smile.

I wonder what we would have for dinner? I really look forward to it.

“…I can’t live without you. I have told you this before, but your choice is also my choice. I will follow you wherever you go.” 

“Well, it would be best if it doesn’t go as far as expulsion. It’s just the worst-case scenario.”

“I understand. Even so, you actually gave Kikyou-san the words she wanted the most.”

“Is that so?”

Arisu-chan had an exasperated expression as she stared at me. 

After a while, she let out a deep sigh and turned her gaze out of the window.

“(For some reason, I felt like she ‘got ahead of me’)” 

I couldn’t hear clearly what she murmured. 

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