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Content Warning: Strong/graphic language

Chapter 1 – Servants are to be YEETed desuwa

One day, I was a girl when I woke up. Moreover, a blond-haired one, which seemed like I was guaranteed to be beautiful in the future despite being young. A young lady who would look good in blond, twin-drill hair.

And as I anticipated such a beautiful appearance in my mind, I imagined such an appearance being violated in thousands of ways. Although I was still 5 years old, I could already expect to have a pair of big boobs in the future based on my current appearance, and I would grow to be a beauty to boot. I imagined such a future self of mine being violated by various creatures and objects, like goblins, orcs, tentacles, earthworms, giant ants, plants, machines, aliens, the Eiffel tower, submarines… anyway, all sorts of things. As for being brainwashed, I considered it OK as long as I could watch things from the inside. 

Things like having my limbs torn apart, eye-fuck, brain-fuck… all seemed to be good things to experience. I couldn’t satisfy the desire of being abused like that as a man, but I happened to be born as a woman in this lifetime. Moreover, the moral standard of the era was medieval. I felt excited at the thought of how easy it would be to experience rape. I wanted to be pushed down and violated violently. I wanted to be restrained all over because the assailant thought it would be troublesome if I resisted. 

Well then, as I checked the current situation, it seemed that I could access the memories of the original owner of this body. As I immediately reviewed these memories, I found out this girl was the only daughter of a duke family, but her parents had already passed away. It seemed that it was the girl’s retired grandfather who was governing the territory at the moment. After the girl’s father handed back the territory and chose to lead a laid-back life, he ended up passing away. I guess the grandfather would manage the territory until the girl (me) grew up into adulthood or something like that. 

Basically, it was the life of a winner who would inherit a vast territory in the future, and it was a great opportunity to experience a life of failure from such a height. Wasn’t the fall of such a young lady an exciting prospect? 

I loved YEET-type stories in my previous life. Seeing the YEETed person getting cornered mercilessly, driven to the bottom of the dungeon, and ending up eaten by a monster, or becoming a criminal and being tortured, such depictions really excited me to no end. 

The next thing I liked was stories about villainesses. Many such stories depicted how they had a terrible end, and some of them showed how merciless a situation they were in, which I personally felt envious about. I personally felt this setting combined with time loop stories made the best tale, but unfortunately, no such peculiar stories existed.1 

…Then I noticed I could personally experience both of them in this lifetime. Wouldn’t that mean if I aggressively bullied gloomy, weak people and YEETed them away, they would eventually come back to exact their vengeance on me? I would be looked at in contempt even by the pets of slaves, and I might get violated by inhuman creatures, and by the end of it, all my properties and status would be stripped away. Or maybe I might be able to experience fantasy cliché with goblins, be subjugated by my close friend, or be confined in ice for eternity? Such developments would really turn me on. 

Ah, no good. Just thinking about it made my crotch wet, or rather, this body seemed to be so sensitive that it was perfect. And so, after I gained consciousness, I used a few days to grasp the current situation, then I YEETed all the servants I didn’t like from the territory. I made sure I used “watakushi” to refer to myself with the verbal tic of “desuwa” to keep in character. YEET desuwa! YEET desuwa! All of you are to be YEETed desuwa! 

At the age of five, Lydia, who suddenly began to speak properly, gathered 30% of her servants to the center of the mansion. Most of the people there were servants that Lydia chose randomly… Well, that wasn’t the case. It was people that Lydia could YEET for valid reasons or people who lacked communication abilities. 

Even if it was said as 30%, considering the total number of servants was close to 100, it meant there were about 30 people, which meant there were a lot of them gathered. Then Lydia declared these people were to be YEETed. 

“Why must we have to be YEETed?! Don’t declare such a thing out of selfishness!” 

Obviously, there were those who protested with a rough voice. People who agreed with that raised their voices here and there, but Lydia answered with a smile. 

“It’s because you’re suspicious desuwa. I don’t need another reason.” 

Some of the people there trembled at Lydia’s words and the head butler who stood behind Lydia didn’t miss that. This young gentleman, who dressed in black and wore a black hat according to Lydia’s command, noticed most of the people who were gathered there were spies from other territories. 

…The people who surrounded the servants who were declared to be YEETed were servants also dressed in black and wore black hats. These servants had heard Lydia’s command declaring that those clothes would become their official uniform from today onward. And these people accepted that command and wore them. 

On the contrary, the people who were surrounded were those who wore normal servant uniforms, because they either didn’t receive the information somehow due to their lack of communication ability or they heard the command, but thought Lydia’s command was a joke and chose not to follow orders. These people weren’t even granted the time to pack up and were YEETed out of the territory as they were. 

After receiving the command, the servants who exiled the other servants became anxious at the thought they might suffer the same fate. And that turned into loyalty. 

Since then, Lydia would often YEET others, but all of them had certain conditions. They were those who were weak, those who lacked the ability to collect information, or those who lacked a sense of hygiene… Although Lydia YEETed them out of the desire to receive vengeance from them someday, it didn’t mean she would YEET others with no reason at all2, since she at least had that much human heart to feel pity. 

Therefore, Lydia’s YEET declarations possessed certain legitimacy, and people around Lydia grew fond of the YEETing as well. Eventually, it created a strong sense of unity. 

Tsukii Note:

Considering the status of the duke family, which is among the highest possible there is for an aristocrat, just below the royal family, there is no reason for them to keep employing low-performance personnel. It might be cruel in the standard of that middle age world, but that is how large corporations in the modern world operate. Therefore, it created a meritocracy system in a good way, in comparison to that world standard, at least.

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5 months ago

I can already see it. I am definitely going to enjoy this novel!

Thank you for translating! YEET desuwa!

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About annotation 1… Can tell?

5 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

no, it goes “Actually, I know a few, they definitely don’t have a happy ending”. I was asking “can tell (what stories?”

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Finally, a good self-insert charac…ahem, I mean,

Thanks for the translation!

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Forget what I said

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I like this series…. For reason. Not because MC is a pervert. Not because of that.

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There is a lot of YEET in this novel, I’m shivering from anticipation