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Chapter 42 – I Want to Lose desuwa

Lydia and Mei were reading books in the library of the demon territory, but while they were doing that, they were surrounded by the elite demon troops and were taken to the castle. Each member of the elite troops had about the same mana capacity as Lydia and they had the bearing of veteran warriors, so Mei failed to hide her inner terror, but Lydia was actually excited about meeting the demon lord.

Eventually, Lydia and Mei arrived at the demon lord’s castle, which was bigger than the biggest castle Lydia had built, and they were guided inside without their weapons being confiscated. There, Lydia met a demon with a huge body. 

“I never thought I would get to meet the king of Narorosa Kingdom in this place. I am the king of the Klaus Kingdom, Gilbert Klaus.” 

“…I’m the king of Narorosa Kingdom, Lydia Narorosa desuwa.”

Lydia proceeded to introduce herself while feeling the oddity of the demon’s side grasping the information of the birth of the Narorosa Kingdom. Lydia then asked Gilbert several questions. What kinds of demon beasts were overflowing from the dungeon’s entrance on the demon territory side? How did a human transform into a demon? And was it possible to slay the sealed goddess?

Gilbert happily answered Lydia’s questions until Lydia asked about the goddess, when his mood soured all of a sudden. It was originally an existence that not even the champion of the demon race managed to kill. That champion of the demon race risked their life to seal that goddess. 

Gilbert knew that in order to kill the goddess, the seal had to be lifted. Since Lydia asked questions regarding reincarnators, Gilbert was aware Lydia was one of the existences known as a reincarnator. Although Gilbert wasn’t a reincarnator himself, he was a descendant of a reincarnator and he was aware that they would sometimes possess absurd strength. 

However, Gilbert didn’t feel that Lydia was that strong. In fact, if they fought purely with their own power, Lydia would lose against Gilbert. The demon lord was the strongest existence among demons, and he wasn’t someone that the current Lydia could defeat. 

In the first place, there was a bounty placed on Lydia’s head throughout the demon territory. Since she was the person who caused trauma to a candidate for the next demon lord, there was no reason not to erase her. 

Gilbert finished the farce and slowly stood up. As he moved closer to Lydia, Gilbert seemed to get bigger. 

“…Gigantification, is it?” 

“Good answer. You are indeed an interesting human, but I have no reason not to erase you, so I’ll erase you here.”

Mei felt the threat to Lydia’s life and immediately drew her sword in front of Lydia, but Gilbert merely swatted her, blowing Mei away and causing her to roll across the floor since she could neither avoid nor block him. Her back eventually struck a pillar and after gasping in pain, Mei collapsed and didn’t move. 


Gilbert made a big swing and drove his fist toward Lydia. His giant fist, which was 5 meters in diameter, easily slammed Lydia into the ground. 

The spot where Lydia stood collapsed along with the sound of the earth cracking. The huge castle vibrated and Gilbert’s aides trembled in fear. Lydia couldn’t avoid his fist because of how fast it was and she was buried in the ground. She felt her whole body screaming in pain. 

Unfortunately, the difference in pain was so great that she wouldn’t even be able to beat him even if he stood upside down. 


Aaaaahhh! It hurts desuwa! It is very painful desuwa! Bones inside my body felt like breaking desuwa! I might die flattened desuwa! I couldn’t recover in time desuwa!

More! More! Give it more and more strength! The despair of being helpless to resist despite doing my all! The overwhelming difference in power! It’s wonderful desuwa! 

So this is where I die. It’s the best feeling to be defeated by this overwhelming power desuwa! If I die here, I’m sure the kingdom will be ruined! It’s wonderful desuwa!

Come on, put more effort in and mess me up desuwa!

But unfortunately, she wasn’t normal by this world’s standards. 

She wanted to be defeated. She wanted to die while experiencing an overwhelming difference in power. That strong feeling was reversed by the goddess curse. That distorted feeling was distorted further by the goddess’ curse, turning it into a positive effect. 

…Gradually, Lydia began to push Gilbert’s fist back. In Gilbert’s perspective, Lydia was an eerie existence that suddenly grew more powerful. On the other hand, Lydia, who waited to be crushed in ecstasy, suddenly felt the power pushing on her had weakened, so she thought Gilbert was holding back, which made her feel indignant. 

By the time she could lift the fist with one hand, Lydia used her other hand to strike Gilbert’s fist with a moody face. Pushed back by a strong force and being struck by a strong impact made Gilbert’s expression distort in pain and he lost his balance. 

As Gilbert fell to one knee and gradually shrunk in size, he looked at Lydia again and realized the overwhelming power difference that existed earlier had disappeared. 

Tsukii Note:

Our lady seemed to be of the Saiyan race… 

From the perspective of a third party that had no idea of the circumstances, our lady seemed to be a heroic ruler who awakened and grew stronger to face the adversary after all.

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