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Chapter 25 – It’s a Big Flag desuwa

I finally found an opponent that seemed strong. He seemed to be a general who was formerly an adventurer and he arrogantly entered the midst of the battlefield. I had heard that due to the death of the general of Arcelus Kingdom’s army last time and because it was too early for his successor to succeed him, an S-rank adventurer who was considered the adventurer guild’s top dog was welcomed as a general, so I wasn’t that surprised desuwa. 

After all, the general last time was killed by me too quickly, and if the successor were too weak, they would die in no time, so they must have chosen a strong adventurer for that reason. Having a former adventurer to lead adventurers was better anyway. 

Considering how he cut down 5 of my knights, with two getting blown away as they blocked the attack of the sword while the others got cut along with their swords, I think he wasn’t an adventurer who became S-rank because of a magic sword but one that earned his rank without one and became a greater monster when he was granted the magic sword. 

On the other hand, I did carry the magic sword “Dephassion” with me, but as a result of touching it frequently during the march, I knew it wasn’t usable in battle. This magic sword wasn’t one that granted despair, but a dangerous object that absorbed hope endlessly and converted it into power. 

And with that energy of hope sucked away, the wielder would be granted the illusion of despair, so the sword seemed only to think of its wielder as its food. I thought it would be more efficient to just grant the illusion of hope if that was the purpose, but the magic sword seemed to prefer to move on to the next host instead. It was without a doubt a magic sword that slayed its wielder desuwa. By the way, I tried to have Mei hold onto it once, but she then lost the light in her eyes and she tried to commit suicide without resistance, so it was clearly a dangerous sword.

As a result of cumming several times due to the illusion of despair shown to me by touching it all over, I also confirmed the magic sword could fire a thick beam on its own. The scene where the pale pink-colored torrent of light wrapped around a rock and erased it without a trace proved how dangerous it was desuwa. 

I didn’t mind using it and ended up accidentally killing allies because I didn’t know what it did, but I want to avoid using it voluntarily now that I know. The pain of the loss couldn’t be enacted if it was done intentionally. 

Well, even without the magic sword, I could use my big flag for physical combat. The pole of the flag was so thick that my fingers couldn’t touch the fingers of my other hand when I held it with both hands. If I were to be violated in the future, I would like it to be this thick desuwa. I was sure it would wreck my stomach. 

While offsetting the magic shots cast by small fries with my own magic, I confronted the arrogant general. When I imagined the big flag with the family crest of Narorosa was shredded, with all my limbs cut off and me being taken prisoner, my body shook in joy. I want to end up as a plaything of a noble of the enemy nation and end my life that way. 

When I absentmindedly had such a delusion, I raised my flag, or rather, I waved it around. At that moment, the 5,000 men of the Lowlet Empire army that were waiting behind proceeded to charge, so I couldn’t help but have a bad feeling about this. We were evenly matched at the moment with our side slightly at advantage, so if those men arrived here, our advantage would be solidified. I had to finish the battle and be defeated as soon as possible so I could be taken away. 

“Are you Lydia Narorosa? You don’t seem like a person whose head is worth 1 billion credits.” 

“Shut up desuwa. We don’t need to talk like a formal duel so let’s settle this quickly.”

“My name is Yurugen. The lord of extermination, Yurugen.”

“I’m not interested desuwa!”

Even as I barbarically swung down my flag, I saw how my opponent blocked it with his magic sword, showing he was quite strong. My casual flag swing would blow dozens of normal soldiers away, but it seemed I might be losing in a contest of pure strength. 

I immediately shot a fireball at him, but the enemy general had a thin mana shield-like thingy, so it wasn’t effective. Yurugen was actually quite a famous person desuwa. He earned his fame for hunting demons all the time during the demon territory landing operation led by the Lowlet Empire 5 years ago. 

He was good at short-range combat and his style of crushing the enemy using force was similar to mine. I switched my hold to the center of the flagpole, shortening my reach, and challenged my opponent in the close-range combat he was good at. 

I jumped down from my horse and hit Yurugen’s horse to force him to dismount. The enemy troops and my troops naturally opened a space so we could fight to our hearts’ content. The flag and magic sword clashed several times, but my flag was gradually cut shorter and I knew it would break eventually. 

…But then, it was at this moment that the Lowlet Imperial Army entered the fray, completely solidifying our side’s advantage. By the time the troops around us became troops on my side, Yurugen decided to turn his back and escape, probably deciding it was the right time to withdraw. It was cheating to run away in the midst of a duel. You should have knocked me unconscious and captured me. 

Finally, my flagpole was broken in half and I used both pieces as a thrown weapon. I could see a lot of blood at the broken spot, probably because it scratched him, so I decided to stop here for the day. After shouting at him to not run away from the duel next time, we proceeded to capture a lot of Arcelus Kingdom’s troops for the day. 

I quite enjoyed using rope for bondage play as the one who did the tying, but I was more envious of the Arcelus Kingdom’s soldiers who got tied up desuwa. If possible, I also wanted to be thoroughly tied up with rope while naked. 

Tsukii Note:

Our lady does think in shades of pink, but things she did are like generals in dynasty warriors…

From the enemy general’s perspective, he thought Lydia was a warrior that merely rode on momentum, and he also wielded the best possible weapon to boot, yet the teenage girl (filled with future potential) he faced actually could fight him to a standstill using a mere flagpole, so if it’s a normal person who had to face our lady instead, they might request for retirement after the battle.

Also, since the despair that the magic sword granted to our lady is interpreted as a reward for her, it would generate hope that is absorbed for its power instead, so it technically could work perpetually as long as Lydia got used to it.

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1 year ago

As a result of cumming several times due to the illusion of despair shown to me by touching it all over

Man, I love how we get these totally “wtf” when out of context sentences every few chapters. Lydia is a fucking menace to anyone reading this. Imagine someone seeing that sentence over your shoulder.