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Chapter 37 – The Imperial Capital Collapsed desuwa

Since I already picked a fight with King Arcelus, I no longer had any business in the Arcelus Kingdom. King Arcelus ordered me to be captured, but I doubt I could get captured even if I stayed to fight here. However, there would be too many of them, with the army also showing signs of movement, so dealing with them would be very troublesome desuwa.

So I grabbed the magic sword and flew into the sky, but my mana was consumed at a great rate by carrying two people, so I guess it would be difficult to fly for a long time. Wielding this sword would make the wielder feel high and might easily try to overshoot their ability, so they had to exercise caution. I wouldn’t do that though. 

Even so, there was a magic sword that could unleash a thick beam of destruction, there was one that allowed the wielder to fly, and there was also one that could fuse with its wielder’s body, thus allowing the wielder to use as many magic swords as they wanted, so it could be seen that each magic sword had their respective cheats. If the wielder’s mental strength was fragile, they might be reduced to only being able to express a single emotion, like crying or laughing, or in the extreme case, driven to suicidal depression. Regardless of all this, they were still priced at a hundred million credits desuwa. Even Dephassion, which was considered a faulty product, still cost more than 10 million, so I was fortunate to be able to buy it. 

When we flew all the way back to my territory, it seemed the citizens already knew about the slaughter of the emperor of the Lowlet Empire, but seeing that the news had already spread all the way to the capital of the Arcelus Kingdom, it was no longer possible to keep it hidden. Things might still have been salvageable if either prince had survived, but with both of them dead, the collapse of the Lowlet Empire was inevitable desuwa. 

In the empire, the Hein Kingdom was the first to declare independence, but the dukes also declared their independence one after another. Taxes paid by the dukes were higher than the tributes paid by the kings, so I could understand their desires to pocket that money for themselves, but those dukes without any backing would only serve as delicious prey for surrounding kingdoms. Considering everyone starved out there, only a tragic end awaited them desuwa. I was envious desuwa. 

…I also declared independence as soon as possible so I could be ruined by the chaos, but for some reason, Narorosa Kingdom boasted the greatest military power among those affiliated with the Lowlet Empire, so no nation tried to attack us. But well, the long-awaited warring states period finally arrived. Public safety would deteriorate, wars would become frequent, and many forces would perish. If possible, I wished to end up as one of those perished forces desuwa. 

Also, many counts chose to become vassals of nearby kingdoms rather than the distant empire, so those who lacked the power to declare independence chose to become vassals of nearby forces. A lot of those types of requests came to Narorosa Kingdom, but obviously, I rejected them all desuwa. 

“So then… is it really alright to reject all those requests to be vassals and declare war on them instead…?” 

“The other nations obviously lack the power to take military action at the moment desuwa. They lack supplies to carry out an invasion.”

“Then why did it become a declaration of war instead…? Wouldn’t it be alright to accept their surrender and turn them into a colony instead?”

“No way desuwa. I will be the one who chooses when citizens of other nations become my citizens. Moreover, I will only choose those who are qualified to be my citizens.”

When I returned to the castle, it seemed Crecia was already moving around as a diplomat, so there was Joshua who was in charge during his absence. I just gave an appropriate answer to her questions, but surrendering to being their ruler would come with a requirement of guaranteeing their personal rights, so of course I would reject it. 

Rather, it was clear their main goal was to earn food support, so if I expanded poorly, my territory might run out of food. I told them all to just wait for Narorosa to invade them to become a colony, but even so, politicians were annoying because they kept speaking nonsense about helping those who suffered from poverty. 

“Refugees will likely flow in, but every one of them is to be driven away. If someone is found hiding a citizen of another nation, even if they are a family member, they are to be YEETed.”

Since most places were originally part of the empire, it was common to have parents or children living in other nations. I would at least give them a grace period to call them back, but I wouldn’t accept them anymore once that period passed. 

I finally began to move in earnest as a tyrant for the sake of being executed. I also made a sub-plan of the Goddess YEET plan, but the reincarnator group believed we still lacked the firepower to reach the deepest part of the dungeon, so I decided to leave them to their own devices for now. 

Anyway, I incited the citizens of other nations with “If you don’t have bread, eat cake instead.” It was the famous quote of a certain queen that turned out to be never said by her, but there was nothing better to incite them. 

My nation was currently stable, and there was a virtuous cycle of the economy due to the mass construction of fortresses. All was well as long as my nation thrived. I would go with this plan to earn the grudges of other nations and aim for a destructive future.

Tsukii Note:

Accepting refugees from a recently destroyed nation was something that a ruler should never do.

It was especially bad since it would tie obligations to their relatives and other people who weren’t there yet.

Leaving morality aside, if a nation accepted people more than the nation could afford, that would only serve to deteriorate public safety, and that would leave the opening for other nations to invade.

Lydia was merciful enough to grant a grace period for people to call their relatives outside to enter the nation, so if they still missed it, it was their own fault. Lydia’s nation might be a heaven compared to famine hell outside, but that was only if they followed her rule or you would be YEETed, which was fatal in the current state of the world.

Also, that no bread eating cake only applied in the past since with the knowledge flow of reincarnator, some type cake could be made with cheaper ingredients compared to mainstream bread, effectively allowing them to not starve, thus raising her reputation further.

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1 year ago

Her taking over everything through war and not diplomacy makes me want to launch EU4 again…

1 year ago

Maria Anthonette is a good woman from what history today have learned. Be fair, its was unfair to let a girl from other countries married to the king without bring her subordinate, thing, especially from what I know, Maria can’t bring even bring her own clothes when to be married.

Not enough of that, the people at the palace not like Maria and the real problem is came from 2 generation king ago that make economy crush. Maria also was few people that making donation at that time.

Wearing expensive clothes? Is we even have cheap clothes at the palace? Also wearing cheap clothes will make other noble glance not nice. Also, the minister the one misuse money more than the royal family at this time.

Last edited 1 year ago by Airzpool
11 months ago
Reply to  Airzpool

The problem wasn’t the wasteful French royalty itself but rather the insane people that fueled the bloodthirsty mob of the revolution. These people were not good people that wanted to help the masses, they just insane “philosophers” that were more interested in destroying what was just to try to show people that they were correct.