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Chapter 26 – Magic Swords are Collected desuwa

After crushing the enemy’s vanguard, we started towards the main army of the O’Shay Federation, but they moved as if to avoid my army and proceeded to the Empire’s main army so we also marched there, but I guess it was too late desuwa. Moreover, on the way there, one vassal of the empire, Duke Reynard’s army of 1,500, perfectly launched a pincer attack, and as O’Shay Federation’s army was stopped, the Empire’s main army was caught by the enemy’s main army.

If the battle between vanguards took a long time, perhaps today would be settled as a battle between vanguards, but since it was settled quickly, both the Lowlet Empire and the Arcelus Kingdom seemed intent on ending the war today. Obviously, the 5,000 Empire soldiers that served as vanguards that barely fought participated in the main clash, so I guess the war would end soon desuwa. 

I also participated, but I guess I should just bring along the knight brigade, who were quick to move. Even after excluding the injured and dead, there were still 384 of them desuwa. 

I paid them a high salary, so I would make sure to exploit every penny of it on the battlefield. Also, since the heirloom flag was destroyed in the earlier battle, I was carrying my usual cane instead. 

In this world, rather than forming complex magic circles and shooting magic at each other, it was faster to just apply reinforcement magic to strengthen power and endurance for as long as one’s mana lasted. All for the sake of killing each other desuwa. Shooting magic wasn’t weak and could serve to keep enemy movement in check, but it was hard to see it make a decisive hit.

“The soldiers that remain here should recover the equipment of the enemy adventurer unit desuwa. I will leave the command of soldiers here to Naked.” 

“Roger. Order received.”

The armies of Duke Ally and Duke Harozer were battered, and the heavy infantry unit and the former knight counts’ armies were heavily damaged. Therefore, they would only die a dog’s death even if I brought them along for another battle, so I tasked them to strip the enemy corpses desuwa. I asked Naked1, the commander of the heavy infantry unit, to remain and I lead the formation of the knight brigade.

…Although most of the magic swords those adventurers carried had a great performance, they were still within the realm of common sense. There was a certain sword that made me feel high when I held it, but as for the rest, none of them caused an effect on the wielder’s psyche. 

“All hands, charge desuwa! We’ll trample over everything!” 

Perhaps there were elites among the reinforcements sent by the O’Shay Federation so each one caused great resistance, but since they were facing my knight brigade, it wasn’t enough to stop them and we cut through the enemy camp. Ah, they are withdrawing. As expected, I wouldn’t be able to reach the enemy general at this rate. 

Well, it would be awkward for O’Shay if they came as reinforcements yet did not fight at all, so I guess they proceeded forward for a bit. The army of the O’Shay Federation retreated after clashing a bit against the Empire’s army, but their destination seemed to be the fort line of the Arcelus Kingdom.

After crushing the enemy troops properly, the sun had set so we turned back and prepared to make camp. I was happy that I managed to collect 23 magic swords. Well, most of them were just swords that cut well, but I guess they could be used as rewards. 

But there was one sword that caused mental pollution like the magic sword “Dephassion” did, and this was the thing I was looking for desuwa. I had no idea of its name, but it was amazing how it put its wielder on a high just by wielding it. Ah, I guess this was the kind that absorbed emotions other than happiness…? 

And the moment I tried to hold two magic swords at the same time, my emotions felt broken and I couldn’t help but vomit without meaning to. These magic swords were amazing objects since they were capable of forcing me to vomit. I missed this feeling of my esophagus burning with gastric juice. It was nostalgic and wonderful at the same time. 

Fighting using two magic swords seemed difficult for one’s mental state. In that case, I  understood why Abraham didn’t fight using two magic swords despite having two of them… No, he managed to fight against that devil in that state, so I couldn’t understand after all. In the first place, this was the state that occurred just by wielding the weapons, not fighting with them, wasn’t it? 

As the mystery about the magic swords deepened, just as I was about to turn in for the day, a fire rose from the headquarters of the Lowlet Empire… Wasn’t the empire too weak against arson? They immediately proceeded to quell the fire, but the night attack caused chaos. If we moved badly, we might accidentally kill allies, so it was troublesome desuwa. Rather, it was where lords of various places gathered, so it was an amicable place for that. 

“General Frugres was slain! The Lowlet Empire’s army seems to have begun to surrender.” 


After a while, I was informed that General Frugres and other core staff members of the Lowlet Empire’s army were all slaughtered, but I couldn’t believe it. The deputy general ordered the whole army to surrender, but I wouldn’t follow that command. 

“Lydia-sama, is that okay?” 

“Our army hasn’t lost yet after all. There’s no need to surrender, we can just withdraw immediately instead. Tell that to Duke Reynard and King Herson who camped near us.”

“Our path of retreat is blocked by the ambushing army of the Arcelus Kingdom and O’Shay Federation, though…”

“We’ll trample them away.”

I shook Duke Harozer, who camped nearby, awake and we immediately prepared for retreat. Probably, the identity of the night assailants was the masters hidden by the Arcelus Kingdom and O’Shay Federation. It was more effective to use their martial might individually, so their tactic was to lose the war front, make the enemy lower their guard, and strike at the opening. I could see wyverns from afar. It was painful that we lacked such masters desuwa.2 

Tsukii Note:

Since there is a magic sword that caused despair and the one that caused wielder in high, there should be other series that cause other emotion. Gotta catch em all!

Also, considering Lydia would normally choose to surrender instead, she instead chose to retreat. Perhaps the mental pollution that the sword caused still remains in her?

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7 months ago

No, to forget something about Lydia. She wants to be beaten and truly humiliated. If she just surrender instead of struggling her hardest, it wouldn’t be any different than normal BDSM. She isn’t interested in something like that. If she surrendered willingly, how would that not make any rape she later suffers “concsentual”?