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Chapter 6 – The Negligent Prince is to be YEETed desuwa

When Lydia turned eleven at the end of the third month and was about to enroll in the magic academy in the fourth month, she purchased a house in the imperial capital. The calendar of this world matched that of modern Japan, where children from 6 to 10 years old could attend elementary school for free… Unfortunately, in many rural areas, children were counted as part of the labor force, so very few enrolled in elementary school.

Then all citizens of the empire between the ages of 11 and 15 could enroll in middle school if they passed the exam. For Lydia, who possessed memories of her previous life, the exam was so easy that she became the top entrant. Since academic life would last for 3 years, Lydia would enroll in the magic school until she was 14 years old. 

As Lydia still had some time before the school term began, she was currently locked in a battle with her slave Mei and the servants Makia and Makina in the house she bought in the imperial capital. 

“Mei, you won’t be able to scratch my skin with that sword swing.” 

“…That’s because Lydia-sama’s skin is just weird. Also, blood is flowing properly.”



“Makia and Makina lack stamina. There, try to twist my arms harder in the opposite direction.”

Mei’s sword hit Lydia’s neck, but the blade stopped after only letting a small drop of blood flow. Makia and Makina were holding Lydia’s right and left arm respectively, trying to twist them in the opposite direction, only to be lifted by the arms instead. 

The house that Lydia bought was too big for only 4 of them, with plenty of space for exercise. Lydia laughed inwardly since she imagined how easy it would be to bully others by having 3 pawns coming along with her to the academy. 

“Speaking of which, I heard a rumor… It seems there are two other people who managed to destroy the target for the magic test just like Lydia-sama.” 

“Heeh… that’s an interesting rumor. Do you know the names of the two who destroyed them?”

“One of them seems to be a tall, black-haired, black-eyed boy named Yuusuke and he’s from Southpark… to think someone actually came to the magic academy from Southpark.” 

“Aah, it was in the information materials. His rank in the written test is the lowest, but he got a perfect score on the magic test, right?”

Mei, who had the lowest status among the 4, often went shopping and naturally picked up rumors as she went. Since Mei was a dog beastman, she had good ears and could hear distant voices well. 

As for the other 3, although they had nothing to do, they were definitely not shut-ins. Especially since Lydia’s situation, where she earned money without doing anything, meant she often spent a lot at nearby stores, which quickly made her famous as a VIP customer of sorts. 

For better or for worse, money attracts people. Naturally, this includes assailants. 

When they suddenly heard the sounds of the front door being destroyed, the 3 servants immediately took battle stances. Meanwhile, Lydia had a carefree attitude as she thought of the conscientious people who obediently attacked from the front door. 

“Oi, you got guts for pretending to be away even though we are visiting.” 

“…Who are you again?”

“I’m your 3rd-year senior, Linden Hein. No need for small talk. Give me money.”

The person who visited was listed in the data that Lydia had. Linden, the eldest son of the Hein Kingdom, was the head of a large faction in the academy. Several kingdoms were included within the territory of the empire, and among them, Hein Kingdom had the biggest population and size. 

This successor of the Hein Kingdom had terrible spending habits, and since the allowance from his family was cut down, he repeatedly forced his faction members along with rich aristocrats to donate to his splurging fund. The academy obviously considered it a problem, but there were limited people who could come out strongly against the successor of the kingdom, so the problem was left virtually unchecked. 

“I refuse desuwa.” 


“I’m saying I have no money for the likes of you, so you can just return home, you know? Not to mention you seem to have a flaccid junior.”

Then toward such a selfish prince, Lydia lightly provoked him as she sought an argument like in fiction. He responded by closing the distance to Lydia in an instant and punched her in the face. Seeing how he made use of physical reinforcement magic and punched a girl’s face without hesitation, it seemed that the prince in this world was a little short-tempered. 

…But in fact, Linden intended to stop his punch before it hit her. He didn’t expect Lydia to deliberately move to get hit and so he failed to stop his fist. 

For Lydia, who tried to be cool, not only did she neglect to avoid the punch, she instead rushed to get hit and received that hit with a smile as she got blown backward. Lydia deliberately didn’t try to break her fall and let her body slam down head first, making her bounce twice and hit the back wall. She remained smiling while all this happened.  

It was a proper punch that Lydia took, but she was disappointed as it didn’t cause much pain so she said to Linden. 

“…Eh, is this all you can do?” 

At those words, Linden and his entourage flinched a little. And since the punch actually connected, Mei, who also served as Lydia’s escort, proceeded to swing her blade toward Linden. As Lydia said “Wai-” in an attempt to stop it, Mei’s sword destroyed the weapon of the swordsman that accompanied Linden and deeply cut through the swordsman’s body. 

As the swordsman, whose capability was considered the best within the academy, was felled by a slave swordsman with a single attack and the rest retreated immediately, Lydia could do naught but watch it happen.

Tsukii Note:

In case you forgot, Lydia is a duke, not a duke’s successor. Her parents already passed away and while she tends to make her people do her work as lord in her stead, she is still the head of the duke family.  So in this case, the prince of a kingdom (not the empire) and his followers who messed with Lydia are the ones in deep shit, not to mention Lydia is one of richest dukes out there, which means she contributed greatly to the empire’s economy, not to mention she had a strong personal army as well. So if Lydia made use of her position and dealt with it seriously instead of treating it like a joke, things would go out of hand.

Kingdom and duke stuff in the empire might confuse you now, but a later chapter will explain it, so just wait until it happens.

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Not much to say here besides, nice! Sometimes, being a hardcore M has its perks, huh?

Thank you for the chapter. Yeet Desuwa!

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5 months ago

A stupid prince troupe, but an unusual way to tackle it. What a way to let yourself be punched.

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