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Chapter 27 – Retreat desuwa

I already knew the Lowlet Empire’s army lacked experts at the moment, but I didn’t think it was on the level it would crumble from a single night attack, so I was going for a withdrawal battle. The possibility of false news was low, seeing how the flying wyverns were erasing the presence of the soldiers from the empire’s side. I didn’t want to resist the temptation to surrender and be taken away, but there was no way I could surrender alone while my army withdrew, so it couldn’t be helped.

Since the main camp of the Lowlet Empire’s army was already beyond help, I decided to bundle troops from nearby aristocrats and start withdrawing for the time being. For some reason, all of them listened to me, so there was no problem in the withdrawal battle. 

“If it’s Lydia-sama, wouldn’t you be able to win even in this situation?” 

“If you mean this battle, of course, I could. But that would cause most of Arcelus Kingdom’s army and O’Shay Federation’s army to retreat to their fortifications and we would have to resort to siege after that. Looking at how miserable the main camp of the Lowlet Empire’s army is, I doubt they could fight that siege.”

The young man, Duke Reynard, proposed to make a comeback here, but there were only a few benefits even if we tried to prolong the war, and it would be problematic if we ended up winning, so I decided to retreat… This Duke Reynard had two duchy-scale territories and both of them were developing well, making him better reputed than most kings. 

I wished the enemy had pinpointed their attack on my encampment and captured only me, but since it didn’t happen, we retreated in anger, only to be chased by the enemy army. However, the knight brigade who served as rear guard let none of the enemy pass, so it became a withdrawal battle that lacked a sense of urgency. 

The entire Lowlet Empire’s Army also ended up withdrawing, but there was no problem since the number of casualties the enemy army suffered was greater. The Empire side also suffered from friendly fire due to chaos, but it also made the enemy suffer from friendly fire as well. 

Personally, my participation in the war was worth it due to the big harvest of the magic swords, and even if we led this war to victory, nothing would change in my territory and it would only give the empire more territory, so I only needed to fulfill my obligation’s worth of this fight. 

And above all, if it was a clash between armies, my knight brigade was too strong to the point that we would end up winning no matter how I used them, so it was unlikely for me to be a defeated general desuwa. There was no meaning for me to participate in a war if I couldn’t be defeated, so I decided to leave the knight brigade at the territory next time! 


“Lydia ojou-sama! Please stop it!”

During the withdrawal, I continued holding both magic swords all the time, so my emotions felt very chaotic, like having a giant earthworm dig and crawl inside my body while I’m alive, so I vomited several times, but I would get used to it eventually, so there was no problem. If anything, I was trying to cut enemy soldiers that came out from the front while doing so, so if I got used to it, I think I could fight in this state. 

[“You’ll die! Normally, wielding two magic swords would crush your mind to death, so stop it!”] 

Before arriving in the territory, I heard the illusion that the newly acquired magic sword was speaking, so this mental pollution was amazing. It had been a while since I experienced heavy hallucinations to the point of hearing inanimate objects speaking desuwa. 

But since it kept being noisy even after a night passed, I found that magic sword annoying, so I dumped it in the underground warehouse and only had the silent magic sword on my waist. This one could grant me generic despair, so I honestly, liked it more. 

“Oh my, is it a holiday today? How are you, Makia and Makina?” 

“We’re fine, or rather, just as usual, but…”

“…We couldn’t stop Maria’s momentum, so we came back to report.”

When I returned to the territory, both Makia and Makina returned with mystified expressions, so I asked about the situation at the academy as I heard a report about Maria. She made full use of my donation, collecting even more orphans and even vagrants, and then seemed to have founded a new religion, Linlin. 

It had the slogan of getting out of poverty and preached peace and equality desuwa. Every part of its teachings was a red flag, with its name most likely taken from Lenin or Stalin, and she seemed to begin to move in earnest.  

It’s often been said that communism was like a religion, but seeing her actually turn it into a religion— It was scary to see the behavior of the person who understood it. Eventually, the followers of Linlin religion would continue to fight all day for the sake of peace and equality, and the upcoming revolution would come in a set with condemnation of previous rulers, so I really look forward to it desuwa. 

Also, during the invasion of the Arcelus Kingdom, the heroes and other experts of the Lowlet empire successfully rescued the kidnapped first princess from the demon territory, so the nation would be peaceful for a while. 

After being kidnapped, it wasn’t like she was being confined or treated like a breeding body in prison, so I didn’t understand why the demons were doing it to begin with. They didn’t even try to negotiate using the hostage either… The hero parties were certainly a group of cheat people, but they didn’t take back a fake princess, didn’t they? 

Tsukii Note:

Our lady, despite her inclination, still acted in accordance with noblesse oblige, as shown how she still prioritized her duty over inclination in an emergency, so she is indeed a wise lord at her core.

Also, she is still opening the path of the retreat despite feeling terrible(at least to what others see) for wielding two magic swords at the same time, so that’s another line added to her legend…

In accordance with some theories, some conditions are necessary for a proper communism to be established. They are:

  • Enough assets to ensure all people to live without inconvenience
  • Selfless leaders who could even treat themselves the same as their people for the sake of equality.
  • Social system that could treat everyone the same regardless of their occupation or even if they lacked them, and a dynamic society that could keep moving without being stagnant despite that.

Yep, leaving those totally unrealistic conditions aside, seeing none of those conditions above apply to Linlin religion, that’s a big red flag there.

It seems dual-wielding magic swords are so dangerous that even the magic sword itself had to convince its wielder against it.

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1 year ago

If it is Communism, it never was logical. Communism isn’t about allowing less people to suffer, it is about making sure that nobody suffers less than anyone else.

So in theory, Lydia might actually be right. Maria might actually be a communist.

1 year ago

I feel bad for the sword. How often does it get to actually worry for its user? And it’s care is treated worse than trash.

As for the Linlin Religion, I guess this is the first time that something that Lydia planned for has paid off. Good for her!