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Chapter 48 – Good Management desuwa 

“Stop right there! Who are you?!”

“I’m Lydia Narorosa desuwa. I came to stay in this castle today.”

“What?! …Please excuse me. Please go through.”

I tried to enter the castle normally, and as I introduced myself as Lydia, the gatekeepers bowed down and began to treat us politely, but couldn’t they be suspicious at least? Well, it seemed I was the only beautiful girl with blond drill hair and big boobs around, though. 

When we went through the outer castle gate, there seemed to be a lot of peasants in the large rural area despite the fact that this was supposed to be a remote countryside. After walking toward the castle for a while, the walls and gate appeared, so I guess this one was the main castle gate desuwa. 

“Excuse me desuwa!” 

When I jumped over the gate, I could see a fairly large castle in front of me, but it was a boring one since it emphasized functionality over luxury. For some reason, people seemed to know I was Lydia, so I called the person with the greatest status in the castle, but it seemed to be a face that I had seen somewhere before. 

“Long time no see! Lydia-sama!” 

“You are… aren’t you Akbar-san who was formerly a member of the knight brigade? Since when did you become the lord of a castle?”

“So you remembered me! After being YEETed from the knight brigade, I joined the black clothes unit and served as a patrol, but Crecia-sama appointed me here and I became the lord of the castle last year.”

“It’s rare to see a lord of the castle that wasn’t formerly a butler. Very well desuwa. We’ll be staying here for the night.”

If I wasn’t wrong, he was a man who served as a member of the knight brigade three years ago for about three months. The fighting tournament at that period wasn’t that high level since most of the strong people were already taken in by me, but he was still a man who managed to earn the championship desuwa. He seemed to have grown from a young man to an adult during the time I hadn’t seen him, and according to what I could see, he seemed to have two brides, so he led the life of a winner. Moreover, one of them seemed to be pregnant at the moment. It made me a little envious. 

…I welcomed the development where I was lost in pleasure and got NTR’d, but I had no intention to NTR another person, so the brides could rest assured. I had seen the situation of the management in the castle, so it felt like a surprise exam, but he managed everything quite well so it was very boring. Do corruption a bit desuwa. Please do corruption desuwa. I beg of you, do some corruption desuwa…

“What are the details of the results of the land inspection?” 

“That would be the documents over here.”

“What about calculation for cost-effectiveness and the record of past disasters for the embankment that would be constructed?”

“It’s over here.”


“It’s right here.”

“Regarding the security…”

“Because I formerly came from the patrol of the black clothes unit, it is managed perfectly.”

I did a half-assed audit, but I couldn’t find anything to fault him with. I had no idea why Akbar once aspired to walk the path of the sword. Rather, even though he had only served as the lord of the castle for a year, he actually had a lot of trust from the people, so I couldn’t YEET him. 

Also, seeing how he already had whatever document I asked for ready at a moment’s notice, as if he already expected what I would ask, showed how capable he was. If it was an incompetent person instead, they would need to wait until after I said everything before they searched for the documents, and sometimes, they couldn’t even find the said document. Needless to say, such fellows were YEETed. 

“…Mei, how about the documents you checked?” 

“At the very least, I didn’t see any data omission or calculation error. The foundation is pretty solid.”

We also checked whether the lord of the castle was just acting like a stamping machine who stamps his approval without reading the petition properly, but unfortunately, Akbar seemed to be competent in domestic affairs. His status was merely a baron in this Roswald duchy, but I think he would be promoted to a count soon. 

Rather, considering his ability, it would be too wasteful to keep him as a baron. Since we lacked counts who were competent in domestic affairs, I would recommend him to Crecia later. Since the Narorosa Kingdom had begun to expand its territory rapidly, there was never a lack of spots for counts to be in charge of a county. 

After that, we were guided to the most luxurious guest room in the castle, but the floor where the guest room was located had several guest rooms lined together, so it felt like a hotel. The only thing that was a minus point for me was that a poisonous dessert wasn’t served after the meal desuwa. The area south of here was an undeveloped region where nomads and barbarians lived, so I’d like to have some rare poison there when I visit next time desuwa. 

“…Since he had that much power, he shouldn’t have any problem against bandits in the area.” 

“It was only for a moment, but he managed to parry Mei’s attack after all. He only lasted for a moment, though.”

After staying overnight, there was an event in which Akbar challenged Mei for a spar, but nothing happened in particular as we returned to the mansion of the Narorosa Duchy. Since I had been away for several days, there were a lot of reports piled up. 

…I heard the battle reports somewhat, but why were we victorious in all of them? My knight brigade climbed a mountain for some reason, but there was still snow on top of the mountain, right? 

My vassals actually raided the capital of Herson Kingdom and forced it to capitulate, things were developed too quickly. I issued orders so they would stop at just plundering the enemy nation’s people, humans, and supplies when there was a lack of human resources to govern, but I was too late desuwa. 

Apparently, King Herson was YEETed successfully, and in his stead was my vassal, Duke Reynard, who ruled most of the territory of Herson Kingdom. Couldn’t we stop having things occur opposite of my expectations already? 

Tsukii Note:

Lady Lydia, a tyrant, is known as one since they are being unreasonable.

Since you only YEET people with reason, how does that make you qualify as one?

Also, you actually remembered the name of a person you YEETed, that’s another reason for favorability to increase greatly. That’s like you not only remember the number of breads you’ve eaten, you also remember the exact date you ate it and said bread’s expiration date.

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1 year ago

Doesn’t she remember the people she yeets because she has a high expectation of them when they seek revenge?