Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

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Chapter 64 – Fay-kun’s Death Sentence!

Tlue was summoned to the knight order. The reason for this was because it became known that Tlue had dark art within him.

The young man named Tlue was the protagonist of this world. There were big foreshadowings and settings involving him. That would be the existence of dark art and Abyss that resided within him. 

The powerful and evil force gradually became clear toward the end of the story. This was discovered by those around him, and the knight order sentenced the protagonist Tlue to death. However, Arthur pleaded to delay the sentencing thus the decision was put on hold for the time being. 

Under the condition that in an unlikely event that Tlue went berserk, he would be disposed of without mercy, an explosive spell was applied to his heart that would explode should that happen. From that point in the story , Tlue would meet a Dead END if he went berserk, be it by the bomb or with Arthur being forced to kill him. 

But in the present. The young boy named Tlue must survive the biggest crisis of his life. He was about to receive a death sentence from the knight order he thought were his allies. 

Tlue was now at the headquarters of paladins in the royal capital Britannia. Inside the Castle of Round Table, there was the most important room at the top floor. 

Tlue was summoned to the place known as Royal Hall (Round Table Eleven Leaders Conference Hall). 


“Well Tlue, relax.” 


The person who called out to him in a calm voice was Chief Paladin Lancelot, the leader of paladins. With Tlue standing in the center, there was a circular desk that surrounded him. The number of chairs on that desk was eleven. There were Chief Paladin Lancelot, Vice Chief Paladin Constantine, and another nine people sitting there. 

They were first class paladins in which only eleven of them existed in the knight order. They were the most powerful warriors in the current kingdom. 


“It’s not like we’re going to put you to death right away. You already saved a lot of people after all.” 

“Chief Paladin-sama, you might say that, but he still has dark art, right? It’s obvious that he will be given the death penalty, so just kill him quickly.”

“Hohohoh, I personally think he’s safe, but it could disrupt the discipline and spirit of the knight order. It’s something the Abyss we fight against possesses after all. It pains my heart as an old man to put an end to the life of young people.”


There were two knights who were in favor of proceeding Tlue’s death penalty without mercy. One was a hot-blooded young man who used his aura to boast that he could kill his opponent at any moment, the first class paladin, “Wolf Fang” Maleagant. 

Another one was a veteran knight who had an old face but thick hands. 

First Class Paladin, “Instantaneous” Palamedes. 


There was also another paladin Bruno (Noir) who utilized Sajinto to monitor Fay and others among those who were seated, but for the time being, she was watching the situation. 

And same could be said for the rest of first class paladins. 


“You see, I think it’d be easier to just kill him. What do you think, as the person in question?” 

“I… still have things I need to do. Besides, I can control the power.”

“Control, huh. Tlue, you hail from that ‘worst village’ right? Everyone but you was eaten by Abyss. Weren’t you the one who actually ate them?”

“It’s reasonable to think that way. After that, he grew up in an orphanage and became a paladin. He possessed superior talent that he is already a second-class paladin. I think it’s a good idea to kill him before he finishes growing up. Well, it’s just an old man’s nonsense.”


Tlue couldn’t help but want to retort, even if he slightly thought that way himself. It was because he felt it might be him who killed the villagers and his family. 

However, he still had things he had to do, the mission and determination to accomplish it. As the first-class paladins felt that Tlue wasn’t convinced, their thoughts were interesting and the atmosphere was about to become tense. 

As everyone’s art was about to reach its peak as if to signal the start of battle, the door of the meeting room was opened. On the other side, 

There was Fay. 




“Hey! Fay, hear me out!!” 


It seemed Bouran wanted to talk to me. I thought it should be an event flag, so I decided to listen to what she had to say. 


“Tlue got, Tlue got… blah blah yadda-yadda!!” 1 


W-what did you saaaayyyy?! 

People found out that Tlue had dark art, and he might get sentenced to death by the most powerful people of the knight order, the first class paladins?! You said he was summoned for questioning just earlier?! 

W-what an envious situation to be in… Not only that, it was unacceptable for him to stand out more than me, the protagonist. I must firmly stop the death penalty. 

Besides, they should have sentenced me to death first. They should have summoned me first. 2


“Fumu, that’s a serious situation.” 


“It seems the knight order doesn’t have eyes to see.”

“Right?! Tlue is a good person after all.”


The fact they didn’t summon me showed they have knotholes for eyes. 

I decided that as the protagonist, I should start making surprise sales to change the target of the death penalty even now. 

Now that it was decided, I started running. 

It was the time for me, the protagonist, to appear!!! 

When I opened the door, twelve people including Tlue were staring at me. The Chief Paladin I met long ago was also there. There was also the strongest paladin that I punched before. 


“Oh, aren’t you Fay-kun?” 

“Indeed, Chief Paladin.”

“I guess it’s boorish to ask why you came here. Did you come to protect him, just like what you did to Yururu-kun?”

“I wonder about that.”

“I have heard of your compassion. There’s no need to hide it.”

“Fay… you.”


They seemed to misunderstand my actions… Well, I guess if they took an extended interpretation of my action, it wasn’t that off the mark. Since I was the protagonist, perhaps it wouldn’t be weird if I actually protected my comrades without me noticing. As expected of me. 


“I don’t care about compassion or anything, since Tlue has dark art, he should receive the death sentence.” 


Aah, so it was like that. Since Tlue had dark art, he was considered as the same being as Abyss, so a death sentence was declared against him. 

Kah, they really have no eyes to see. I also have it, darkness, I mean. 

I wrapped myself with a dark aura. 


“Y-you actually have it too!” 

“This is, I guess he should be subject to the death penalty as well. Well well, please don’t put too much stress on this old man.”


The delinquent-looking first-class paladin and an old first-class paladin were surprised by me. 


“Fay huh, I remember that name, it’s that crazy paladin, huh.” 

“It’s that madman, huh.”

“He’s always been crazy.”

“He’s the one who punched this strongest me.”

“Bruno, you must have used Sajinto to investigate these paladins, right? Present the information about Fay to everyone here and now. He’s also a subject to the death penalty.”



It seemed the first-class paladins had heard of me. Bruno, the first-class paladin wearing a tuxedo, passed a paper to a delinquent-looking paladin. 

It seemed my information was contained there. 

I was really curious about what was written there. The delinquent-looking paladin read them. 


“Fay…… he is a second-class paladin at the moment. He joined the knight order as a special unit. He is a disciple of the daughter of the Garethia family, the family that caused the worst incident. He’s always wounded every battle, but his behavior was as if he wanted that himself. He loves battle very much. He’s better called a battle fanatic. He participated in Paladin Magnum’s training despite not being invited, and Magnum even gave his recommendation even though he wasn’t invited. He caused an incident in Free City and got YEETed from there, held relationships with Mordred, who is a wanted criminal. They were seen to be sleeping in the same room. He possessed the katana that contained the soul of the worst exorcist Baragi, but the katana was lost. Yet the soul still stays within him. He also possesses the replica of the holy sword, and that sword also contained a soul. At the moment, three souls including his own resides in his body, thus considered unstable. Moreover, it is clear that he possesses dark art now. He came to defend Tlue, who is the subject of a death sentence… He loves ham lettuce sandwiches and Maria. Even though he loves Maria, there’s a possibility he actually laid his hands on Yururu Garethia, an adventurer in Free City, and even the wanted criminal. He’s very lucky that he always wins in gambling… Hey, don’t you think he should be put on the death sentence before anyone else?” 3

“Hohoho. Even an old man like me thinks he should be given the death sentence. His life history is so chaotic and dangerous. It makes me question his integrity as a knight, including his relationships with women.”


H-how did he know I love Maria?! W-who the heck was that Bruno?! 

P-People found out that I love Maria! It’s embarrassing! It’s so embarrassing!! 4] 

Well, other than that, there was nothing of note. 


“P-please don’t put Fay-kun on the death sentence!” 


Suddenly, I heard Yururu-shishou’s voice. She came into the room. W-was this the passionate, stereotypical development of the master who once got protected coming to protect him this time?! 


“Yururu Garethia, you’re disturbing the discipline of the knights! Same can be said to your disciple.” 

“Maleagant-san, Fay-kun is not a bad person! I don’t mind even if you YEET me or whatever, but please don’t put a death sentence on Fay-kun!! I don’t care if you hate me, but please don’t hate Fay-kun!”

“Haah?! Who do you think you are to say that! Oka~y, then let’s drop the death penalty. Instead, you are to leave the capital along with those two!”

“N-no way, Fay-kun is not a bad person!”

“It will become peaceful here if two troublesome paladins were gone! Just leave and elope all you want.”

“……That sounds good in its own way… It really sounds like a good idea! But I’m not the only one who is against Fay-kun’s death penalty!”


Hou. So it was a passionate development where everyone who had been involved with me until now protected me. The door suddenly opened with a bang. 


“……I want to say something as the Chief Paladin, that this is not a place where ordinary paladins can come casually. Well, not that I mind, though.”


It seemed the Chief Paladin-sama was saying something, but it was currently a passionate event at the moment, so let’s just ignore it. 


“I’m Alpha. I’m against Fay’s death penalty. My little sisters Beta and Gamma are also against it.” 


“G-Gamma is also against it!”

“I-I’m Maria. I’m just a former paladin, but I’m against it.”

“I’m Aliceia. I’m not a paladin, but I’m also against it.” 5 


Ooh, they’ve come! I didn’t call them, though. I was happy that Maria was coming, though. 


“I’m a Chief Paladin, and I’m saying that this is not a place that those who aren’t paladin may come. Well, not that I mind.” 


Let’s just ignore that, chief paladin. 


“I’m Ese and I’m against it. Rather, if Fay got executed, it feels like a curse might occur and that’s scary.” 

“This great me is Kamase and I’m against it too. If Fay dies, he will likely become an evil spirit and spread a curse, so I’m against it since that would be scary.”

“I’m Bouran! I’m against it since I won’t be able to eat! Besides, I’d like to learn about love …”

“I’m Merlin. I’m against that notion. I’ve a lot of things I need to ask him, in particular, about the souls of Baragi and Origin Hero Arthur.”

“I’m Arthur. Fay is my little brother and my precious person, so I am firmly against it. Be warned that if Fay dies, consider that I become your enemies.”


Arthur also came, and it had been a while since I last saw Merlin. 


“This one is against it gozaru.” 

“I can’t allow Anija to die.” 

“It’s no good if Fay-senpai dies.”


“It’s unacceptable for Fay-dono to die.”

“Don’t kill Fay!”


Who were those people who spoke after Arthur? Or so I thought, but it seemed they were fellows who picked a fight with me and I beat them down, and they recently became my fans. 

There were many others. The delinquent paladin looked at their faces and sighed. 


“Aren’t they mostly women? Haah, but this number is clearly abnormal, so let’s put the decision on hold for the time being. But don’t get me wrong. If you die now, the people behind you will become troublesome, so we just delay the decision temporarily.” 

“Fuhn, I don’t mind if we fight it out now.”

“Hou, it seems you’re quite hot-blooded. I’ll kill you once the place to do so is prepared. The same holds true for Tlue too.”

“Eh? Me too?”


Tlue was flustered when he realized his presence became irrelevant before he knew it, but it seemed we were spared from the death penalty. Wasn’t that great? 

For some reason, I also became subject to the death penalty but I was saved. I had to thank the people who helped at least. 

I looked at the face of the people who came to save me. 

Fuh, the reason I was saved… was 90% thanks to Maria and Yururu-shishou. 


“Fay, you are spared from the death penalty because I vouched for you. I would become a first-class paladin, so I think they can’t ignore my opinion.” 

“What? You will be a first-class paladin?”

“Yes. I’ll be waiting up there.”


She was annoying. I thought of expressing a little gratitude, but she was annoying. 


“I’d like a date as gratitude. Bouran also wants gratitude. The other women like Alpha also prefer dates as gratitude. As for the men, they said they want duels, battle guidance, or drinking together.” 

“……I see, it seems I troubled them.”


It can’t be helped. Well, I was indeed saved thanks to everyone this time. I will make sure to give them my gratitude. 


“It was supposed to discuss my death penalty this time, but things became vague before I knew it.” 


Tlue seemed happy to be spared from the death penalty before he knew it. Make sure not to get the death sentence anymore, okay? 




“I have to go to the Land of Great Trees.”

“I see.”

“There is a holy sword resting there, not the replica that Fay has, but the real one.”

“……I see.”

“I want Fay to come along.”

“Fuh, it can’t be helped.”


The real holy sword, huh. I decided to come along since it sounded interesting. It was definitely my holy sword since I was the protagonist, though. 



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3 months ago

Hayoo there.
I was rereading a bit the world that fay is in. He is breaking the world rules they are shattered.
Before the chapters were deasent sized introducing the characters and as the plot moved towards events, major events that would take out other’s from the story.
And this is shown with the chapters themselves long chapters showing the devastating events leaving many characters even unnamed ones disabled but then here comes our hero Fay and a chapter full of devastating loss now turned around.

That’s why this chapter feels off so many non dead characters and a Cannon Fodder that was supposed to be a mid antagonist at most has taken themselves into the hero spot and the world is recognizing this.

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prob still no more raw chapters

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It used to be like every 8 days for 2 parts but they cought up to the raws and last update was when the latest comment on this chapters were made

4 months ago

“Maleagant-san, Fay-kun is not a bad person! I don’t mind even if you YEET me or whatever, but please don’t put a death sentence on Fay-kun!! I don’t care if you hate me, but please don’t hate Fay-kun!”
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Jeremiah M.
5 months ago
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This is an actual chapter… I’m sorry but it reads like the author let their little brother or younger friend write the next chapter after reading their whole story because it’s so disjointed, random, and worst of all too fast paced

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Jeremiah M.
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If someone told me this was an April fools chapter I would believe it