Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 59 – In case you forgot, Aliceia was the Protagonist of an Otome Game & Intermission [B]

There was a weapon called the fake holy sword. It was a replica of the sword used by the primordial heroes that existed among fairies. 

It might be a fake, but it was a fake of a legendary sword. 

Similar to the real thing, only those chosen and worthy could use it. 


“A fake holy sword, huh… Come to think of it, my mother used to tell me about it in the past. It no longer matters to me anymore, though.” 


In Aliceia’s memories, her mother used to talk a lot about the holy sword. 


“It seems there will be a fighting tournament in the Swordsmanship City to decide who will carry the fake holy sword. Personally, it no longer matters to me, but I think it’ll be an useful excuse for a date with Fay.” 


Originally, Aliceia was a person with a strong desire to be recognized by her mother, so she traveled to Swordsmanship City to try and obtain the holy sword. Now she no longer cares about it. 

Now it was more important that it could serve as an excuse for a date. 


“Fay, I heard that there will be a swordsmanship and fighting competition to decide who will wield the fake holy sword.” 

“I’m going.”

“Right~? I’m going as well.”

“I think it’s fine for me to go alone.”

“Geez~ that might be true, but I’ll follow you no matter where you go~”


Even with the hearts in her eyes, he didn’t notice how heavy her love was. 

Fay just obliviously thought that an event was going to take place in Swordsmanship City. 




Swordsmanship City is the best!! Swordsmanship City is the best!! 

Ara ara? It was said that there was a legendary holy sword replica in Swordsmanship City? Eh? Isn’t that totally my personal weapon no matter how I think about it? 

I guess that means it’s time for Baragi Katana to retire, huh. 




Eh? I just thought it was a good time. 


[“It’s not good!”] 


I was getting tired of it, you see. It’s about time I switch away from the katana. I want a legendary sword since I am the protagonist. 


[“You mean you’re throwing me away?! We’re under a contract, so it doesn’t have much meaning, but still!!”] 


Perhaps I should just sell this to an antique shop next time. 


[“S-st-stooppp!! Even after calling me ‘partner’ all this time, what are you? A brute?!”] 


Maybe the legendary sword was my true partner. 


[“Oooiiii!!!! I told you, stop that!!! Don’t throw me away! I’m gonna cry, okay! I’m really gonna cry!!”] 


Well, I won’t actually throw you away. Rather, since when did your favorability grow so much? You sound like you don’t want to get separated from me. 


[“Hah?! What the hell did I just say…?”] 


As I played around with Baragi, we arrived at Swordsmanship City. Aliceia clung around my arm tightly and walked beside me. 

Her chest was touching me, but I no longer cared after all this time. 

Well then, shall we see the legendary holy sword right away? As we walked, I found a sword stuck in a large pedestal in a place where there were many people. 

Hou, that was a splendid sword. The visible portion of the blade was gold in color and the hilt was silver. It was also studded with a stylish blue sapphire. 

Fumu, it was a suitable sword for me to draw. 


[“Really? It just seems like an ordinary sword to me. Besides, you won’t be able to draw that sword.”] 


Hah? If I, the protagonist, can’t draw it, then who could? 


[“That so-called holy sword will most likely react to light art. If it was someone like Mordred, she would be able to use it, but you, who barely has any art, wouldn’t be able to. Just keep using my katana obediently.”] 


It was about time I changed my weapon after all. 


[“Are you dissatisfied with me?”] 


I am. 


[“You should be considerate toward me and say you’re not. You should say you’re satisfied.”] 


That was clearly my personal sword. But I couldn’t just pull it out right away. It seems that the winner of the tournament would be worthy of drawing it after all. That was why I wouldn’t pull or touch it just yet. 

Well then, I should register for the fighting tournament!! 




1 Anonymous God 

The story is about to reach its climax.


2 Anonymous God 

You’re right. It feels like it’s about time for the final boss to revive.


3 Anonymous God 

Oumagadogi, was it? It was recently mentioned that earthquakes happen often, so I guess his revival is near, right?


4 Anonymous God 

That’s right. By the way, it’s about the time for Fay to be corrupted with dark art.


5 Anonymous God 

Who’re you saying will be corrupted again? LOL


6 Anonymous God 

So what about Aliceia-chan in the end?


7 Anonymous God 

I know she got a ton of Dead Ends in the game, but many of her routes end up with her dying in the end anyway. The game is a multi-ending story, but one of the most important Endings is when she acquired the fake holy sword and her light art awakened completely.

Then she will be killed by Mordred. 


8 Anonymous God 

Seriously!! Why must Aliceia-chan die!!??


9 Anonymous God 

Well, Fay will do something about it.


10 Anonymous God 

You’re right.


11 Anonymous God 

Why did Mordred-chan target bearers of light art anyway?


12 Anonymous God 

I know about it, but I will refrain from discussing it in detail since it will be a spoiler. I’ll just say that in that world, there isn’t a single person who is naturally born with light art.


13 Anonymous God 

They got it by implanting the cells of the Origin Hero, Arthur, right? Then it was said they awakened later.


14 Anonymous God 

That’s right, the Cage of a Hundred Children is the place that tried to artificially create heroes. The cells containing light art that were injected into Arthur-chan, Mordred, Kay, and Aliceia-chan, all came from this place.

Aliceia-chan’s circumstance is a little special, though. 


15 Anonymous God 

Fu~hn, so that means Mordred-chan holds a grudge against the Cage of a Hundred Children so she tried to destroy it?


16 Anonymous God 

That’s not it. There was also the Eternal Foundation who sought eternal life Tlue was involved with. Their research mainly delves into Abyss and dark art. This was where Tlue-kun’s dark art came from. 

Mordred-chan is also destroying the Eternal Foundation’s places on the side. That’s what she promised to a certain girl. 


17 Anonymous God 

Who is that girl?


18 Anonymous God 

It’s someone who never appeared in person in the game version, so there’s no use explaining about her.


19 Anonymous God 

Okay, so all we need to remember is Aliceia-chan will also be targeted because she has light art.


20 Anonymous God 

I don’t want to see Aliceia-chan and Mordred fighting each other, though.


21 Anonymous God 

Mordred will definitely win anyway.


22 Anonymous God 

So the reason the Eternal Foundation and Cage of a Hundred Children do not have much involvement with the story is because Mordred-chan went around destroying them, huh.


23 Anonymous God 

That’s right.


24 Anonymous God 

Rather than that, what about Baragi-chan? I ship her.


25 Anonymous God 

Fay-kun considered throwing her away.


26 Anonymous God 

Fay-kun is a person free like a bird after all.


27 Anonymous God 

Even though he believes his own words the most, he is also quick to take back his own words, so it makes me confused.


28 Anonymous God 

Baragi-chan is quite panicked here.


29 Anonymous God 

I don’t know whether she likes him or not, but how are things actually going?


30 Anonymous God 

I think she isn’t wary of him at least? Baragi originally died after being betrayed by humans, so she was always alone after that.


31 Anonymous God 

Indeed, maybe she doesn’t know how to interact with people.


32 Anonymous God 

Rather, could both of them even be considered human?


33 Anonymous God 

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me that Fay isn’t human.


34 Anonymous God 

Baragi was an oni, right?


35 Anonymous God 

She was born as a human girl.


36 Anonymous God 

If it was Barbara, Baragi would have taken over her body.


37 Anonymous God 

It’s great that she was stuck with Fay instead.


38 Anonymous God 

Despite their behavior, they actually get along well.


39 Anonymous God 

It’s quite interesting for a sword to have a personality. Does the fake holy sword also have one?


40 Anonymous God 

You noticed a great thing, it does!


41 Anonymous God 



42 Anonymous God 

The soul of the Origin Hero is inside.


43 Anonymous God 

Seriously?! Is she a beautiful woman?


44 Anonymous God 

She looks similar to Arthur-chan, well, I guess it’s natural since she is also Arthur. She was more charming compared to Arthur-chan, the person with communication disorder that we know well, though.


45 Anonymous God 

I’m getting confused.


46 Anonymous God 

You mean the real hero Arthur-sama is a charming person. Okay, I get it.


47 Anonymous God 

Then who resides in the real holy sword?


48 Anonymous God 

It’s like her psyche got split in half, with each part dwelling in each sword.


49 Anonymous God 

No spoilers please.


50 Anonymous God 

Having a soul split in two and stored separately is actually quite cruel.


Author’s Note:

Notice for everyone!!

Surprisingly, this work was introduced as a precedent work in the popularity voting for the Light Novel Award in February!! 1

It looks like it’s going to be discontinued… but what of it!?!?!?! I thought I’d still do my best with that kind of energy! Everyone is a genius at encouraging me, thank you!!!

In June, there will be popularity votes and favorites, and in September, there will be This Light Novel and Next Light Novel. So please give me your votes then as well!!

It might be discontinued, but as long as I work hard, I think another publisher will get in touch with me again, so I will keep doing my best!!

━━By the way, from April 15th, the first volume of the E-book will be available for free, so for those who haven’t bought it yet, I recommend waiting until then!

It’s also available on Bookwalker and Kindle. It’s only free for a limited amount of time on both sites, but I recommend getting it there!!

Well then, see you again!

Tsukii’s Note:

If you’re not following the author’s recent notes, they are talking about the light novel release, how unpopular it was, and as above, got discontinued. It shouldn’t have any effect in web novel releases like this one, so there’s no need to panic.

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