I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 40 – Again to Argyle

“Ugh… Is that how it feels like when you do teleport magic? I feel like my sense of balance has become strange.”

It seemed like this was the first time Jill had experienced teleport magic and it made him completely nauseous. I also used to get very nauseous when I first started using this magic…

“Want me to cast recovery magic?”

“Hey… don’t ask me a question that’s just like, ‘want to have tea?’ I can at least handle this much. We don’t know what’s waiting for us, so just preserve your magic as much as you can.”

With my experience, I could still afford to do more magic.  

Even so, I thought I felt something inside me that was slightly similar to nostalgia now that I was back in Argyle. But looking back, except for the time I was on the run, I had only been here and the castle town just once. 

I still had some measure of attachment to the Royal Palace as much as I had fond memories with Kiel and the others…

We took a carriage from the castle town to the Palace, showed our letter, and conveyed the importance of our visit to the gatekeeper.

And now, both Jill and I had been waiting in a room inside the castle for quite some time. 

“Though we came suddenly, what kind of treatment is this?”

“I’m not quite knowledgeable with this world’s social etiquette, but is it possible and acceptable to get treated like this?”

“There’s nothing like that. We’re official envoys from a country with a delicate relationship in terms of military might with Argyle.”

“Just as expected. But we’ve waited for quite some time now, haven’t we? And no one’s coming yet.”

…Furthermore, we remained in the room, and yet there was no news.

“…Let’s wait a little longer, and if no one still comes, shall we leave the castle by then? It’s not like we’re particularly in a rush,” Jill said lightly. 

“Let’s see. I at least want to find out about Kagaya-kun, but… I guess we can come back tomorrow.”

“I don’t know how much information we can gather, but do you want to stop by the Information Guild?”

We were just about to leave the castle after a few minutes, and as we were discussing our next course of action for today, a guide finally arrived.

We were guided to the audience room, and there stood a red-headed Crown Prince. There was also an unpleasant and nervous-looking old man beside him; he seemed like a close aide. I might have met him before, but I couldn’t quite recall when or where I saw him. 

The Crown Prince, whom I had seen for the first time in a long while, suddenly looked very mature… rather, he looked more like an exhausted man. 

He might just be around 20 years old, and yet his face and hair lacked lustre. 

“Your Majesty Jillvias, thank you for coming all the way here from such a long distance. We’re very sorry that we made you wait as we haven’t finished our preparations because of your sudden visit.”

“I don’t mind. Or should I say, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen Crown Prince Leonard after the coronation of Osiris. You were quite young at that time, so I don’t think you remember me. By the way, where is His Majesty?”

“My father has been riddled with anxiety for a while now and he has to lie in bed, so I have taken over duties in his stead… Even so, you arrived very early.”

“Well, we happened to be nearby.”

“You mean, you just happened to be near Argyle…? It seems like we’re quite fortunate.”

Jill was now lying brazenly. 

The Crown Prince shifted his gaze towards me. 

“Itou-dono, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. I heard that you had finished purifying all the miasma in Dynas. Were you the one who did it?”


“Is that true? …However, I’d heard that you have little to no magic power… Shouldn’t it be impossible for you to perform purification in the first place?” the Crown Prince said.

“My magic has been increasing ever since then.”

“…How? …Could we have been mistaken…?” the Crown Prince looked down and muttered in a low voice. 

Yep, you were wrong in many ways.

When he looked up at me again, he said this to me with a broad smile tinged with relief. 

“Well, in any case, I’m glad that you have returned to our country. Your Majesty Jillvias, thank you for protecting Argyle’s Miko and returning him safely.”

I didn’t see that coming.

“Returning him? That is such a strange thing to say. He is an important guest of our country and was the one who saved Dynas from a crisis. The person himself wanted to visit Argyle, so I simply accompanied him.”

Even though Jill was smiling as he spoke, his eyes were not smiling at all. 

When his usual cheerful smile disappeared, his refined face coupled with the dignity of a Prince, made him look extremely intimidating. 

Okay, let’s never make Jill mad

“However, it was our country that summoned him! Our country was the one that shouldered all the labour and expenses for the summoning… Isn’t it tyrannical to use and even monopolise the Miko even though you weren’t involved in the summoning?”

The aide beside the Crown Prince became furious even though he was shrinking back from Jill’s intimidation.

“So what? I don’t plan to monopolise the Miko, but I don’t want to leave him in a country that ignores his will.”  

Our eyes met when he glanced at me. 

“It’ll be troublesome for me if you get the wrong idea, but I’m not the ‘Argyle’s Miko’. Don’t you already know that the black-haired, black-eyed otherworlder that this country summoned died in an accident?”

The aide’s shoulder flinched slightly for a moment that nearly missed it.

“But you’re actually alive, aren’t you? Just where have you been living without returning back to Argyle, the country that summoned you? If you’re alive, why didn’t you return?”

The Crown Prince asked me with a puzzled look. It seemed like the Crown Prince wasn’t informed of the case regarding my disappearance. 

“…You might not know about this, but the Emperor and that aide beside you were the ones who sent assassins to kill me and covered it up as an accident. I accidentally happened to learn of this plan before the assassination took place, so I was able to escape after the carriage fell. You knew this, didn’t you?”

I turned my gaze to the aide who had reacted earlier. The Crown Prince’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“It’s impossible… It was certainly an accident… Prime Minister, did you know of this?”1

The Crown Prince didn’t even need to ask him, his suddenly pale complexion gave him away, but he still pressed the aide for answers. If the aide was the Prime Minister, he might be the one who  talked with the Emperor about assassinating me.  

“The black-haired, black-eyed ‘Miko of Argyle’ has already died. I have neither the intention nor the responsibility to cooperate with this country,” Itou firmly said.

“Did you really believe that he would cooperate with you? Or do you think you can force him to cooperate with you as long as you can get a hold of him?” Jill asked.

Jill looked at the Crown Prince and the aide beside him with an icy stare. 

Eh— I at least liked to keep myself from being enslaved by that collar again. 

The Crown Prince clutched his hair that had lost its lustre and held his head.

No way… Then, we can’t even purify…? What am I supposed to do now…?” the Crown Prince said with a troubled expression.

“The reason I came here was because I just wanted to know how Kagaya-kun has been doing. Please, let me meet him.”


The Crown Prince looked up and was somehow reluctant to speak. 

What? Were they hiding something?

I slowly took a breath. “What did you do to him?”

He voiced out much lower than I expected. 

“…I didn’t do anything to him…”

“Then, quickly bring him here, please,” I demanded.


After I heard what the Crown Prince said after much reluctance, I exclaimed.

Whaaaat?! He returned back to his world?!”

Wow. I had never known that I could let out such a loud voice. 


(PK : the one who got it all is Kaname. He got what he wanted and when he’s enough, he returned back without doing his work. Logically speaking, he’s the winner.)

(Rus : Damn, Kaname is king!

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