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Chapter 14 – Plot Behind the Scene is Welcome desuwa

Two days passed after the devil’s invasion of the imperial capital. There was no additional invasion, the barrier control device was reactivated safely, and there was no particular problem except for the fact that the first princess was kidnapped so people gradually returned to their original lives.

Also, Lydia declared she was fully responsible for this attack and proceeded to donate a large amount towards restoration, which made her fame shoot up dramatically within the imperial capital. A whole block of the imperial capital was burned down, but the money donated by Lydia was enough to rebuild all those houses along with their respective household goods and still have money to spare. 

After the entrance ceremony, Lydia ignored the order to stand by at home and went out and continued to spend her money wastefully, only to feel despair that her money never seemed to run out, so she was looking forward to her academy life resuming. Until then, she was researching senior students she was curious about. 

“That foolish prince pressured the people he didn’t like until they dropped out, huh…” 

The first one was Linden Hein, who attacked her house before the first day. Lydia spoke with a tone of disappointment and anger, but she really liked his behavior inwardly. Linden had forced several students who didn’t obey him to drop out of the academy. As a YEET lady, he was a goal she had to look up to. 

Linden was the first successor of the Hein Kingdom, so his current political power wasn’t that strong. But his parents served as the chancellors of the Lowlet Empire where Lydia lived, and they also ruled over a vast amount of territory. Moreover, Linden himself was also a duke within the Hein Kingdom, which was a rich nation with very high food production, so there was nobody who could reprimand him within the academy until now. 

Of course, Lydia was one of the few who could reprimand Linden. Lydia’s territory boasted overwhelming economic power along with a strong army. Lydia would come out victorious even if things soured and developed into a war. However, Lydia wanted to stand up and YEET together with Linden. Because she thought she could YEET more people that way.1

Lydia also investigated Maria, the woman who followed Linden around. There was an orphanage that controlled a parish in the countryside of the Hein Kingdom. Said orphanage was led by Maria, who was 12 years old this year, so she was clearly a lump of abnormality. Although Lydia had no proof, Maria was likely to be a Japanese reincarnator, so she was likely a person that could get along well with Lydia. 

In short, Lydia saw Maria as a person with the potential to lead Lydia to destruction. Lydia obviously welcomed such existence.  

“Linden seemed to loan 10 million credits to Maria. He sure is a prince who uses money inconsiderately.” 

“That’s not all. If we add all the small amounts donated by Linden’s faction… It’s 100 million credits?!”

“…No way. Then why do the children of the orphanage still work?”

Lydia also had Makia and Makina read the information that Crecia collected and summarize the information. What they concluded was Maria was suspected of secretly keeping some of that money for her own — at least 30 million credits. 

“She seems more dangerous than I thought. According to traffic records at the border, there is a record of the Margaret merchant group entering Tanuta Parish where Maria lives.” 

“Margaret merchant group? Err, what kind of merchant group is that again?”

“…Onee-chan, at least remember the name of the biggest weapon merchant group. It is the biggest merchant group that sells weapons to the masses.”

“If an adventurer or explorer wants a good weapon, they would first visit there. That’s the Margaret merchant group. Perhaps Maria used the money that was not included in the account to buy weapons and armor there desuwa.”

As they investigated further, they found traces of a caravan specializing in weapons and armor visiting Maria, and it happened not long after receiving the loan from Linden. Although they lacked concrete evidence, Lydia declared Maria guilty. 

And exactly because of that, Lydia was getting excited inside. She began to have expectations that Maria might lead a revolution in this nation later. If a revolution occurred and the revolting army was victorious, all the people who ruled in the previous dynasty would be treated miserably. As Lydia thought of such a future, she found Maria to be a wonderful existence. 

“I’ll give Maria about 100 million credits. Makia and Makina, I’ll have both of you confirm how she used that money desuwa.” 

“1- 100 million credits… I understand. I’ll make sure to investigate thoroughly.”

“…Tons of money has been spent recently. Is this what it means to turn the economy around?”

“Makina sure said a good thing. If money isn’t spent, then that money would keep piling up and end up rotting in place.”

Lydia immediately donated 100 million credits to Maria’s orphanage and asked Makia and Makina to investigate how Maria would use the money. The two girls had a mystified expression at that order which shifted into a determined expression when they agreed. 

Tsukii Note:

Pervert vs Villainess… err, is it a fight?

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