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Chapter 38 – Truth desuwa

Lydia returned to her territory and was in the midst of making enemies in all directions through diplomacy. There was a figure of another reincarnator who visited Garlon’s mansion after Lydia.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Maria, the director of the special zone orphanage of Hein Kingdom.” 

“So it’s the second peculiar person, huh? Nice to meet you. I am Garlon, the blacksmith. Your activity in the Hein Kingdom has been heard all the way here.”

“Second peculiar person, so that means the other one is Lydia-san, isn’t it?”

“…There are many kids that are quick to understand these days. Well, your age isn’t that of a kid, though.”

Maria was the leader of over 1,000 orphans and over 10,000 people in need. She also owned a named magic sword, or rather, dagger, that led her to Garlon’s mansion. 

Just like when Lydia visited Garlon, he also told Maria about the goddess’ existence. Maria then asked various questions, like Lydia did, but there was one particular question that Lydia didn’t ask. 

“There should be another goal besides preventing the increase in the number of reincarnators in the plan to kill the goddess, shouldn’t there?” 

“Why do you think so? No, it’s okay. Lydia also asked that question, so I’ll answer you as well… by killing the goddess, we might be able to find a way to return to the original world. It was just a meager hope.”

“That’s a lie. At the very least, I don’t think Garlon-san, who achieved great success in this world, intends to return to your original world, and the same could be said for the adventurer group, right?” 

“Hou~ so you noticed that. As expected of the villainess who spread communism in this world.”

Garlon answered Maria’s question, but his lie was caught quickly, so he praised Maria’s ability. Both of them looked at each other and then she answered for him. 

“Reincarnators in this world would have nothing go their way. Things don’t go to their expectation. Is that the work of the goddess?” 

“Bingo. If the mechanism only increased the number of reincarnators, there wouldn’t be many unfortunate reincarnators. There should be some that achieved respective success. In the first place, if the goddess only increased the number of reincarnators, we wouldn’t bother to exact our vengeance against her. That’s why we, the reincarnators, were subjected to ‘the curse that made things not go our way’ by the goddess the moment we were born.”

“Those who noticed that would try to make use of it, but it was hard to envision success that way… so that’s your reason to kill the goddess?”

“Well, that’s a major shackle after all. Although we said it was a curse, it should be some sort of magic. If we kill the caster, the curse will likely be gone.”

Every reincarnator in this world was shackled with a curse that made things not go their way. For those reincarnators who were called and then left alone, the goddess’ existence was an unbearable hurdle on the way to their success. 

Therefore, the more one wished and desired, the more the reincarnators were cursed to make such wishes go unfulfilled. Any reincarnators who manage to survive in this world for some period of time would naturally notice it. That was how much the curse twisted their fate. 

“…Of course, Lydia-san also bears the curse, right?”

“She should have, but it seems she noticed that if a person had some sort of divinity, it could be deflected to some extent… also, if the person had an extremely strong will. Isn’t that the reason that you created a religion, Maria?”

“I also noticed that a person who is revered and relied upon tends to be stronger. That means Lydia-san managed to repel the curse on her own.”

“Aah. That’s why Lydia would serve as the key person for the plan to kill the goddess. Well, the same could be said for me, who gains a reputation without coming upfront, and Maria, who is the founder of the Linlin religion.”

“For blacksmiths and adventurers, Garlon-san is practically a god after all.”

Garlon knew that the more revered and relied upon he was, the closer he would be to earning some sort of divinity that allowed him to resist the goddess’ curse. Moreover, Garlon thought that Lydia could resist the goddess curse because she earned her own divinity. 

Obviously, Lydia had no idea about that. Rather, she moved in a way so she could receive curses and malice from others more easily. As a result, none of these intentions went as Lydia hoped. She wanted her virginity to be violently taken away from her, but the fact she was still a virgin even now was proof of the curse. 

Maria also agreed to the exchange of information like Lydia did and decided to participate in the plan to murder the goddess. When she heard about the curse, Maria could easily see it from her experience, therefore, she wanted to eliminate the goddess in order to fulfill her long-cherished wish.

Every reincarnator in the group strongly desired the death of the goddess. It was a world where things wouldn’t meet their expectations. They decided to enact the plan to kill the goddess. They had worried whether it could go well, but the reincarnator group continued to gather their forces. 

Tsukii Note:

Turns out our lady’s success was due to the curse. It was surprising yet convincing. The fact it is actually “effective” against Lydia is surprising though… since she acted so naturally that one might think it was a natural result.

Since their desire is reversed, the more they desire to kill the goddess, the more likely they fail. They still had such desire despite understanding the mechanism, so there would be no salvation for them…

Also, if not for we see the story from Lydia’s perspective and with her quirky perversion, that world is pretty much a crapsack one. So things went well for Lydia because she is a hardcore masochist who desired her own ruin, thus making it a plot point.

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4 months ago

I think the depression sword she got might be the result of her ever growing fame leading to a minor divinity. The only thing she’s got that fulfils her masochistic heart at all.

8 months ago

So basically you get the opposite of what you wish for? So the opposite of YEETing a person is to making a person competent and putting them where they belong? So either Lydia is going to replace the goddess, or her actions will free the goddess of whatever happened to her and make her function the way she was supposed too.

I still don’t buy it that the goddess is actually the one responsible for everything though. Either she was cursed herself, or somebody else did it to her.

Ah, also… seems that I was right about Lydia having the goddess protection.

11 months ago

It really did the opposite for Lydia as Lydia is the opposite of normal people.