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Chapter 41 – Library desuwa

While chatting with Mei, I explored the demon city, where it seemed there were many demons with mana capacities similar to mine, and there were also many who seemed to be good in combat desuwa. But there were many non-combatants as well. Demons were completely hostile to the Lowlet Empire, but the nation west of the O’Shay Federation seemed to have friendly relationships with demons, and the race itself seemed to be united into a single nation instead of divided like humans were.

As we explored the city while also being avoided for some reason, we arrived at a building that seemed to be a library. The magic academy had many books, but they lacked old history books there, so I was glad such things were available here desuwa… I was sure the reason for the lack of old history books was because of locust swarms and other types of disasters that often struck the empire. 

On the contrary, the books in this library were magically protected so they could be stored safely, and there were many of them in good condition desuwa. The magic technology of demons was completely superior to humans. They weren’t known as demons for nothing, and I was envious of the fact that there were many people with abundant mana in the city.

“Not only do we not need to search for the dungeon entrance on the demon territory side, but it is also casually written on the map here.” 

“I heard the demon territory expanded in a long and narrow manner from north to south, so it was on the north side…”

“We’ll be heading north while sightseeing. Oh Mei, you should look for a book that depicts a hero and a demon lord. I’ll be looking for a book about the goddess.”

There appeared to be no damage from the locust swarm in demon territory since their food situation was normal. Rather, most of the people here were strong enough to resist the grasshoppers on their own. 

After searching through books for a while, I found out that in recent years, a large number of strong demon beasts had come out of the demon side of the entrance of the dungeon and the damage spread to a neighboring village. It was most likely the demon beast that the goddess gave birth to. A long time ago, said goddess was sealed by Judit, the champion of the demon race. 

…According to the contents of this book, the goddess descended and rampaged to annihilate the demons, and while the demon territory back then was a strong empire, which included what later became the Lowlet Empire, the Arcelus Kingdom, and the O’Shay Federation, its territory was greatly reduced at that time and became the size it was now desuwa. Judit, who sealed the goddess, was a demon, meaning that person was considered a hero of salvation for the demons. 

The essential details weren’t depicted, but many books stated that Judit sealed the goddess, though the exact methods written in those books varied, including ‘frozen in ice,’ ‘buried in a lava pool,’ or ‘turned into a mana tank,’ so it was unknown which was true, but the goddess was definitely not killed. 

Apparently, it was an event from a long time ago, so there was a lot of ambiguous writing, hence the detail was unknown, but since our language and letter systems were the same, it seemed the demons of the past truly did dominate most of the territory on our side of the continent. The aristocracy system was similar after all… Most likely, Garlon had visited demon territory at least once. 

By the way, I read the books depicting the hero and demon lord that Mei brought to me, but most of them felt like common fairy tales desuwa. It is just depicted from the demon’s perspective though. There was a demon lord that was considered the worst demon lord who managed to reduce the world population by half, and that demon lord was defeated by the hero, then said hero was defeated by the next generation demon lord. The world seemed to repeat itself by going back and forth desuwa. 

It sure felt different for them to call themselves demon lords… well, demons were a race that excelled in magic, and since the lords that reigned over demons were selected by ability, I guess it was natural to call themselves demon lords. 

Also, apparently, the hero was summoned through the system made by the goddess before she was sealed. The hero seemed to be summoned once every decade through a summoning ritual that required vast amounts of mana which would prevent a new hero from being summoned while the previous one was still there. I had no idea why the demons were more informed about this than I was despite the fact that I was formerly an aristocrat of the empire desuwa. 

Since the hero was summoned to clash with the demon lord, it meant the summoned hero would have strength based on how strong the current demon lord was. Considering the current hero was an inaccurate yet fast glass cannon type of hero, I didn’t think the current demon lord was strong.

As I tried to find out more about this hero summoning system, a unit of demons wearing gorgeous armor arrived, pointed at me, and shouted, “She’s over there!” …They seemed to carry some sort of wanted poster that had an elaborate picture of me on it for some reason. 

“Crazy lady1, we request that you accompany us to the demon lord’s castle.” 

“…Perhaps I’m actually famous in demon territory?”

“We have heard how you one-sidedly bullied the candidate for the next demon lord during the operation to invade the Lowlet Empire… May we request you to accompany us?”

So that wanted poster was the reason I felt prickly gazes and saw people avoiding me since I landed in the demon territory. There were quite a lot of digits written on the wanted poster, and I never thought that the devil I met at the imperial capital back then was a candidate to be the next demon lord.

Tsukii Note:

Turns out our clunky hero guess back in chapter 10 was correct. 

Our lady is “politely invited” rather than “forcefully dragged there.” It seemed our candidate for demon lord, despite being a “candidate,” meaning merit was important to secure his spot, yet he still chose to swallow his shame to correctly convey the danger of our crazy lady instead. That was the proof of a competent person right there.

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9 months ago

I dunno, kind of feels like they either want her to marry the next Demon Lord, or become it.

1 year ago

lmfao, suddenly One Piece with the wanted posters. Too bad that the Demons are too civilised to try anything against her. They’re also too scared.