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Chapter 45 – Goddess Series Demon Beast desuwa

As for the other demon beast in the shape of a moving egg, Melt, the prince of demons, flew into the sky and pierced through its center using himself as a bullet. I guess demons were muscle-brained fellows. Apparently, as demon beasts at this level of power were born on the bottom layer of the dungeon, they would proceed to march toward the demon territory, and the demons were pushed back considerably because of that.

For the time being, I would enter the dungeon through the most well-known routes, but demon beasts that lurked there had exposed human body parts, which made Mei’s SAN value decrease considerably. Considering Mei was a former assassin trained to kill her emotions from an early age, the fact she was still scared of those demon beasts showed how much of a horror they were. 

Their strength was also weird in the first place, which made me amazed that these demon beasts didn’t emerge from the dungeon entrance on the Lowlet Empire and the Arcelus Kingdom’s side. Well, they were made to immediately march to demon territory soon after they were born, so the goddess’ target was still the demon race desuwa. Or rather, even history books stated the goddess descended to this world to annihilate the demons… 

For the time being, I guess I could assume that the demon races were descendants of reincarnators who drew the goddess’ ire. The dungeon had four layers: upper, middle, lower, and bottom; but from the middle layer, the demon beasts that came out were like dragon chimeras. I could understand it having two heads, but the fact it had human legs on the tip of its tail, human arms came out of its eyes, and human eyes on its arms made it uncool to look at desuwa. 

On the human arms that came out of its eyes, there was a mouth on each palm that expelled burning breath, so it was totally a scam of an appearance. Well, considering the strength of our party, the heat wasn’t a big deal, and even Mei was barely damaged at all desuwa. 

And for Mei, who cut off the disgusting part of the dragon, I wanted to pass her an easy-to-handle magic sword if I got my hands on one. I never saw such a thing, though. Why were those things designed to make their wielders excessively emotional, like distraught or angry, just by wielding them? I didn’t understand how it worked at all. 

“…We’ll be at the lower layer from here on. There will be angel-like demon beasts appearing sometimes. No attack works against them, so if you encounter one, escape immediately.” 

“You mean neither physical nor magical attack is effective against it, right?”

“Aah. Moreover, it shoots some sort of beam that will erase its target from existence if it happens to make contact… I can’t even remember how many comrades I’ve lost to that.”

It was extremely rare for an elite group of demons to reach the bottom layer, but the dungeon record prior to the goddess being sealed still remained, so the mapping of the bottom layer was completed. Apparently, according to the map, on the entrance from the lower layer to the bottom layer, was where the path connected between the Arcelus Kingdom and the demon territory side of the dungeon. 

Since the route from the Arcelus Kingdom side to its lower layer and the demon territory side to its lower layer weren’t covered, there weren’t cases when people from both sides met in the dungeon. The half-naked prince explained what to pay attention to with the demon beast every time, but if there really was one that blocked all kinds of attacks then I wanted to see it.

Moreover, I was excited by the thought of being on the receiving end of the existence extermination beam so I tried to search for the angel-like demon beast. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to meet it. Since we arrived at the entrance to the bottom layer, we decided to exit from the Arcelus Kingdom side of the entrance. I still had no idea how to YEET the goddess from the world, and I wanted to YEET her instead of killing her in front of the reincarnator group, so that would be left for later desuwa. 

By the way, Mei was worried about whether or not it was alright to come out of the Arcelus Kingdom’s side of the dungeon entrance together with a demon, but Melt could use his unique magic to transform into a human, so there was no problem. If anything, the fact I had a bounty on my head issued by the Arcelus Kingdom was more problematic, but the adventurers we met would never expect they had actually met the greatest enemy of the Arcelus Kingdom inside the dungeon, so we could just pass through. 

“No, I think that shining magic sword is completely revealing your identity, though…” 

“…Well, since they still haven’t moved to catch me, I guess Garlon did something about it. It’s about to get dark, so we’ll go to Garlon’s mansion instead.”

“Garlon… don’t tell me, it’s Garlon the demon kidnapper?!”

“What the heck is that mad scientist doing…? Aah, I had a rough idea about it.”

Since we were already here, I decided to visit Garlon’s mansion again, but Melt seemed to know Garlon so I asked about it. It seemed that Garlon had kidnapped demon children desuwa. It was just my guess, but I thought they were used as core material for the magic swords. 

…The reason Garlon said they lacked the power to proceed with the plan to kill the goddess was probably related to breaking through the lower and bottom layers of the dungeon. There were many adventurers gathered in the Arcelus Kingdom, but I heard a rumor that anyone who visited the bottom layer wouldn’t be able to come back, and S-rank adventurers seemed more likely to be permitted to explore the lower layer of the dungeon, so I guess Garlon wanted to increase the number of S rank adventurers to aim for the bottom layer. 

Despite how they acted, Abraham and the other wielders of the magic swords had great fighting power, and there were many vicious abilities among the magic sword’s powers, so I think we might win if our numbers increased. Since the local who was born in this world once managed to seal the goddess in the past, it meant she had been defeated by the humans. 

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