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Chapter 46 – Goddess’ Malice desuwa

Lydia took Melt, who had transformed into a human, and Mei, her escort, into the dungeon through the entrance on the demon territory’s side and left through the dungeon’s entrance on the Arcelus Kingdom’s side. The reason Lydia could walk brazenly through the city despite the fact she picked a fight with executives of the nation and broke their castle was because of Garlon’s instruction that Lydia was to be left untouched.

Garlon, who was a famous blacksmith to begin with, mass produced magic swords and produced a large number of S-rank adventurers, so his status had risen dramatically. Because of that, he completely controlled the city with the entrance to the dungeon. In addition, the city itself functioned as a semi-independent city with most of the residents being adventurers, and Garlon stood at the top of them. Considering the fact he also had a large mansion in the nation’s capital, it showed how important he was.  

As Lydia visited Garlon’s mansion, they reunited there, and Garlon reconfirmed that Lydia might really kill the goddess. The world they were in was a world where things wouldn’t go the way the reincarnators wished, and through the second meeting, Garlon finally grasped Lydia’s true nature. Although Lydia was popular as a ruler, she didn’t reach the level of earning her own divinity yet. Despite that, there was a reason why Lydia appeared to be able to resist the goddess’s curse. 

[“Lydia is a person who seeks death and holds a strong desire to achieve it.”] 

Unfortunately, Garlon didn’t manage to see through Lydia’s inclination, but he managed to confirm that the curse affected Lydia properly. At the same time, he reconsidered the gimmick in the curse of the sealed goddess. 

The goddess who managed this world created a causality that made the reincarnators suffer. It was to reverse the intention of the reincarnator, with the result being that the outcome of the reincarnator’s intended action was likely to be reversed. 

For example, if one would make an effort to achieve something, it would be reversed into one wouldn’t make an effort to achieve anything. If the intention itself was reversed, it wouldn’t make the reincarnator suffer. Therefore, the goddess’ curse made the result more likely to be reversed.

Those who noticed that would obviously try thinking of an inverted result, but just by being conscious of the desired result, their fate would be twisted. There was unfortunately no existence that had a dearest wish of death even while being on the verge of death until Lydia was born.

Garlon had developed a magic sword series that forcefully manipulated this consciousness. Among them, the best he ever made was “Lia,” which allowed the wielder to use all the magic swords that Abraham had, and “Dephassion,” which made its wielder feel despair over everything in the world and made them desire death. 

That magic sword that made its wielder feel an intense desire to die, if it was wielded by a reincarnator, then the intent would be reversed and make a human who couldn’t die at all come into being. Such was Garlon’s intention when he made it, but obviously, Garlon himself also suffered from the reincarnator’s curse. As a result, it didn’t fall into the hands of the reincarnator that he desired, and he lost track of it along the way. 

Since it was a valuable joker, Garlon obviously searched for it, but he couldn’t find it. Lydia also didn’t report to Garlon that she actually possessed Dephassion, so Garlon was still searching for it even now. 

From Garlon’s perspective, he would only find Dephassion three years later, when he was no longer conscious of the sword. 

“What kind of magic sword does Maria have?” 

“Simply said, it is a dagger that produces poison. It absorbs its wielder’s jealousy and malice, and then it produces a poison that destroys the spirit of its victim.”

“…Does that mean we could see a pure version of Maria?”

“Unfortunately, she’s still filled with dark intentions even when she wields the dagger.”

As Garlon and Lydia exchanged information, the topic shifted toward Maria. She was the person who earned divinity to resist the curse of the goddess and called herself a saint while the Linlin religion she made rapidly gained power in the territory that was formerly the Lowlet Empire. 

Lydia grasped the information that, nowadays, Maria was developing a prostitution business using orphans, and when Lydia told Garlon about that, he had the expression that seemed to say “So it’s become like that after all.” 

That was how much Maria was a shady person for those who understood her movements. Maria, who made use of prostitution to quickly spread her information network, which was reflected through her newspaper business, had further strengthened her support base. 

“Are you aware of the causality of the world, Lydia?” 

“Yes, I’m aware of that. As I continue to receive the same pain and poison over and over, I began to develop resistance to it. The same could be said in the old world, but it’s especially remarkable in this world.” 

Garlon asked Lydia since he was curious about the reason for her success and was about to ask Lydia’s thoughts about said causality, but it seemed Lydia wasn’t aware that things wouldn’t go according to the reincarnator’s desire. Because of that, she instead touched on the great causality of this world. 

The acquisition of skills and resistance was quick in this world. That wasn’t the causality made by the goddess who managed the world, but by the god who made the world. Because Lydia didn’t mention the causality made by the goddess, Garlon finally raised suspicion that “Lydia might be a person who desires her own ruin.” 

Tsukii Note:

That joker card you made ended up as Lydia’s masturbation tool, Garlon-san…

Well, we finally learned why Garlon made the magic sword that way. It was a necessary tool to steer the conscious away to avoid the goddess’s curse.

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