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Chapter 54 – Goddess desuwa

Lydia and the adventurer group reached the innermost part of the dungeon and broke the seal of the goddess. Immediately afterward, an angelic beauty emerged from inside, but the things that extended from her back weren’t wings but silver tentacles instead.


Abraham, whose thoughts turned simple due to the effects of Garlon’s magic swords, reacted quickly and tried to skewer the goddess with his right arm, which had transformed into a magic sword. However, it was blocked by a translucent shield that covered the goddess, and then a tentacle pierced Abraham’s abdomen. 

At the same time, all 12 people in the small room were attacked by the tentacles. All the members of the adventurer group had their abdomens pierced and blown away by the impact, with only Garlon who wore specially made armor, Mei who managed to avoid the tentacle, and Lydia who still had a big smile on her face despite her abdomen being pierced by the tentacle not receiving noticeable damage. 

“Melt?! Are you okay?!” 

“Guh, I’m okay.”

Although Melt managed to block the tentacle, he still lost in strength and was blown across the room, sinking into the ground below the rear wall, but despite that, he suffered no serious damage. When Lydia noticed that Melt, the cornerstone of the plan, was fine, she confronted the goddess. Meanwhile, blood flowed from her abdomen, which was still pierced by the tentacle. 

The goddess continued her merciless attacks on Lydia. It was because, from the goddess’s perspective, everyone else was a trivial existence that could be dealt with in an instant. The goddess conjured flame, ice, thunder, and iron balls and hit Lydia with them all, but Lydia endured everything. 

Then the goddess peeked into a fragment of Lydia’s memory. The thing the goddess saw there was a figure of a perfectly successful life of a reincarnator from another person’s perspective. 

Immediately after that, the goddess let out an earthshaking scream and attacked Lydia even more intensely. The goddess learned that the reincarnator group came to kill her and her fury against reincarnators reignited. Every time Lydia was hit with a fierce attack, her body bled and her bones broke, but Lydia still stood. 

The goddess made a fatal mistake here. She focused on the curse that inflicted all reincarnators when she attacked Lydia. These humans were the group that came to kill her. The goddess failed to realize that among those members, there was actually a member who wholeheartedly “wanted to lose.” 

Even though the goddess could see Lydia’s memories, she couldn’t read Lydia’s thoughts at that moment. As a result, her actions to make sure Lydia “lost” decided the fate of the rest of the humans in this world. While Lydia’s whole body bathed in rays of light from the goddess, she approached the goddess step by step and set her magic circle on her fist. 

Melt matched Lydia’s movement, and the goddess also shot a ray of light toward Melt who showed suspicious movement, but Mei used Dephassion to unleash its ray of light and overcome the goddess’s attack. The first trump card that Garlon prepared unfortunately failed to damage the goddess’s body, but it managed to overcome the goddess’s attack and even melted the translucent barrier around the goddess.

On top of that, Garlon’s second trump card took the goddess by surprise. Even though Garlon didn’t show any attacking motion, an extremely thin arrow flew from Garlon’s abdomen. It was the arrow that Lydia once broke, which had then been made even thinner to the point it wouldn’t enter one’s sight. 

The tip of the arrow touched the goddess’s eye. Although it failed to produce even a scratch, the intense mental pollution made the goddess turn her attention away from Lydia for just a moment. Lydia didn’t let the chance slip away and slammed her fist that was imbued with the magic circle into the goddess, forcefully teleporting the goddess away. At the same time, the coordinates of this world were sealed so the goddess couldn’t return. 

As the goddess was forcefully teleported away, she realized the reincarnators were trying to dispel “the curse that made things not go their way” that affected reincarnators. Though in actuality, the goddess was merely YEETed and the curse itself wasn’t dispelled. 

That was why the goddess made sure all those curses would pile up on Lydia so they would continue to affect her. Unfortunately, the goddess hated the existence of reincarnators, and among the reincarnators that gathered, Lydia was the most successful person. 

At the very end, Lydia closed her eyes at the joy of being knocked unconscious due to receiving a massive curse, but unfortunately for Lydia, the YEET of the goddess didn’t fail, and Lydia herself didn’t die. 

After confirming the goddess was gone, then confirming that the unconscious Lydia, the other adventurers, and Mei and Melt who were battered all over were all actually safe, Garlon took out five dice. He said, “If any of these five dice show results other than 1, we’ll hold a feast” and threw those dice and the results were 1 for 2 dice, 4 for 2 dice, and 5 for the last die.

Tsukii Note:

Goddess: “I’ll definitely return and exact my vengeance! Especially Lydia, I will destroy her no matter what!”

Lydia: “Please return and exact your vengeance! Especially me, you have to destroy me no matter what!”

We would see how the curse effect could triumph over the goddess’s desire.

Since all those curses were piled up on a single person that is Lydia, everyone else is freed, and since Lydia had no idea of the curse of the goddess, her success would continue.

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