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Chapter 7 – Selecting a Candidate to be YEETed desuwa

There had been no major events since the attack by the prince of Hein, and the day of Lydia’s long-awaited entrance ceremony arrived. She took Mei, Makia, and Makina with her and entered the gates of the academy. Just as Lydia approached the academy building, the nearby seniors greeted her with great respect. Her clash with Linden had already become famous and the fact that Linden could do nothing but retreat meant the aristocratic children, who were sensitive to power relationships, rushed to side with Lydia.

On the other hand, those who didn’t take action despite the rumor or those who had no interest in the rumor to begin with didn’t humble themselves to Lydia. 

Furthermore, hicks that came from the countryside and had no idea of common etiquette wouldn’t even use honorifics with aristocrats. 

“I heard you are the best entrant. Of that target test.” 

“That’s rude of you.”

The black-haired, black-eyed, medium-build man who suddenly spoke to Lydia was quickly dismissed as rude. He was one of the targets she wanted to oppress to begin with, and according to the prior information that Crecia had gathered, it seemed the fact that the man had no manners was correct. Lydia dug into her memory and recalled that the name of the man she just dismissed was Yuusuke. 

When Lydia used a hand to push Yuusuke away, he fell back. Seeing that, Lydia judged that Yuusuke didn’t do much basic training. Not only that, but Lydia also discovered that Yuusuke’s muscles weren’t that great either. 

Lydia wished her actions would lead to a quarrel that ended with her suffering a one-sided beat down, but as Yuusuke was pushed back by Lydia, Mei, who stood behind her, glared at Yuusuke, making him feel intimidated. Lydia sighed as she saw that.  

“Haah, to think you already feel intimidated by Mei. It’s amazing you tried to call me out despite that, huh? You’re a hindrance, so quickly go away.” 

One would normally resist if one had a strong rebellious spirit, but Yuusuke chose to back down and move away from Lydia. It was because Mei’s glare clearly contained killing intent. 

After these things happened, Lydia went to the staff room inside the academy building and was given the speech script for greetings as the new student representative. 

“So this year’s best entrant is the child of the Narorosa family, huh? Lydia’s classroom is 1-A, and I serve as the homeroom teacher of 1-A, Cyril Octuri. Do your best to have a fulfilling life in your 3 years at the academy.”

“Of course, I will… Cyril-sensei, aren’t you the General Octuri who commanded the demon landing operation 5 years ago?”

“That one is my uncle, so nope. I was at the forefront as a commander there, but I wasn’t that great. I’m personally more interested in your achievement against the Arcelus Kingdom that year…”

Many of the teachers at the academy were former military personnel, and Cyril, who served as Lydia’s homeroom teacher, was a commander that served in the operation of invading demon territory. Even in Lydia’s eyes, he seemed to be very experienced in war. Cyril also asked about Lydia’s achievement against the Arcelus kingdom’s army the other day. He praised her yet also reprimanded her recklessness to charge directly toward the enemy army, but Lydia wouldn’t listen to him. 

After Lydia’s eyes shone brilliantly when she heard Cyril’s story about torturing a prisoner of war, she moved to the classroom and saw several students already chatting there. The atmosphere turned heavy the moment Lydia entered the room. For better or worse, Lydia was a prominent figure. 

“That one is Abraham of 0 mana, the son of Count Sometime, right?” 

“That’s right. I think he is highly proficient with swords. It’s just his mana…”

“I don’t think it’s totally absent, but it should be very low?”

“…It’s less than a tenth of onee-chan’s mana.”

When Lydia’s group sat down and chatted cheerfully, the people around them gradually began to chat and the previous light-hearted atmosphere returned. Some of them, or rather most of them, were talking about Abraham, whose mana was barely perceivable. 

Count Sometime was a relatively wealthy lord in the empire, partly because of the large mine in his territory, but the fact that his son lacked mana became the subject of many rumors. Said son was Abraham, and while Mei had a common mana capacity of 100 (Lydia had 1,000), Abraham’s mana capacity was barely 0.5. 

Even Makia and Makina, whose mana capacities were on the low side, could make fun of him… Whether Lydia tried to or not, people would naturally sneer at the weak. 

Most people’s conversations were dominated by compliments, affirmation, praise, envy, denials, and rejection of someone else. If just the right target for envy, denial, and rejection appeared, bullying would naturally occur as a result. 

In the magic academy, there were only a few who had no mana.

Tsukii Note:

Strictly speaking, it is within Lydia’s right to complain about Yuusuke being too rude since remember, she is a duke. A person who isn’t even close in status with her was being casual without her permission. If it is her citizen instead, he might get YEETed. 

Some might think Abraham is stupid to choose to enter the magic academy despite his low mana, considering the bullying is already expected to happen the moment he did, and considering he is quite skilled in the sword, wouldn’t it better for him to enroll elsewhere instead? But it will be explained later, so just follow the story.

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1000…I won’t lie. I like OP misunderstood protagonists, but I will say that she basically has no hope of being forced on like that. I wish her luck on her dream though.

In any case…being bullied…that sounds right up our MC’s alley. Time to bully the weak! Also, it appears that I caught up to the latest chapter. It’s time I wait.

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