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Chapter 39 – Enemy of the World desuwa

I declared war on surrounding nations after declaring independence, but none of those nations could afford to fight a war at the moment so there was no invasion, leaving me with nothing to do. In the game I liked prior to my reincarnation, if I declared war on surrounding nations all at once, no matter how hard I tried, there would be an overwhelming difference in quantity that would lead to my defeat. I had been working hard to build things up until then, but seeing it collapse was something wonderful…

The war I sought was where I was completely prepared with a sturdy fortress and strong army, managing to defeat one force after another, yet still driven to despair and defeated in the end. But seeing no nations attack after a month of me declaring war, I guess I couldn’t expect it to happen. Even though I already prepared a lot of gorgeous castles to be burned down by the enemy, none of them were consumed. 

I felt a little excited by the fact that reality didn’t meet my expectations, and I also held Dephassion a few times to make me experience a light despair. Recently, I could feel the illusion through my skin so I thought it was about time for the magic sword to start to talk, but it still didn’t speak at all.

Aah, but this magic sword was good stuff desuwa. It even showed me the illusion of the freshly built castle being burnt, and it recently showed me whatever type of despair I wanted, so it was really a treasure. 

“Aah, the appearance of a burning castle is very good…” 

“Lydia-sama, the vassals are asking a series of questions about how to deal with the nations we declared war with… Lydia-sama?”

“Burn the castle more.”

I came with Crecia to the newly completed castle at the frontline, but the magic sword showed me the illusion of it burning down accompanied by the heat, so it was really wonderful stuff. Crecia seemed to ask something, but it must be just my imagination, right? 

When I requested that it burn the castle more, I was shown the illusion of me being crucified and burned along with the castle and it was a very wonderful experience. The illusion magic was ultimately up to the caster, but the one who was sealed in this magic sword definitely experienced being burned at the stake. I was envious desuwa. 

“…Fuh. Crecia, tell them that it is prohibited to agree to an enemy’s request to surrender. Continue to attack until all the leaders are YEETed.” 


Perhaps Crecia’s question was about the other party trying to surrender, so I told them not to agree to the enemy’s request to surrender… Even though I picked a fight with all surrounding nations, seeing there was no large army attacking me, it seemed those nations thought I only declared war on a single nation that happened to be them. I never thought the information-gathering ability of the people of the other world was so low. 

If it was a game instead, the information would spread as it happened in real-time, but in reality, there would be some time lag before they knew that, but… it seemed the fact Narorosa Kingdom also served as the important hub connecting those nations also played a part. 

And so, I spread the information that the Narorosa Kingdom had declared war on all neighboring nations. Why did the tragic situation of the imperial court spread in no time yet the fact that the Narorosa Kingdom declared war on several nations didn’t? On the contrary, some of my vassals attacked other nations on their own and conquered them. Couldn’t the other nations do something about it? 

…Having my territory expand on its own sure was a strange feeling. I tried to take the territory they earned to gain resentment yet my vassals gave it to me obediently, and since the former lord and ruler of the territory was already YEETed, it didn’t feel amusing.

I was thinking of raising taxes to gain resentment from my people, but they seemed to worship me, so even if I asked for 99% they would gladly give it, so it was hard for me. 

Oops, Dephassion trembled. It seemed the energy was about to fill up. As for the target… I guess that burning castle would do.  

“Crecia, is our army within that castle?” 

“The castle might be burning, but the gate shouldn’t have been breached yet. It is known as the sole sturdy castle of Herson Kingdom, so it should take us a little longer.”

“I will shoot the magic of the magic sword, so have them back off.”


Crecia confirmed that the soldiers on our side were no longer rushing to the enemy’s castle through the use of a magic tool that used mental waves for long-distance communication, so I activated Dephassion and unleashed the thick, pink-colored beam. The energy it absorbed from me needed to be expended on a regular basis, so it was a hassle. 

I could shoot it at a proper target like the castle on this occasion, but if I was inside the castle at the moment, I needed to go outside and shoot it into the empty sky. Even so, it sure showed great power. The upper part of that fortress had disappeared. 

The magic sword seemed to grow as well since it took longer before the energy filled up and the destructive power increased accordingly, so it was pretty efficient. That suspicious blacksmith seemed to make the magic sword series to make the protagonist anyway, so there should be a growth gimmick included in the sword. 

Tsukii Note:

Our lady enjoyed the despair granted by the magic sword as if she was just taking a bath… she also could find something enjoyable regardless of the result followed her expectation or not.

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11 months ago

It’s the first mc I’ve seen who is constantly on the heavy drugs. She couldn’t even realize if castle is actually burning or is it a hallucination. As far as I can tell, she wasn’t even aware about this castle being hers of enemy’s. As far as I can tell, “nobody is attacking me” is just another insane bit.

11 months ago

Vassal swarm tactics…

11 months ago

Now I really want to know what ending will be for our masochist MC. If the curse is gone… Will her dream came true or will her be rehabilitation…